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    On my end, I`m pretty sure it`s the 2GB VRAM of my integrated GPU that causes the Vulkan issues, as you suggested.

    Nevertheless, with the old drivers it runs well, with newer or current ones, Vulkan crashes. I limit myself to the stock sceneries or official paid ones, but not Orbx, since I have the impressum that the stock sceneries are more optimized.

    I`m currently flying in the Colorado region, and with the newest drivers, I can fly to and from airports, but not from others.

    Like, I managed to fly in Vulkan from Aspen to Gunnison Crested a couple of days ago. Today, I can`t spawn at Gunnison with Vulkan (CTD), OpenGL runs. Sometimes it helps to load the setting in OpenGL, go back to the menu and switch to Vulkan, but this did not work today.


    • 1600x900 60Hz, frame rate limit off (I get around 40-50 best anyway)
    • no HQ anti-aliasing
    • texture, terrain mesh and terrain image quality set to medium, rest to low
    • Asus ZenBook UM433 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD / AMD Ryzen 7 3700U / 2.3 GhZ / AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 integrated GPU

    Again, with the OEM drivers that came with the NB, Vulkan worked, and also with 20.9.2 AMD drivers. Unfortunately, with an updated OEM driver and newer drivers from AMD directly, Vulkan crashes randomly.

    Yes, I do. Although I have an ASUS notebook with integrated AMD RX Vega Chip, so I was always thinking this might be a special configuration almost below minimum system requirements. Nevertheless, iPacs managed to iron out some issues I had.

    But still, with newer graphics drivers, Vulkan crashes. This is especially annoying since Asus published new OEM graphics drivers which I cannot seem to prevent from reinstalling. So, every week I have to install an older driver from AMD directly (the mentioned 20.9.2) to enjoy Aerofly under Vulkan. But every week the new OEM driver is downloaded again, and I have to reinstall an older driver. Quite annoying.

    Now that you have the same issue with a standalone Radeon graphics card, which should be far more common than my setup, maybe iPacs can have a look at that and solve the Radeon/Vulkan issue.

    I have similar issues with this, on my Asus notebook with integrated GPU. AF ran best with the OEM drivers, any newer version from AMD itself created issues. Recently, Asus provided newer Radeon drivers for my notebook, which I installed. Most of the time it works, but CTD happens from time to time. I was also thinking of going back to the OEM drivers from last year.

    Wow, I have to admit I wasn't really sure this was a bot, so I was curious how it would react to "irony". Impressive, I have to admit. Good you deleted all of it, I promise I won't feed (reply to) any suspected bots in the future.



    OEM drivers of my Asus notebook: No change. Vulkan works, but the flickering issue is still there. Will now install the latest Radeon Adrenalin Version to check if Vulkan runs at all with it.

    No success with AMD Radeon Adrenalin 21.3.2. Aerofly still crashes. I also tried running Aerofly in SafeMode from the Steam client, selected the Cessna and Catalina as starting location. No difference, crashes right away. tm.log attached.

    21.3.1: Same results (CTD). So, with Ryzen7 and integrated RX Vega 10 the changes did not have any success.

    Just out of curiosity: When I select the Eurocopter ready to taxi, the message "S/N Lights" is displayed in green on the CAD. Following the startup procedure from cold and dark I can't find the switch that results in this message. On the collective, I found the switch for the nose/landing light, but that doesn't make the message appear.

    Does anyone know what this message is about?

    I know I know, but OpenGL performance is rather bad compared to Vulkan on my system. Hence I stick with Vulkan, and try to live with the flickering from time to time instead of very low FPS even with low settings. But I am aware that I do not really have a very dedicated setup that's why I live with the compromise. Vulkan working without issues would be fine, though. Anyway, I'm patient. Thanks for looking into it!


    The warning with the trees I saw a couple of times in the tm.log, even when the program did not crash. In this very case, I started with the F15 at Meiringen (that's how I got the flickering issue the quickest way, since the aircraft is fast and in mountains it is most apparant).

    While before the latest patch Vulkan crashed immediately with the latest driver, today I was able to take off and fly a couple of seconds. But first it flickered, then it crashed.

    I may have to try again with a very basic default airplane (Cessna?) and very basic standard airport (Catalina)?

    I think Aerofly works with an MFI controller though. I think I had one for a couple of days and tested it years ago, and it worked then. So, if that still holds true, Aerofly would be one of the games supporting MFI and (some) PS/Xbox controllers.

    Games that claim to support MFi do not necessarily support PS/XBox controllers. I think this feature was introduced by means of promoting Apple Arcade, where PS/Xbox controllers should work with all games, I think (not sure though). I was also surprised to see that some games don`t do anything with the controller although even saying that a controller is connected (e.g. Construction Simulator3). But since we talk about Aerofly here, I didn`t mention it / forgot about it. Sorry about that. I rather think it`s the game providers that have to update their apps, not Apple to make them work with PS/Xbox controllers.

    Since another user confirmed this, I thought it would make sense to create a separate thread for this issue. Seems it is not limited to my integrated GPU.

    One of the features of this updated driver is added Vulkan support:…e-notes/rn-rad-win-21-3-1

    In Safe mode, I managed to put the Baron on the takeoff position on half moon bay without crash.

    Trying the same in Santa Barbara did not work.

    tm.log right after crash attached.

    I just checked what I claimed a little earlier. Yes, you can configure the Xbox Wireless Elite 2 Controller on the PC, and these changes then apply to Aerofly on the iPad. Since the vertical axis swap change in iOS alone didn`t really work, I changed that setting on the controller connected to the PC. Also, I changed the input curve for the right stick to "delayed". This changes the input so that I can now make very, very gentle steering inputs which help especially in the helicopters. Max value is still the same, the curve is dvidided into three sections: first normal rise, then a more shallow rise, at the end pretty steep, but that`s where you would mostly want full deflection anyway.

    Also, the additional four pedals are by default assigned to the A-B-X-Y buttons, so I have an alternative gear operation button.

    Together with the adjustable friction of the sticks, swappable sticks and it`s general much better built it makes a real cool controller for Aerofly on the iPad.

    The desktop software needed for that configuration is just called "XBox Zubehör" (Xbox accessories), and you need to connect it via cable to configure it.

    The Y-Button (PS: triangle?) still seems unused is Aerofly mobile, as are the stick and menu/start buttons, right?


    Ah yeah, and one more thing: I am not sure since which iOS controller mapping is supported. I think with iOS14 came the support of the Elite2 controller, but maybe mapping was available in 13 already? The normal PS4 and Xbox controller should work with iOS13, maybe you just try before considering updating to 14.

    After connecting your controller to the device, the mapping can be found under Settings, General, Controller.

    Good luck!

    Just checked: I reconfigured the Elite2 controller in iOS 14 on my iPad only (no PC!) and swapped the 4-way-cross with left stick. Works fine in AeroflyFS21, but, as expected, left stick is now digital! You need full deflection to move collective, and it moves in the same speed as on the cross.

    Vertical/horizontal axis swap does not really work well though. Whenever I tried this, all three options were activated: horizontal, vertical, input swap. Drives you crazy.

    Cyclic on right stick is default, as is the rudder on left/right triggers. Shoulder buttons are view change.

    Additional paddles: The Elite2 has four of them (removable), but you can't use them in iOS yet without PC configuration of the controller.

    I need to check that again. I think it is nor only iOS14 that you need, but the app needs to support this feature, too. I think PS controllers the work as well.

    What I was referring to is that you can configure the Elite 2 controller on the PC (includes changing axis), and these setting are then more or less hard coded in the controller. Meaning, the changed axis then also applies to iOS. But beware, I am not 100% sure yet.

    I can try to replicate the desired config as you described above. But, since the collective is digital, putting it on an analog axis on the left stick might not really make it work analogue.

    The extra paddles on the Elite2 controller are not supported by iOS yet in terms of additional buttons. You can though configure these paddles on the PC to work as one of the 'normal' buttons, e.g. if you would like to have a second place for flaps or gear operation.

    Works fine with Xbox Wireless Elite 2 controller on iOS. Sadly, no button configuration available within Aerofly, extra paddles on Elite 2 not supported by iOS yet. But, you can reconfigure the controller in Windows, these settings seem to be saved directly in the controller which then also affect behaviour in iOS.