scenery workshop decal UVs

  • First, I'm new to 3ds having only used Maya and AC3D before. I was looking at the decals of Kingman airport in 3ds, for example the 3 on runway 21 (runway21_decal__priority1). I can see how the material and id are assigned, but I can't figure out how the UVs got assigned. When I click on the polygon for "3", I don't see any kind of UVW unwrap in the modifier list. If I add one, I can open the UV editor and see the poly and move it around to change the number, but if I delete the modifier the number pops back to the original "3". Makes sense. What I can't figure out is how the original UV values got burned into the polygon since there isn't a UVW unwrap modifier on it in the original 3ds file (at least one I can find).