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    I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    This has been a crazy year for everyone, but I have had to deal with a host of personal items that I won't go into detail about on here. I was also in the process of retiring and moving to Florida when the pandemic began to worsen, this put me into a situation where I needed to put off my retirement for now to assist in our emergency pandemic operatives.

    As for my role here at IPACS, my personal items have also taken a toll on me forcing me to step away from the job for the immediate future. I miss all of the discussions that I've had with many of you and I hope that one day I can return. But for now I have to say goodbye.

    May god watch over each and every one of you. Be safe and Godspeed.

    Could you make it so the planes lights actually work? They show of course but do not show on the ground. It’s really dark. Also I’m on mobile DLC don’t work

    This thread is in the PC/Mac forum. If you wish to discuss the mobile version then you need to post on that forum.

    Many of our DLC sceneries have streetlights and taxilights included. There are also many free add on's that add streetlights to many of our other covered scenery locations.

    As for lights illuminating other surfaces, we haven't yet implemented that function

    Due to the complexity of ATC we had to back burner it for the time being. With that said, to be honest, we aren't too sure if/when it will be released. We are however working on some really nice features that you will see surface in the coming months. We have been silent about it because we don't have an answer yet.

    We appreciate everyone's opinion regardless of good or bad, and we take note of where individuals see fault, however, the OP's statements are subjective.

    Please don't turn this thread into a long running debate over whether Aerofly is a sim or not.

    Why hide these settings in main.mcf ? Why not put them in the UI like say in Settings ? And have several defaults & possibly Auto calibration ?

    Aerofly FS is designed for beginners to get right in and fly without being overwhelmed by settings and configurations. Having only the basic settings also keeps everyone uniform and to avoid potential performance issues.

    Please keep in mind, even though you may be more experienced with flight simulators there are many that are just starting out and would get into trouble quickly if there were many settings to mess with.

    The shadows that you see are a true reflection of the aircraft on itself in relation to the sun position. This function is build into the overall shadow and reflection code and is not able to be removed. You can however reduce your shadow setting to the lowest if you are having performance issues set on the higher settings.

    We do not intend on reworking the shadow code at this time.

    Nice Jeff. When will we see it in game on our pc? 8o

    Hi Ray,

    the EC135 is in the shop being buffed and polished for release but keep in mind, the alpha 'bug removal' is also taking place at the same time so the EC135 could be slightly delayed. Just to put it into perspective the goal was to have it released by the end of this week but the alpha could push that by a couple of days.

    While everyone patiently awaits the upcoming release of the Eurocopter EC135, I wanted to provide you with some teasers and a quick update letting you know that we are finishing up under the hood and she will be in your hangar shortly. But until then, enjoy a few screenshots showing the detail that was put into her.


    I'm not a forum moderator, I'm an active member of the IPACS development team. We are too busy to be sitting here on the forum watching every single post that comes by. Would you rather have us sit here on the forums all of the time or work to finish up some new features and functionalities? I do feel that this thread is getting out of hand and will handle it accordingly.