Aerofly FS Airport Creation Tool (Tips & Tricks)

  • Here are some tips and tricks to help you using the Aerofly FS airport creation tool.

    This post will be updated from time to time and you can ask questions.

    Automatic rounding:

    - Lines and Tarmacs are automatically rounded. if the angle is shallower than 137 degrees,

    distance between points less than 25m.

    rule of thumb: for a curve of 90 degrees 4 points are enough.

    - Another focus is on the intersections of the taxiways. My recommendation here is to add 2 more points to the curves.

    The rounding algorithm always leaves the first and last segment straight, so you should always add a segment before the area to be rounded.

    Tarmac under buildings:

    - Even if it doesn't look like it on the aerial photos, it is advisable to always place a Tarmac area under a building.

    At this area the terrain is smoothed and cleaned and you get a cleaner result.

  • The Custom Model element in the TAP file is used to add unique and distinctive buildings and objects to an airport.

    If the Xref buildings are not enough, it offers you the possibility to implement a whole scene into the airport. For example, an entire building complex like the terminals at large international airports. Simply put, the "Custom Model" combines the TAP scenery with a TGI scenery.

    KPHL Philadelphia Terminal in 3D-Software

    KPHL Philadelphia in

    As you can see, in KPHL's TAP we only added the taxiways and the marker lines in the terminal area.