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    That was a bit early to celebrate. Even with the folders "turned off" as indicated above, every time I turn "into the island", FPS drop down to 15 or something. Taking off from PHNL 08R and circling the island anti-clockwise. Turning left on the eastern edge makes frames drop big time.

    Thanks for your efforts, though! May have to stay away from Honolulu, what a shame.

    Well, that sounds promising, thanx big time! A first attempt delivered encouraging results. May have to set buildings to low still, but there are more than enough left.

    I would assume the devs would call that "Perlen vor die Säue werfen", but at least I can fly there now :love:

    I guess I can tinker around a bit by "switching" folders on and off and see what happens and dis-/appears? Would it be possible to relocate some subfolders from the special_folders, e.g. the carrier group, to have these (objects on the ocean might not be an issue)?

    My kindergarten device is really aching. Will try 0_VR if that`s even lower than slow.

    I have the impression that the drawing distance of objects is quite high, so A LOT of objects end up loaded. On the other hand, there ARE LOTS of objects :)

    Edit: I`m in VR now, no animations, no static cars, in-game quality settings to low. Although Oahu still looks good, when looking around the aircraft into a direction with a lot of cultivation in the distance, frame rate drops quite dramatically. So, I wonder if there`s an option to reduce drawing distance of cultivation?

    Edit 2: Unfortunately, Oahu is a no-fly zone for my Asus Zenbook. Even in VR and with all in-game settings to low, the object densitity gets to high after some flying. Frame rate goes all over the place from almost 100 (looking at the ocean) to 14 (looking at Honolulu in the distance). So, circling the island is no fun after some minutes. I`m sure that`s not an issue with your more powerful devices, but system requirements seem to be significantly higher compared to the standard program.

    I`m back if there is an option to further reduce objects density, hoping that this helps. I would even accept some popping up. Until then, I stay in the flats :rolleyes:

    Still, Ohau is an amazing scenery (even from what I saw). Hats off to all involved!


    OK, my "grandma`s" non-gaming device has definitly reached it`s limits here ;( It looks gorgeous, and on my device I can enjoy almost every single image (i.e. frame). 8| No offense, since my device was not really inteded to be a gaming machine.

    One question though: How do the batch files interact with the in-game quality settings like terrain mesh and image quality, buildings and the like? I`v set everything to low, and it still looks pretty good, I must say....

    Wow, this looks like an Wolfgang Emerich scenario :huh:. I have a shared memory graphics gpu, which is also quite a bottleneck and responds itchy to details settings. Where is that, Overloaded? Maybe I can try as well.

    Or we just follow the advice of getting new equipment.

    Cheers, Patrick

    I have only read the instructions on the download page, not downloaded yet. One (or two) questions: Do I have to launch the bat files each time I want to fly there, or only once in the beginning to set things up? What if I want/need to use several bat files (e.g. slow pc, no animations)? Is there a specific order if I need to launch more than one file? Ok, that makes three questions now...

    Sorry if this is explained in a PDF that comes with the download.

    Yes, I know, but the crash is not really linked to the airport. I think it's more related to the beta status of Vulkan support and specifics of my device, since it works when setting buildings to medium - even if there aren't any close by.

    Just wanted to let you know in order to improve Vulkan.

    BTW: What does "no vertices" mean?



    Go to the Aerofly game in the Steam SHOP (not your library), then to the DLCs and there to the Turbo Arrow. There you will find a small blue banner (amongst other links) to the aircraft manual. It's not an in-game tutorial, but just as good!

    I had another reproducable Vulkan CTD. It occured in the Wattmeer region, far northwesterly part of Germany. At first I thought this was caused by downloaded scenery / cultivation from different users that might not match or overlap. After some cleaning, it still occured. Then I removed everything there, even the official Helgoland scenery - still crashes. OpenGL works fine.

    Last line in TM log always "-tmxgl: ERROR: (patch has no vertices)" (full file attached).

    Crash location:


    • tm.log

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    Be 100% sure because on my side the HI pump switch works every time. Please try again...


    Affirmative - works now. Even when I switch back to low fuel pump or even off, there is fuel flow when moving the thrust lever accordingly. Makes me think I was in idle when noticing the "missing" fuel flow. :/:rolleyes: If that was indeed the case - sorry, my bad.


    I think I saw some of those, too. Let me think where I was recently....Canary Islands from Sim-Market, but cultivation from Flight-sim, Berlin and Germany Northeast. But I can't remember where exactly....:|

    I don't have any fuel flow indicated when coming from cold & dark, although strictly sticking to the startup procedure from the manual. When selecting ready to taxi, takeoff or in air, fuel flow works. Did I miss something?


    But it`s really strange that some user do not have had any issues with the downloads, while others have.

    And, some will think it`s totally unfair that I was able to download without problems to my iPad, but play on desktop (steam) for two months or so now....


    When looking "manually" for the link target, it seems to be the Swiss-French border far to the west.

    I guess Schnuffelduffels xmas present to all of us may cover that bit (I can almost see Innsbruck scenery from where it gets blurry in the east) :)