• In the Baron 58 in VR, the yoke is basically almost in my lap, and my knee is where the throttle is. To put them high enough to avoid this, I pretty much can't see out the window lol. It does feel extremely cramped too.

    Anyone else think scale needs adjusting or controls height or something?

  • Have you ever sat in a real plane of that size? You're basically a sardine in a can and it's indeed very cramped by most people's standards. In a Cessna 150 or 172 you're nearly shoulder to shoulder with the other person in the cockpit and touching the door on the other side.

    That said, having the IPD of your vr device adjusted correctly can affect the appearance of scale. To me AFS2 feels very accurate in terms of scale.

  • I haven't but I can't grap the throttle without having to shift my lower half quite a bit. Most of the others feel great, but this one in particular seems proportions are wrong, but that's only based on my VR experience and not seeing how an adult would viably fit in there lol.