FS4: Controller Puna X is not detected in VR mode

  • Hi.

    to play FS4 I'm using following configuration (for helicopter EC150):

    - as controller device for cycklic, collective, pedals, throttle and outside lights I'm using Puma X Flight Trainer,

    - for all other swithes, bottons a.s.o. I'm using mouse or Pico 4 controler

    - I play Steam-Version of FS4.

    When I'm playing FS4 in normal mode, all is doing well.

    When I'm starting FS4 out of Pico 4 via SteamVR in VR mode all controller settings of Puma X (in Menu: Controlls > Essential and also General > Helicopter) are set back to default, while Axes settings (Menu: Imput Devises) are the same in both modes, normal and VR mode. Changing controller settings (Essential and Helicopter) in VR mode is not possibel, means FS4 controller setting do not detect physical controller commands.

    Have anyone an idea, what the reason may be?