Some questions and remarks on the cessna paint kit and the converter

  • On the last weekend I decided to learn how to make liveries. :)

    So here are some "not-so-optimal" things I noticed as a beginner regarding the paint kit (of the cessna) and the Converter:

    1. After repainting the cessna, the propeller and visible parts of the engine became grey..

    As I found out, the positions of these textures are not or wrong marked in the UV-Layer. They are on the right side of "fuselage01_color" where the large grey area is...

    So I had to use try and error - a lot...

    Are there similar problems with other paintkits?

    2. There should be a "registration_color.psd" in the paint kits to make it obvious how to change the registration in the cockpit.. (but yes, I found out how to do it by myself) ;)

    3. The converter creates the file "repaint.tmr" - why not the "option.tmc" instead?

    Well... but other than that the paintkits make it relatively easy to create a livery, so thanks for making them available to us. 8)