AeroflyFS 4 on Linux with working headtracking or VR headset

  • Hello guys, I want to ask if any of you can confirm whether the Linux version of AeroflyFS 4 can be operated with opentrack or linuxtrack (or any kind of headtracking sofrware). I own the trackir5 and use it successfully with Xplane (nativelly) or DCS (in wine), but unfortunately I have not been able to get it working in aerofly fs 4, where it is not displayed in the input devices. I would also like to ask if any of you have actually managed to get (any) VR headset working with the Linux version of Aerofly FS 4. I have a feeling that in Linux VR will probably not be officially supported by the developers and that I will have to switch to Windows (I don't like it very much), because the native Linux support was one of the criteria on the basis of which I actually chose aerofly FS over the M$FS and others. I'll be gratefull for any feedback.