Some suggestions for devs

  • -polar regions are flat, not a big problem, but for example the fjords of northern Norway would look better with visible relief.

    - it would be useful to be able to delete downloaded maps (you can manually from the folder, but it would be more convenient from the application level).

    - the 'cold and dark' take-off option should be available from every 'take off' position, now in some areas of the map you have to lot of search for a suitable airport.

    - it would be very useful to be able to mark completed (or even not) missions, after some time no one remembers which flights have already been completed and which ones have not.

    Beside it, Aerofly is a great work:thumbup:, diverse mobile sims have diverse pros and cons, but Aerofly is absolutely most immersive of all, even without multiplayer!