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    Thank you so much. :thumbup:

    Is it possible to get Just Flight's airplanes compatible with Logitech / Saitek Pro flight radio panel (such as AFS2's default airplanes) :?:

    The radio panel is working fine for me, however they do seem to be switched around, e.g. if I change the frequency for Nav 2 on the Saitek panel, it updates Nav 1 in the sim but, apart from that, works a treat. Also mostly working with the multi- and switch panels.

    Hi Rob,

    Yep, that’s what I was getting at. With the Nimbus connected, there’s no way to access the autopilot settings etc as it’s all hidden.

    Could this be added as an option in a future release? This really does detract from an otherwise almost perfect mobile flight simming rig. Last night I was flying FS 2019 on the iPad Pro, with the Nimbus controller and FSWidgets GMap on my iPhone and it was pretty damn cool, I must say. The only thing that spoilt it was the overlay disappearing when using the Nimbus...

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is FAQ, but I couldn’t find any references to it anywhere.

    When I use an external controller with Aerofly FS 2019 on my iPad Pro, the overlay with the buttons for the autopilot etc disappear.

    How do I access that functionality when using an external controller? I’ve tried all the controller buttons etc (and in the process discovered those for the flaps etc!), but nothing seem to bring back the overlay.


    Mark Avey

    Hi all,

    Is there a definitive list of download locations for the DLC scenery for the non-Steam PC version?

    I've found a couple on the Aerosoft site, but all the Aerofly Wiki links seem to point to Steam for the free stuff.



    But you've reduced the update cycle to zero, e.g. no updates at all. Don't use the Mac App Store if it's not suitable for your needs. Does the Mac App Store not use incremental updates as iOS does? Genuine question - I know iOS apps only download what's required when updating, not the full package. But in either case, I'd rather download the full package say once a month for updates than simply have no updates.

    Also, the switch to Metal was very well publicised, so should've come as no surprise.

    I don't understand why it won't handle current DLC if it's "exactly the same"?

    I'm not trying to be awkward, I simply don't understand. If it's "exactly the same", I'd expect to behave in exactly the same way as the Windows version. That includes being able to drop a folder of scenery into it and for it to work, "exactly the same" as the Windows version does. If you can't do that (which apparently we can't), then it's not "exactly the same".

    I appreciate OSX has a different file system, but ultimately it's a bunch of files in a folder structure, so how come it doesn't work? Given it's "exactly the same".

    And you could very well argue that, as you "haven't provided a version upgrade path yet for the Mac version", it very much is a watered down port.

    If you sold it along the lines of "This is all you're getting now and for the foreseeable future - please don't expect this to be expandable in the same way the Windows version is", that'd be a different matter. But you don't.

    Hi Jeff,

    In that case, I would respectfully refer you back to the product announcement, specifically "This new version will be equal to the PC version so don't expect a watered down port, expect the same experience that PC users are currently enjoying."

    We Mac users most definitely do not enjoy the same experience that PC users are currently enjoying and, from your response, there’s no guarantee we ever will.

    Please therefore advise how I can obtain a refund for the product I purchased based on the description provided, which I only now find out wasn’t in fact correct and which may never materialise as advertised. Or, alternatively, how I can exchange my current Mac version for a Windows version so I can use the application to the potential described in the above product announcement.



    I hate having to do this, but I've just had to add this review to the Mac App Store for Aerofly 2 for the Mac.

    I was very reluctant to do so, but I feel I need to warn other Mac users who are showing an interest.

    I hope this doesn't get deleted - it's a genuine concern and one which the devs here seem unable to address. I appreciate writing software can be difficult (I do it for a living), but I feel like I purchased a beta on a promise that has never materialised. I sincerely hope I can amend my review to be more positive in the near future.

    Could you describe technical specification of your computer? I am planning to buy iMac, so your informations will be very helpful for me.

    Hi KP164 - mine’s a late 2015 27" with 24Gb RAM and a 2Gb AMD Radeon R9 M390 Video card. AF2 performance is good with settings at Fullscreen, Vsync on, medium graphics quality and 75% pixel density.

    If you’re going for an iMac Pro I’d guess it’d be even better. I’m hoping to get one at some point but probably not until early next year.

    You probably know already, but get the best video card you can when you get it as you can’t upgrade them.

    I'm running on an iMac and it looks beautiful. I've a 2Gb video card and that's just barely enough so your 0.5Gb may struggle.

    If 0.5 is okay, keep in mind there's no DLC (that I know of) for the Mac version (and no indication when there may be) and it's not been updated the entire time I've had it (I got it in March - not sure exactly when it was released). If you're happy with it out of the box (which of course you won't know until you get it), you may be okay. If you're looking to be able to get new stuff for it, or even updates, might be better to hold off. Or maybe try the Windows version under Bootcamp? Not sure if that's viable, but you'd at least have access to DLC.

    As we stated many times before, both Mac and PC versions of Aerofly are virtually the same. You are referring to DLC here which we also stated that we are working towards having more DLC available to Mac users in the future. Also, we are not a 2 man team, we have 10 people working on various aspects of development.

    As for support, we have been extremely responsive with support so I find this remark inaccurate and a bit upsetting. We answer every question posted on various forums ands also have a dedicated support section where you can email us directly with any problem that you have.

    If you want to come onto our forum with this kind of attitude then it may be best for you to adhere to what you stated and leave for a bit then.

    “This kind of attitude”?

    If you look back over my previous posts, you’ll see I’ve been pretty supportive in the past. And patient. I’m a developer so I know things take time sometimes. However, it’s getting harder and harder to find anything Mac related here, which is a bit of an inconvenience, to say the least, hence my requests for a separate forum. To be honest, I can’t see what the issue is. However, I appreciate the status quo is always the easiest option and it’s much easier to leave things as they are.

    One thing I have noticed (and I’m sure I’ll get shot down for this, too) is that, unless you’re being positive around here, you’re likely to get a finger in the eye. Well, unfortunately, life isn’t always like that and sometimes the paying customer might not be happy with everything. Me? I’ve paid my money for the Mac version, which hasn’t had a single update yet, nor the ability to get any DLC, paid or otherwise. As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve been patient and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to request a distinct Mac area for the forum. But apparently I’m wrong.

    I guess that’ll be it for me. I was happy to wait and see how things develop, but looks like you don’t want anybody here who’s not showering you in praise every second of the day.

    What a shame. You’ve got a beautiful sim (even with obvious bugs) but, honestly, your attitude stinks sometimes.

    And I apologise for thinking you were a 2-man team. However, with 10, that raises a lot more questions, but I don’t really see any point in bringing them up now.

    I suppose I’ll have to amend my glowing recommendation for you on my own flight sim site following this.

    Farewell and good luck for the future.

    At this time we are keeping them together.

    Okay. Guess I'll just stay away from the forum for now, then. Seems a waste of my time going through every nice looking add-on only to find I can't use it. Especially now you've confirmed the Mac and PC versions aren't now the same thing, which was the reason given for having a single forum.

    Gotta say, and I know you're only a 2 man team with a lot on your plate, but the support leaves a lot to be desired. To the point where I don't feel like I want to invest the time if the developers don't.

    See you all some other time, perhaps.

    Happy flying.

    We will try to bring the Mac version to the same level as the PC version, but Apple introduced some changes and limitations lately on a few things that requires us to rethink how we implement a few things internally and this is currently quite time consuming.

    Due to limitations in the Mac App Store itself, each update that we come out with, would require a complete download of the whole package, which is clearly no solution as well. We hope this will change in the future.

    That's fine - things do change - but this is even more of a reason to have a different part of the forum for Mac users.