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    The “image” folder should be directly underneath the “scenery” folder and contain only images, none of the places or airports files. I have to ask, you did unzip the files?

    I am pretty certain I tried, that, I will try again tomorrow. But I think there is a cascade of "scenery" folders.

    It's like Addon/scenery/places/scenery/europe/france/scenery Or something to that effect (working of memory here)

    Or maybe it's a cascade of "places" folders or both.

    Yep I did unzip.

    Nevertheless I will try to put the image folder directly under any scenery folder there is. (and check whether it should be named "image" or "images" too)

    Ouch. You are missing so much by not having this scenery. I will work on better instructions for you. Are the Mac folder structures different than windows?

    It's ok really, but yes too bad. FS2 is on a window machine at the office, so not on MAC.

    It may be related to the graphic card (1070 I believe) because on the apollo 50 stuff I get the ortho, but they're kind of switching on and off as I fly over too, so it seems there is an ortho issue on this machine somehow.

    The point is not instructions, I understand them fine. The last thing I haven't tried is to do exactly as written in the document. I've installed Tom's file in a proper hierarchical structure (of my own as I have Europe/France folders above) and it installed all the relevant folders (including "images" folder).

    And I know that works, because I get the cultivation and all the specific buildings too.

    Then I put the downloaded images into the images folder, no luck, then I tried about every structure possible based on the instructions from the imagery folder, different places, different container folders or not, and nothing makes them appear.

    I had a similar result previously with some other downloaded ortho images that I couldn't get to show. Maybe one day I'll understand where I'm doing something wrong or if it's a different issue (driver, hardware, etc..), no biggie though.

    Thanks a lot though for your help.

    Can't get the images to work, again with that darn structure.

    So extracted the paris file and put it into:


    Where it gives me an "images" folder.

    Then downloaded the image zip file and placed all the image files and folder (content of last folder) in the image folder. Everything works except the ortho imagery.

    Then I tried to keep the container folders like "images_paris", etc.. (there are two levels) and still I can't get any ortho imagery to display.

    What am I not getting?

    No I don't remember. Memory is not my strong suit anyway, I didn't even remembered I had done all this work, just rediscovered it on my computer. This is WIP that never went anywhere AFAIK, I don't think any of it was ever implemented, it was just in design stage.

    The SBX was implemented by DaveW but there were a lot of texture, hidden faces issues at the time, that I remember and we just gave up.

    Yes I remember the naval group off of Pt Mugu (not the wake though), still have it.

    Call me ignorant but I cannot see a link that will get me to files relating to the Missouri placed at Ford Island.

    There is no such link indeed. There is a link to a 3D object that can be used to be placed there if you know how to place it. That is all that is available I'm afraid, unless someone wants to do it for you (I don't know how to). The link will place the Iowa in San Pedro.

    Thanks for the help, I'll try that next time I get a chance (computer is not at my house).

    Let's try the first task: ^^

    "downloaded (scenery)" = orthophoto/photo (lanscape) ----------> ...... scenery\images

    "downloaded (aircraft repaint)" = "applied surface" :S ----------> C:\Users\ ...... \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft\as an example: dr400

    Thanks for the help, I'll try that next time I get a chance (computer is not at my house).

    Yep you can use the Iowa we have, except of course the location has to be changed. They are sister ships, so indeed mostly a number difference (63 for the Missouri, 61 for the Iowa). There are others small differences, but I doubt anyone will spot them as they are little details really, and very hard to spot from a fly over.

    The Iowa model we have however is a 1940's version, which would not be realistic for either ship (or the other two for that matter) as their museum shape is more of the 1980 configuration. But again unless you're a specialist, not easy to know the difference, although that one is more prevalent in a fly over if one knows what to look for. Just nitpicking because I can ^^

    Another interesting story is that when I first got FS2 I was looking for the Iowa of course on the ortho photos, and I couldn't find it in Suisun bay where it was mothballed for many years, nor could I find it in San Pedro where it was a museum.

    Finally I happened to find it in Richmond where it was parked a few months for refurbishment, which gives me a very close date as for when the ortho photos were taken (early 2012).

    Nice, very interesting.

    Could you elaborate a bit on how it works?

    So I'm flying in VR, do I need to press the playback button? Wouldn't that take me instantly to some playback?

    When does it start recording?

    If I fly for an hour let's say, how far back has the playback been saved?

    When I playback, how do I position the camera, like you did for example in your video? How do I position the playback camera in general?

    Can it be a follow camera, or back in cockpit?

    Do I get the playback in the VR goggles, or on the monitor? Or both?


    :DI'm as confused as ever, if not more. This ought not to be so difficult.

    How ironic that even though I've used FS2 for years and I've even helped create scenery (Apollo 50 team for example) I still can't figure this out.

    I have files that I have downloaded (scenery, aircraft repaint) that I gave up on figuring out how to install them. I tried a few times, didn't work, gave up.

    Looks to me like we could use the already existing towers that we have in catalog, and we just add a few objects at various heights. Maybe a random add.

    I think with 5-6 objects all of this can be replicated:

    - A single parabolic dish

    - A cluster of two single monopoles (although probably hard to see as you fly by)

    - A cluster of 3 bars in a triangle

    - A cluster of 6 bars in a triangle

    - A cluster of 12 bars in an hexagon

    - ...

    You get the idea. I can create such object real quick if we know how to spread them on towers, any idea on dimensions?

    To expand on what Antoine is asking:

    - At minima it would be nice to have a clear document (wiki) on the structure of folders for FS2. For scenery, aircrafts, repaints, etc..

    Structure of all three folders: C: game folder, C: game add-on folder; User expansion folder

    What folders are expected (scenery, elevation, image, aircraft, TMC, TMD, etc..), where (which one are not supposed to be interfered with)

    Which one are flexible (like I can have a USA folder and subfolders for each state, etc..)

    What content (type and file extension type) is expected in each folder. So that we can double check things are in the right place and of the right format. Also so that we know what to expect of files or issues, where to look for an elevation issue for example etc..

    A structural graphic with colors (like red for mandatory structure, green for optional, etc..) would probably be the simplest and clearest.

    I've seen some info here and there, some conflicting info, some dated info which we don't know if still true or not. A wiki would be great, I'm willing to help compile all the info and create a document for the wiki.

    You go into preference, extension or something similar (I have an older mac version, so different), then install, or point to the rmz folder somehow. That should take care of it.

    Nothing to fix on the model I linked I assume, it was on the model you had, there were transparent polygons and such. New model looks fine I think.

    I don't know how to go from sketchup to model converter, someone may chime in. All I know is you have to get rid of "alpha channels" in model converter.

    Apply texture on both sides, there is a plugin:

    Of course this is for a sketchup a stand alone software, if you're using the web version I don't know how that works.

    You can download standalone from here:

    Sketchup make 2017, that should work (I don't know because I use older versions)

    Here is a crude model, and based on old version of it, so it would need work:


    Here is a greater model, that probably would work perfect. It may need a bit of ground work, but nothing extensive:


    It even has the water tower which is not present on the FS2 ortho ground, but there on google.

    Nothing to buy. Get sketchup, import model, fix it, make sure you apply texture on both sides of each face, use the converters and tools from the SDK (on PC) learn how to position in FS2 (I don't know how to but lots of people do) and done.

    I cannot do what you ask, but here is one easy solution:

    Get the 3D model you're using (fix it, BTW), extend it by modeling the ground around the church also all the way to where it blends with the hill. Then drop that model on top of the mountain, everything that is modeled flat will then be flat. Better and easier solution than "flattening" the existing ground.

    Again I cannot do as I cannot convert, nor do I have the model to start with anyway.

    See example below. That was then dropped onto the scenery, height adjusted (Apollo 50), and the edges blend nicely as the model edges "disappear" below the actual ortho ground.

    If I'm not mistaken weight painting has nothing to do with visible colors on the model, it's a method of designating how much a certain vertex within a 3D model will be influenced by an action or modifier. I've seen videos where people used it to simulate how skin moves when muscles and bones beneath are moving, the vertices reacted differently (some followed the movement more than others like stiff or soft tissue) depending on which "weight" is assigned to them and the weight is shown by different colors in the modeling view. It's been awhile since I last used sketchup but I can't remember an option like that.

    I see, so yes you're right, I don't know of anything like that in Sketchup, so no "weight painting". That said, sketchup is highly customizable through addons in Ruby, so knowing what is required, it probably would be possible (I don't know how difficult) to get there.