[Released] 610 Squadron Repaint Pack Spitfire Mk1a Early AF4

  • RELEASED 610 Squadron Repaints Pack for Aerofly FS4 Spitfire Mk1a (Early) by Matt Ivey (Version 1.0)

    Available to download from http://www.flight-sim.org

    Addon for Aerofly FS4 Disclaimer: This Freeware Repaint Pack Addon for my Aerofly FS4 Spitfire Mk1a, including all associated files and documentation are supplied as is with no guarantee of any kind. You use entirely at your own risk. Information is not intended for Real World Aviation.

    Credits and Copyright Ownership:

    Original Texture Art by Matthew Ivey

    Installation: This assumes you’re familiar with basic file management tasks. If you need more help try asking for help on the IPACS Aerofly forum.

    My Spitfire Mk1a for Aerofly FS4 should be installed first. Then Extract the files from the repaint zip file and copy the repaint folders contained within to the spitfire_mk1a_dwk folder, which should be within your user documents aircraft folder. The address will be something like below depending how your machine is set up (where dotdotdot….. will be the name of your computer)

    C:\Users\............\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\aircraft

    610 Squadron RAF 1940: 610 Squadron was an Auxillary Air Force Squadron within the RAF. The Squadron was known as County of Chester Squadron, and was made up of part time pilots. The Squadron was equipped with Spitfires and stationed in SE England when the Battle of Britain began and so was right in the thick of things. Why a repaint pack of just one Squadrons Aircraft. It’s not because I have any personal connection. When I was growing up and a keen maker of plastic model aircraft, I always admired a certain manufacturers 1:24th scale Spitfire kit. Don’t think I ever got round to building one… they were quite expensive even then. But they were often depicted in the catalogues I’d peruse, with 610 SQ markings. The Spit Mk1a with those huge colourful Fuselage Roundels, came to be what I thought a Battle of Britain Spit should look like. I came to appreciate later they were a bit of an oddity that ignored the specified size and proportions laid out by the RAF Administration. But they looked good to me and when I found info on the net about most of the squadrons Pilots and aircraft I just fancied doing them for my Aerofly FS4 Spit. Having done them, I share them with those of you who are interested.

    Repaints Included: DWA, DWD, DWE, DWF, DWK, DWN, DWO, DWP,DWQ, DWS, DWX, DWZ. . Other Aircraft carried the codes DWH, DWJ, DWM but I’m afraid they didn’t make the cut. I had to draw the line somewhere.

    Release Version 1.0 24th Jan 2023