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 > (''​mail (at)''​) can help better when a copy of the ''​tm.log''​ is attached to an e-mail to them. > (''​mail (at)''​) can help better when a copy of the ''​tm.log''​ is attached to an e-mail to them.
-===== Debugging ===== 
-Common issues during own aircraft development are 
-  * [[simulator:​text_files|Syntax]] accidentally changed, pay particular attention to unmatched braces/​brackets 
-  * Spelling mistakes 
-  * Same name used for more than one object 
-  * Object referred to does not exist 
-  * 3D objects used multiple times 
-  * Joint force and dampening constants to high 
-  * Output / Input not defined 
-  * Control message names not matched 
-  * Control message qualifier not set for a toggle switch 
-  * Infinite loops created by using the output of the same object or by chaining object to a loop without any object in the chain that can provide a delay (like a servoclassic or servolinear). 
-To debug a longer chain of connected objects one can simply overwrite the input property of an object by replacing the usual xyz.Output text with '​1.0',​ '​0.0'​ or any other constant value. Note that inputs with an '​ID'​ in their name don't directly read the value but use a pointer object instead. It is possible to write a constant value into the InputID parameter of an object. 
-For debugging it is very useful to assign a key to the '​Reload aircraft'​ in the simulator control settings (available only if the '​developer'​ option is set to true in the '​main.mcf'​). Using this function only the aircraft but no scenery is reloaded. 
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