• Dear IPACS,

    Would it be possible to have a system equivalent to the airplane livery for landscape?

    Or some system of choosing different versions based on a parameter. That parameter could be whatever, based on time, i.e. today version of let's say Hong Kong, and 1990 version (different airport, different vehicles and building around, different land (lots of reclamation), you get the idea.

    But it could also be used to have like San Diego normal, of San Diego Air Races

    Or place in summer, place in winter, or any other creative variation of a particular scenery, just like airplane livery.

    Or futuristic landscape (which becomes pure creativity from the maker) with maybe futuristic planes that could also be designed. That would be more like a "game" per say then real simulator, but at least it would be an extra option and broaden the target demographic.

    Anyway, just putting it out there. I don't think we have enough access in the SDK to do something like that ourselves, so it is basically whether you like the idea and have the strategy/time/inclination for it, or not.

    I'm thinking it could be simple as just a button or slider in menus/map and folder branching with specific sub names, but that's pure imagination, I don't really know how difficult it would be to implement.