Featured Aerofly FS 4 September Update Released Today!

The September Update for Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator is now public!

This update adds new street lights, new aerial images and new airports like Courchevel to your simulator. Unfortunately the download size is quite large because most aerial images and building and tree data are getting replaced with new ones. Thanks to a better compression the total size of the Simulator on your storage device is not going to increase after the update.

September Update Trailer

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September Update - Full Change Log

  • Added high resolution aerial images for over 800 airports in Europe
  • Added new street lights to all regions in the USA and Europe that features buildings
  • Added more aerial images to the US region
  • Added better aerial image compression algorithm to reduce storage size
  • Added famous airport Courchevel LFLJ with sloping runway
  • Added airports Annemasse LFLI, Annecy Meythet LFLP, Sisteron Theze LFNS, Bergen ENBR
  • Added more buildings at airport Gibraltar LXGB
  • Added moving map in VR mode now displayed on a virtual tablet
  • Added Chinese language option (courtesy of FlyOverAsia)
  • Changed improved menu guide while using VR hand controllers with thumbsticks
  • Changed support more buttons when using the HP Reverb G2 headset controllers
  • Changed minor performance improvements on MacOS computers with retina displays
  • Fixed misplaced static aircraft on various airports
  • Fixed broken fullscreen mode on MacOS computers with notch
  • Fixed missing custom buildings in various German cities
  • Fixed misaligned center of mass in the MB339