Geoconverting a mix of images from different sources (using Aeroscenery)

  • I tried something recently that I'd never tried before - and it failed. I wonder if anybody has any thoughts as to why .....

    I was geoconverting a level 9 area where mostly the Bing images were the better of the two. However there was a patch where the Google images were superior. So what I did was to download both sets of images using AeroScenery. I then deleted the poor quality Bing images in the "18-stitched" folder and replaced them with the better quality Google images. I also changed the "g_" to "b_" for the Google images and did the same for the .aero files. When I geoconverted everything seemed to go OK, but when I flew over the area it was obvious that most of the tiles were missing in that area. (I was just seeing the low res tiles beneath.)

    Is it possible to do what I was trying to do? Did it fail because "g_18_stitch_5_4.png" is not necessarily exactly the same size as "b_18_stitch_5_4.png" (for example)? Was it even necessary to rename the png's? Was it necessary to bother about the .aero's at all?