Restore purchases across devices?

  • Hi,

    Firstly, I absolutely love aeroflyFS on iOS :)

    I have purchased nearly all of the add-ons on the iPad version.

    I assume those purchases should also allow me to use the add-ons on the iPhone version, but when I tap Restore Purchases in the iPhone version and enter my credentials, it says they are restored, but the Buy button remains on all the add-ons.

    Am I correct in thinking the purchase on the iPad should enable me to use them also on the iPhone? If so, how do I do so?



  • Hi Mark,
    unfortunatly, we are unable to make aerofly FS a universal app, due to some restrictions of how we can limit compatible iOS devices.
    That means aerofly FS on iPad and iPhone are actually two different versions!

    However due to some changes made by Apple recently we might able to convert the iPad version into a universal app. We can't say yet if this version will be approved by Apple, but we are going to try it with the next update that is targeted for Q1 2014.