Simple Cold and Start start

  • Who has east to to understand cold and dark process start ups procedures for Lear Jet 45

    CMJ 900 and KingAir 90. ( in particular with The King Air 90, how do I get Co-pilots panel to turn on? It turns off Once you shut down the engines but won’t immediately illuminate once you start up.

  • The CRJ 900 and LJ45 are both quite easy to start.

    For the CRJ 900 push the engine start button in the overhead (RUN), then move the throttle lever from cut off to idle.

    In the Learjet the starter button is located in the pedestal, push it, then move throttle from cut off to idle.

    For the King Air move the starter switch in the left front panel to ignition start. Then move the engine condition lever from cut off to low idle. Once the engine is started move the starter switch back to neutral to enable the generator to work and to provide power to the copilot PFD. Then proceed with second engine start.