Lighting study and atmospheric scattering


    Well done on the updates over the years!!

    I remember the first version on ios was something of a nostalgia.

    Now you guys have mastered alot of things and it shows in your innovation and ability to code into the simulator with performance in mind.

    Something I have been studying as well as viewing, an effect I think would say can really bring Aerofly Mobile to a new level is Atmospheric Scattering.

    The current Sim looks a little dull in its light and sky effect compared to current gen graphics not at all complaining.

    But I think would add a lot more depth and perspective to an already incredible Sim.

    I have included some pics of current vs what could be implemented by your incredible team, maybe its something your already working on but regardless I support your due process and time.

    It doesn't look bad but something definitely is missing.

    Here is a picture of some effects that bring a more realistic lighting effect or maybe its a graphics engine.

    Either way keep doing what your doing and thanks for your efforts and please be safe. :thumbup:

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