[Bug] Gamepad calibration issues

  • Hello to everone.

    I have some controls issues with my Xbox controller (latest generation, a pretty good one) and after investigating I lot a found the following:

    1. There is an additional non adjustable deadzone applied so I have a deadzone even if the deadzone slider is set to the full left position. Flying the R22 is much harder with no control around the center position and gets twitchy in ground hover situations so I wish to have an option to disable the additional deadzone.
    2. The deadzone in general does not respect the calibration value but always refers to the controllers native center position resulting in asymetric controls (for example roll left feels light, roll right feels very heavy or the other way around). Further, this renders the calibration somewhat useless because it does not help fixing inaccurate center positions most gamepads suffer from (all my Xbox controllers over the years had more or less drift in the center position).
    3. Flying the R22 I also tried joystick mode instead of gamepad mode and joystick mode is more accurate and controllable in this case but I lose the second stick's camera controls (in both mode the deadzone issue is present). It would be great to make the second stick available also in the joystick mode.

    This is a serious issue for me because I just can't get the controls feel right with my gamepad, especially the R22 is very hard to control this way, fixed wing aircraft are better controllable but still feel weird because of the asymetric inputs. The gamepad istelf is fine, I don't have this kind of problems in X-Plane or MSFS where I can fix the center position and also set zero deadzone.

    Kind regards,


  • The new gamepad deadzone tweak in the main.mcf file seems to fix both of the obove mentioned issues. Setting this to 0.0 and adding a deadzone using the menu slider again gives me centered controls, the calibration works fine then (but this also means the gamepad deadzone does not respect calibration thus rendering calibration with gamepads more or less useless).

    Thank you very much.