Another Vulkan crash

  • Hi

    I have had yet another Vulkan crash while using Oculus VR. This time the log (attached as a txt file), is a bit more descriptive. Here are the pertinent last few lines:


    3353.82-tmsysvr_oculus: ovr error = 'VulkanChronometer::QueryStartTimestamp vkQueueSubmit 0 returned -4'

    3354.92-tmrenderer_vulkan: ERROR: Fatal : VkResult is 'ERROR_DEVICE_LOST' at line 7325


    3354.93-tmrenderer_vulkan: ================================================================================

    3354.93-tmrenderer_vulkan: FATAL ERROR: vulkan crash message 'failed to submit staging commandbuffers'

    3354.93-tmrenderer_vulkan: memb=41 mema=2073 memt=3409MB memdl=3025MB memdma=20 memdmt=929MB pl=148 pll=23 ds=367

    3354.94-tmrenderer_vulkan: ================================================================================


    And, I have noticed the crashes seem to occur when I lean forward to view the instrument panel better.