How to Use Your Mouse in Aerofly FS?

Cockpit Interaction

When you are in the virtual cockpit of the aircraft you can interact with it with your mouse.


Simply point at a control that you want to interact with. The mouse cursor will change and highlight all available mouse controls in red. Depending on the type of cockpit control this could be the left mouse button, scroll wheel or right mouse button or a combination of these.


A knob or selector can be turned by pointing at it and rotating the mouse wheel. Moving the finger up rotates a knob in the clockwise direction. The mouse wheel can also change the positions of switches.


A left click is associated with a pushing action. You can left click on a button to push it, similarly you can push in some of the knobs. Certain levers and two-position switches e.g. the parking brake or gear lever or the and on/off switches will toggle their position when you perform a left click action on them.


Right click pulls out a knob. There are certain knobs in the cockpit that can be rotated as well as pushed and/or pulled, e.g. the multi-function autopilot knobs in the Airbus A320.


Holding down the left mouse button grabs a switch or lever. When you hold down the left mouse button and then move the mouse you drag the control with your mouse.

Drag Multiple

Holding down the right mouse button grabs the lever you point at and nearby similar levers. When you move your mouse it moves all similar levers at once. This is very useful to move all throttles or all propeller speed levers at once.

Camera Control

Move your mouse cursor until it is no longer above a cockpit control. The mouse cursor will return to its default state. Hold down the left or right mouse button and move your mouse to pan the view around.

Navigating Through Menus

Point at a button and perform a left click to enter a menu. To return to the previous menu click the back arrow in the top left corner.

Manipulate Maps

Whenever you see a map you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. To move the map simply point at it, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to drag the map with your cursor.

Aircraft Selection

In the aircraft selection menu you can use your mouse wheel to quickly scroll through the aircraft list. You can also drag the aircraft across by holding down the mouse and moving it left or right or use your arrow keys.