RC8 on mac - user interface size

  • Sorry but why would your buy RC8 with a Mac knowing it cannot do VR? The only reason I bought RC8 was for VR with my Win10 and Oculus Rift. So far this has worked very well.

    Alienware 17r4 laptop, 7700hq 2.8/3.6 ghz, 32gb ram, 250gb ssd, 1tb hd, gtx1060 w/6gb ram, Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors VR, Now with Alienware Graphics Amplifier w/gtx1080ti and Asus VG248QE external monitor.

    Now moved onto a custom built gaming desktop; Win10 pro, i9 9900k (water cooled), gtx 1080 ti (from my AGA), 32 gb 3000hz ram, 1 tb ssd, 4 tb hdd. Asus ROG Maximus xi hero wifi mb, StarTech 4 port/4 controller sata powered usb3.0 pcie card.