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    Indeed, however in the game and using NZWP as an example, the terrain is extremely uneven to the point the plane bounces up and down when taking off. I agree realistic sloping runways are great, however at the moment there are certain airports that have the satellite image of the runway over uneven terrain (compared to the likes of NZAA).

    NZWP - I have just tested taking off from both runways in a Cessna 172 and no problems at all.Have you installed correctly the 8 M terrain mesh courtesy of "Geoffkiwi" from here:…-8m-levels-9-10-11-12-13/

    Thanks MikeW that's very good of you. I have been experimenting using different levels, resolutions and found a way, I think, of producing some good images less white clouds and black shadows, watch this space for further image updates. Kindest regards and best wishes, Michael. PS. Not as easy as I first thought. :(

    Ah, excellent. I thought it may have been an issue on my end. No worries at all. I assume the lack of a flat runway is connected to the original cloudport airport files. Its a shame that there isn't an easy make to make runways flat/level.

    Perhaps there is a way, lets see if the experts are interested.

    Great work! I'm having a few issues with runways. For a few airports like NZAA and NZWN, the runway loads fine, however on others like NZWP, there is no runway overlaying the mesh, and therefore the runway is uneven ground.

    I have all of the runway folders in Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\airports, and the airport texture folders in scenery\images.

    Any help would be great.

    NZWP - This is what it looks like in my flight simulator. The ONLY modifications I made was to deactivate the grey RW images. I have no knowledge on how to flatten the area.

    THANK YOU to those who have given me the thumbs up, its given me the encouragement to continue with this project, I have hand edited over 2000 white clouds and black shadows from the satellite images, its been absolutely horrendous at times. I got there in the end. Its NOT perfect by any means, yes I missed a few clouds and shadows. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    To correct some replies here, global scenery coverage with Aerofly FS is of course possible and we will eventually offer it. But when streaming is no solution, one has to live with a few sacrifices, when you consider aerial images. E.g. we could in theory provide a lot of airports worldwide, but the data around it, e.g. elevation and basic aerial images does need some memory. We estimated roughly 100GB of data for a non streaming solution and reasonable aerial image resolution, e.g. you have low resolution when flying low but in normal flying altitudes it would look quite nice already.

    So for future versions we might consider hybrid solutions, e.g. a large download for the base scenery and possibly streaming option if the user really wants maximum quality where he currently flies.

    But again, we are not streaming fans ourself, so we will always have the other solution in mind as well.

    I still want free icecream. ;)

    For what its worth here is my take on it, I've been around for awhile and used other flight sims, built 3 TB of scenery and was very pleased except after some years I realised that its not perfect, scenery and building pop ups, stuttering and other issues. Most of my pilot friends decided to go for X-Plane 11, I tried the demo and it brought my computer to its knees.

    I decided to go it alone and purchased the DVD version of FS 2.

    I recall very well the first flight, I was totally blown away by the fact it was so smooth running, incredibly high FPS that I had never seen before in past simulators, it was truly a joy to fly.

    IPACS are a small team dedicated to providing all of us with a first class product and I appreciate that they are working very hard behind the scenes, lets remember its a simulator and a darn good one at that.

    Mine is bigger/better or faster than yours arguments are going on forever about this or that sim. I have heaps of games that I do not play but at least these posts keep the economy going and encourage developers to continue their work. The best sim is the one that suits you and your set up. When it does not then move on and stop these pointless posts.


    My patience for arguing about this is simply gone. Always the same things, I prefer don't discuss what I don't work with! And I haven't experience as in the Development part. Only who understands is who actually works. It is like a doctor wanting to tell an engineer how he should calculate the Yield and Power of a jet propulsion in which the same model that the engineer designed!

    Yes, I have a lot of fun with the Cultivation of UK scenery that our friend here on the forum made available to us for free on Flight Sim Org everyone here can have it.
    I just try to have the most fun with what I already have!
    We look forward to future updates and remember that we are still experiencing some turmoil caused by a virus!

    Let's fly guys!


    All the ideas I've tried, nothing up to my standards, Is there any way to convert scenery or airport from other sims instead?

    With respect I think you are looking for some thing that doesn't exist, certainly not in this flight sim. However I have used these tools and they work very well thanks to those who provided them free of charge.