Controller sensitivity

  • Since I now also use my notebook for flying together with the Xbox Elite Wireless 2 controller, I noticed that the EC135 is much easier to control on the desktop version. On my iPad, it feels like there is a lot of deadzone, and the value incline the is too steep. Meaning, a delicate and stable approach is hardly managable. Very small cyclice movements are hardly possible, so e.g. landing on Schilthorn is pure luck. Is there a way to improve that controller behaviour in mobile?

    And if you are it, please consider button remapping :).

    BTW: The button customizing in iOS seems sub-optimal. I wanted to invert the vertikal axis on the left stick. But iOS then always inverted both axes and switched them, too <X Aerofly is not detected as game in that setting either, but none of my installed games are, except the Arcades ones

    BTW 2: On desktop, I am now finally able to make full use of the controller paddles. They are of good use for elevator and aileron trimming. But this was only possible with a help of an additional tool called reWASD, since by default, the paddles are not intended for use as new buttons, just additional inputs for the regular ones (e.g. X, Y, B etc).