How to do the Boeing 777 livery previews?

  • Hello everyone!I want to convert some Boeing 777 liveries.But the P L A Y just give us a repaint folder without giving methods to do the Boeing 777 livery previews.So I just want to get the method to do the Boeing 777 livery.Please tell me how to do the Boeing 777 livery previews ;(

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    When using a repaint kit the converter can actually locate the installation folder of Aerofly and can load the aircraft in question and render a preview of the model with your textures applied. If you don't have a repaint kit you may have to copy the folder structure of a repaint kit (available in the download section of this forum).



  • But officially, you don't seem to have a tool for painting the Boeing 777 livery. I used several 777 models for conversion, but the textures will be misplaced. Also, your ttx file is encrypted, so you can't see the original image at all. So I want to know, which manufacturer's 777 that provides flight simulator aircraft models do you use?