Glastonbury UK Scenery FS 2

  • This UK project was inspired by Tailwheel who kindly made the Glastonbury Tor for FS 2 and that led me to download a single tile to not only make the high contrast photo scenery but also special objects with building cultivation.

    I then discovered that the OSM Data was not good only providing around 30% coverage of the tile. This led me to discover other ways of detecting building footprints from satellite imagery using JOSM with MapWithAI plugin.

    Special thanks to Tailwheel, TomSimMuc and ApfelFlieger.

    Please PM if you are interested in finding out more.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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  • When I modelled the Tor I had no idea that the surrounding area was going to look as incredibly detailed as it does now. IZ0JUB has done amazing job with the building and cultivation and given one of my favourite VFR round trip routes a level of realism I didn't think even possible in FS2.

    Thank you!