Add engine to glider? Search for ASW28 glider

  • I'm wondering if there is a fairly easy way to modify an existing model (DG-1000s for example) to add a motor to it to make it similar to a glider I fly, the ASW-28. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult but could anyone give me some tips to do this?

  • For that you will need to edit the tmd file of the aircraft.

    In that file you will find building blocks like aerowing or servoclassic, etc.

    You then have to take the engine of another aircraft and paste it into your aircraft's tmd file.

    The objects that you need, which create a working chain are: (copy all of them from other aircraft)

    control_input named "ThrottleInput"

    servoclassic "ServoThrottle"

    electric_engine "Engine"

    propeller "Propeller"

    and that should be about it I think. After that you can save the file and use the aircraft editor of the RC 7 to make adjustments or continue editing the file and adjust values like the radius of the prop and electric values for the engine. Also adjust the R0 of the propeller, which is the position in X, Y, Z, x being the position a long the longitudinal axis and z being up/down.