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    The airports in the airport creation tool are considered "detailed airports". On the other hand we have global airports, which are auto-generated based on other sources, not hand made. We're of course going to improve the algorithm to create these global airports at higher quality, perhaps add terminal buildings, etc. The man-made airports, when they exist, can then add higher detail when the certain region or DLC is installed. We probably cannot ship all airports at once, not at least in the mobile version, where we are limited to 4GB in storage space.

    The main TMD file has moved to the base folder and the base TMDdefines the available cameras and the parameters.tmd sets the positions of the camera. All this is in preparation for other variants of the 777, like the 777-200. As you can imagine most of the TMD is shared between both aircraft and only a few parameters are changed for the -300ER

    If you want to add new camera positions to the 777-300ER then change the b777_300er.tmd file just like before.

    At an altitude constraint, the A380 PFD does no longer show the targeted flight level above the altitude band (see the attachment). But, the climb will start again after the constraint as expected.

    Do you have a video where I can see this happening in the real aircraft?

    The A320 does not show the selected altitude as long as it is in the ALT CST or ALT CST* mode and instead only shows the constraint altitude above or below the tape when it is off-scale. When the altitude is within the visible range of the altitude tape the fixed readout is replaced by the moving altitude bug. So far the A380 matches that exact same behavior. But if you find any video of the real behavior I am happy to change it.

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    As the number of flights increases. These caches will also increase. How do we clean up content I don’t need? This feature is something laptops desperately need.

    I don't actually know if admin has programmed an upper bound to the cache yet.

    The cache files are stored in your documents folder as far as I can tell, if you delete the files in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\resource_files it should clear the cache if you ever run out of space.

    Ok thanks for letting me know cheers

    Oh and is this streaming service free or is it a paid thing?

    Oh and can i still use current DLC that i already have offline?

    If you disable streaming then you can use DLCs that you have and you can continue to fly offline just like before.

    Streaming is currently free, we are evaluating how much data is used and how much that is going to cost us.

    For now an internet connection is required, at a later stage this may change so that already downloaded data can be used for offline flights. But that would only be the case for areas that you have already visited.

    So, I can't see my custom made photoscenery with the streaming enabled. So Europe and the US work fine, but for example the Hakodate-photoscenery (by Schnuffelduffel) doesn't work together with the streaming.

    For now streaming only uses data that was streamed as well as airports already installed. Other images and cultivation already installed are ignored at the moment.

    What glitch does the VOR have?

    The flight number should not illuminate the execute light I think but of course it should not be erased when the execute light is pressed either.

    DLC images are still used I think, I haven't fully tested it myself. If you have them installed already just keep them installed I guess :)

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