Well done on the update!

  • Guys, well done on the update, the 747 is stunning and along with the new liveries for the A320 should encourage more fans from Infinite Flight. The thing thing is that the rudder is back the right. The two small changes that I think would greatly improve the airliners would be increasing the number of flap settings to match the aircraft and a speed brake option to arm the spoilers or deploy them in flight.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback.
    We will probably rework the flap interface in one of the next versions, so they match the real airplane closer. As far as the speed brakes go: Adding this feature will increase user interface complexity, so before we implement this, we have to work on our user interface like we mentioned before.
    If we don't keep the simplicity we will frustrate users that don't have the required knowledge.

  • Understood. I look forward to what comes next. I understand that with a diverse customer base it will be incredibly difficult to please everyone and so I think you are right to go down the route of a user-customised interface. I do hope that this will eventually go a step further to include user selectable levels of difficultly, functionality and complexity so those of us that fly for real or are avid simmers can push the sim to it limits. At some point I should really get round to buying a PC and getting the desktop version..............

    Thanks Again.

  • Hello!

    I wanted to start off by saying how great this simulator is! I recently got the A320 and the 747 and im so impressed!!

    Some suggestions

    Some more A320 liveries
    CFM engines: US Airways, Virgin America, Frontier, Aer Lingus, Interjet

    A cool idea would to add the IAE engines
    IAE: JetBlue Harlequin Tail, Barcode tail(I'm a huge JetBlue fan lol) Spirit Airlines, United, Volaris

    Just thought it would be cool to add a bigger span of liveries. Anyways keep up with the great work... Hope to see some more commercial planes/liveries