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    Hi Christy,

    It seems that your installed "ScenProc" cannot open your "map.osm" folder.

    To keep your installation simple like mine can you install "ScenProc" onto your "C drive" in a new folder call it "Cultivation for FS 2" as the picture below shows.

    In this new folder it has to contain "ScenProc" and the scripts as the picture below plus your "map.osm" folder to work.

    Hope this helps?

    Kindest regards, Michael.

    To be honest I prefer the un-edited images, showing the muddy water in the river and the different contrasts in the inland waterways.

    At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Its good to see someone else out there having a go at making scenery.

    It is addictive!

    Kindest regards,


    I think making some sort of interface between the existing Ortho4XP and making scenery and cultivation would be a quantum leap for FS 2.

    I'm currently working on Part 19 for Germany North and having to rebuild parts of lakes, towns and fields that are missing from the downloaded images, not an easy task as I don't know the areas.

    I'm doing the best I can.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    On my long journey as an amateur attempt on the Northern part of Germany the images are of so poor quality I'm almost giving up.

    I then looked at "ArcGIS" as an alternative and it blows my mind for such clear, top quality, professional images, if you want to look here is the link.. On this page click on the BASEMAP button top left and then select IMAGERY.

    As I have had no communication from Nick Hod author of "AeroScenery" for over 6 months its time to call for your HELP PLEASE.

    There must be someone out there that can implement ArcGIS into "AeroScenery" PLEASE?

    There doing it in X-Plane 11 so why not for FS 2?

    Come on chaps lets get this up and running...............................


    That's very interesting, as well as Level 9 missing which is one file, on Level 11 there are only 15 files there should be 16.

    I checked my GE folder and that's OK Level 9 and all of Level 11 files.

    So it appears its only in the Bing tile.

    Kindest regards, Michael.

    PS. Downloaded the Bing tile again and noticed that this is the one with the black and white chequered area.

    I have checked through my scenery and its most odd........................

    Using "AeroScenery" with GE images with size 9 tile it generates Levels 9, 11, 12 and 13

    The same tile using Bing images generates Levels 9, 10, 12 and 13.

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Hi Michael,

    Its been a most interesting project with the other tiles. One in particular had a chequer box with no image so I had to clone the shoreline of a lake and small town to fill in the missing images, all part of my learning curve I guess!

    I hope they turn out OK?

    On re making Part 1 it would not make "Level 9". I have tried several times now but every time I process the tile in "AeroScenery" it skips "Level 9", its most odd?

    It would be of interest if another simmer could try the same thing. The other tiles are processing OK.

    Kindest regards as always. Michael.

    Many thanks to all of those who have acknowledge the work that I am doing for Germany.

    I have just finished remaking Parts 1 to 5 using an alternative server.

    They are being uploaded as I type.

    Kindest regards to all,


    I used to do it this way when I first started many years ago, but, the art package that I used on some occasions bled into the land so you had to re do it with the paint brush anyway, making more work.

    The ONLY problem I see is that the bucket feed fills up to the coastline destroying the natural colours of the shoreline water.

    Everyone has different takes on it, if your happy with your results that's fine.

    Welcome to the addiction of scenery making.........................................

    Cheers Michael.