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    Unfortunately we have not been able to push out the most recent updates to the Mac App Store due to technical problems during upload. Our application has a rather unusual large size which may be the cause of the issues in the store but we're not sure and after days of trying to re-upload it we had to give up.

    For now the latest update and DLCs for Mac are only available through the Steam platform and if you contact our support and if you have a proof of purchase we can switch your product license to the Steam version (as far as I know).

    Did you assign the rudder and the tiller or just the rudder?

    Assigning the same axis for both can cause some issues, if you only assign rudder then the tiller is automatically deflected depending on speed and that is far less sensitive than direct tiller interaction.

    Monument Valley runway 34 is my favorite - F18 for the real challenge! :)

    You can either stall above the ridge and drop in like a stone and stop the fall with afterburners at the right time or try and do a right hand turn at very high angle of attack. You may want to work up to that though with something like the C172 or B58.

    Innsbruck is pretty nice (Orbx scenery) if you fly a traffic pattern with an airliner. You can easily do a pattern with the widebodys, too.

    Default scenery (or plus free DLCs):

    I can also recommend Arcata RWY 14 (sloped at the end) with something like the A320.

    Monterey (short and sloped) with Q400 or A320, B737.

    Bob Hope RWY 26 left base to final,

    Palm Springs RNAV to RWY 13 R (constant descending turn),

    Marble Canyon (thin runway with a funny taxiway leading onto the runway at an angle),

    Aspen (Colorado, steep approach into valley, tricky go-around)

    San Diego (terrain sloping down, scenic but easy)

    Reno/Tahoe (terrain sloping down, scenic and also easy)

    John Wayne Airport noise abatement departure RWY 20R (full power takeoff holding brakes, steep initial climb then quick level off, slight left turn, slow and quiet shallow climb, then once at shore line resume normal climb)

    Kern Valley traffic patterns (surrounded by mountains)

    Page Muni RWY 07/25 (really short - 490m or 1600ft)
    Napa County RWY 36R (quite short)

    Columbia Airport RWY 17 (terrain sloping down) and RWY 11 (grass, short)

    Westover Field RWY 01 (somewhat on a plateau, terrain slopes up)

    Placerville Airport RWY 05 (terrain slopes up, plateau)

    South Lake Tahoe RWY 36 (mountains in the way for bigger aircraft)

    Gansner Field RWY 07 (long final... mountains in the way, steep approach)
    Boulder City Muni RWY 15 (long final, mountains in the way, steep approach)

    Round Valley RWY 10 (mountain definitely in the way, you may have to use quick lift up if you use long final start position)

    Agua Dulce RWY 22 (terrain sloping down)

    Big Bear traffic patterns are also quite fun (in a valley)

    In Switzerland:
    Interlaken RWY 05 (tight turn at the end, quite hard with an airliner),

    Alpnach runway 19 right hand traffic pattern (if the left hand one becomes too easy), may not be possible with an airliner but with the F18 for sure

    Lausanne (sloped)

    Grenchen (sloped a bit and somewhat short)

    Saanen with an airliner or even with the 747, both directions are very challenging,

    Ambri (there's no straight in really, the faster the plane the more difficult it gets)

    Samedan (anything bigger than the C90 gets really challenging. Try a jet or an airliner there!)

    Ecuvillens (somewhat sloped but also relatively short, nice height changes on approach to RWY 09)

    Geneva RWY 05 right hand pattern with visibility at lowest setting, in the 737, at night.

    its is possible now, aerofly fs2021 (the same flight engine as aerofly pc) can display ai aircraft which instead of those aircraft are ai controlled, connect those moving planes with VATSIM and IVAO, if that is possible IPACS, Big fan of the flight simulator

    At the moment this is not yet possible and the air traffic aircraft are flying a predetermined path. Multiplayer aircraft from which ever source are not as predictable and that would require more work on our side. But in theory we have created the air traffic system with other sources in mind such as possible aerofly multiplayer and online networks such as VATSIM, IVAO, etc.

    VR works best in 4D sceneries and we even thought about limiting VR to these 3D rendered scenes only but decided not to.

    In panoramic sceneries both eyes see the same background image and if you see the rc model in front of that background your head assumes it is as far away as the shadow it casts on the background. This visual illusion is tricking you into thinking that it's floating above the runway.

    We could disable 3D all together in panoramic scenes but that defies the purpose of having VR in my opinion. It works great as long as you fly above you or if you can ignore the shadow or relation to the ground.

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Just a quick idea on mobile, about the A320 for example: after landing, when I set FLAPS UP with the UI button, it would be nice to automatically set SPOILERS OFF (for the mobile to avoid moving the view)…

    The aircraft doesn't know that you're flying on mobile so there is no way to implement this without wrecking the behavior on other devices.

    I'd much prefer a solution that is more straight forward like a dedicated spoiler interface or a sort of after landing checklist.

    Thank you IPACS and also the community for this hidden gem I found. I'm totally addicted and glad to have bought a piece of software that makes me so happy. 8)

    I hope that IPACS will equip a few other aircraft with the cold & dark option as well.

    Presently it's less than 50% of the default aircraft. Especially in case of the Boeings and warbirds this would be nice.

    Thank you for your amazing feedback!

    We're working on expanding the number of aircraft with cold and dark startup but as you can imagine this takes quite a bit of time. Especially the airliners have really complex systems and we're simulating their entire electrical networks.

    The engine sounds are a bit louder to increase immersion and also because other sound effects have not been added yet.

    You can adjust the engine sounds in the tmd file at the bottom in the sound section. Just search for sound or volume and you should find a couple of sound mappings that affect the sound volume and pitch for a given engine rotation speed (as fraction). Be careful when you edit the files. Make a backup before your changes and after. Steam could overwrite your progress at any time.

    The autobrake switch click is something that's on my to-do list. Even the the A320 has a click sound when you get airborne but there it's the gear lever lock being released so that the handle can be moved to the up position.

    Greetings fellow RC pilots,

    An update has been released for the Aerofly RC 8 Steam Edition fixing numerous bugs and adding a new aircraft to the DLC Expansion Pack 1:

    The famous F4 Phantom military jet in a large 1:4 scale with wing span of nearly three meters.

    Bug fixes

    • Multiplayer aircraft sounds no longer get stuck when other players switch models
    • Multiplayer aircraft sounds now muted again when player is set to hidden
    • Shader model reflections and gloss now correctly updated when starting the sim in panoramic scenery
    • Fixes to menu rendering in OpenGL


    • F4 Phantom jet added to DLC Expansion Pack 1

    If you already have Aerofly RC 8 in your Steam library the update should already be installed for you automatically. If not, Aerofly RC 8 is available in the Steam Store here:

    Have fun with this new yet! :)[]=naming&s[]=convention#guidelines_for_creating_or_porting_own_scenery_objects

    The export of fscloudport doesn't yet follow the rules then.

    All folder should be lower case and without any special characters and without any spaces.

    Airport folders should start with the lower case ICAO code followed by underscore and English airport name (all lower case, with underscores as needed).

    In the tsc file of the airport the same ICAO code is written in capital letters.

    Airports that don't have a real world ICAO code can use a fantasy six digit code but aerofly probably will have to open the airport's TSC file to know where it is located in the world. Aerofly will happily load them into the database so that they can be loaded quickly when needed.

    i'm a bit confused, when I push the button on any plane(Jetliners and fighterjets) the brake-spoilers activates and a next action on same button does the opposite. Why a need to raise the speedbrake-flaps in different steps?

    Airbrakes in an airliner are often extended slowly by the pilots to avoid passenger discomfort. Airbus does this automatically but Boeing planes extend them much quicker to follow pilot orders more closely. If you're not careful this could spill a lot of coffee in the cabin.

    They also use half airbrakes more often than full airbrakes because they are usually just slightly above profile which only needs a small correction. In the 737 and 747 using full airbrake is also prohibited in flight, pilots have to limit the extension to the flight detent (about 70%). In the A320 airbrakes only extend half way as long as autopilot is engaged. Disengaging autopilot can therefor cause sudden airbrake extension, so pilots just move the lever half way unless they are flying fully manually.

    And last but not least: To arm the ground spoilers in Boeing aircraft the lever is moved out of the retracted position to armed. But they are not extended at that point. Only after touch down does the lever move to full automatically, deploying the spoilers. In Aerofly you can arm the airbrakes with a single push of the extend button.

    Those are some of the reasons why airbrakes are not extended in a binary 'all or nothing' fashion in airliners.