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    We can only do so much with graphics on the mobile versions since we have to provide good performance to many different phones of different hardware configurations.

    We are always updating Aerofly and will continue to push the envelope as much as possible.

    We (IPACS) are always on here monitoring the forums, mostly for answering questions, but at times we have to mitigate. Since there is a whole lot of different scenarios in an open forum such as this one it's difficult to provide a set of rules that works in every scenario.

    Hi and welcome to the Aerofly community.

    We are continuing to develop Aerofly and have many new things in store for everyone, however, we are a small team so things move along a bit slow at times.

    As for the night lighting, what specific improvements are you looking for? For the lighting itself we had to make some compromises so that the lighting looks good in both VR and normal modes.

    This screenshot contest round is now over. The people have clearly spoken, photo 2 it is! Congratulations to ikbenik for this wonderful screenshot and for winning this round of our screenshot contest.

    This screenshot is special in many ways, but most importantly it showcases the dedication and determination of larrylynx who brought the Lynx, a commercial quality helicopter, to the Aerofly community.

    Hello. Sad I cannot run it too using Rift S + latest geforce drivers + Vukan i get a black screen. However it works well with the other API so I do not really get what I am missing by not being able to use vulkan instead :)

    I have an Oculus Rift S with the latest NVidia drivers and Aerofly runs fine in Vulkan mode. Make sure that you are using drivers installed directly from NVidia (or GeForce Experience) and not let Windows install the drivers for your GPU. Also, if you are using a laptop with an integrated GPU (like Intel) with Nvidia GPU make sure that Aerofly is using the correct GPU.

    Well you can use pretty much anything to fly with.

    Using our VR Hands would be the most realistic but many users also like to feel a real yoke in their hands to get the most immersive feeling. The ladder is a bit tough unless you have a yoke with many buttons that you can assign.

    If you aren't using motion control (VR Hands), then you can just go for a traditional Xbox controller that works very well in Aerofly FS2.

    So, you see, it's pretty much your preference here :)

    Sorry about the title changes, I thought it would help as we're looking at a layered issue trying to get to the root of it.

    I looked at the thread Thruster posted (Thanks buddy :thumbup:) and I can confirm that rolling back the drivers to the GeForce 442.74 release fixes the Vulkan issue on my system; so it does look to be related to the latest 445.87 drivers.

    We are beginning to think the same thing here. If this is the case unfortunately we won't be able to fix this issue as it has nothing really to do with our code. Whatever device that is connected through the Oculus SDK should work if it's working properly in other applications that run in vulkan.

    We will continue to keep our eyes open on our end at this situation but right now we have to pull away to work on other stuff as we already spent some time on this.

    Since we can't recreate this problem we need specific things from those who are having the problem so that we can try to find the problem. And yes, using a 'development' DK2 can make a big difference. We all have Rift S's to test with and see none of these problems. The question is what is different between our configuration and what is theirs. Keep in mind that the OP changed the title three times already which makes it very difficult to pinpoint what the problem really is.

    We are back for another round of our popular screenshot contest and we have some really nice screenshots to choose from this time around!

    Looking at the entries, there have been quite a few community projects being released by some talented community developers, and this contest shows it.

    So It's time once again to vote for your favorite Aerofly FS 2 screenshot . Please cast your vote by replying to this thread! The lucky winner will have their photo posted on all of our headers. Good luck to the candidates!

    Image 1 - Hartman

    Image 2 - ikbenik

    Image 3 - Schnuffelduffel

    Image 4 - ydelta

    Image 5 - MDIvey

    Image 6 - woka