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    2. A map in VR - even if it's just on a disembodied floating window

    +500 for this. Nothing breaks the VR immersion more than having to remove the headset to refer to a map on an external device, or having to use the HUD to try and get some vague idea of where I am and where I want to go.

    Yep, totally get that's absolutely fine for those who want to do it. I was after a good out-of-the-box experience, and I'm not getting one, hence my disappointment.

    Also depends on the type of flying we're doing - I'm doing low and slow in helo's so every imperfection pops out at me. I'd notice it less having a blast along in a fast yet.

    Thanks for those Martin - I think I've established the problem from Tom's post above, but thanks for the additional comparison. I must've got spoilt from "other sims" but these don't seem hi-res to me. And if we need to provide our own textures, then I really don't think this is for me any more. I'll keep tinkering - I can't help myself, but I'm pretty disappointed so far.

    Thanks for that, TomSimMuc. I'm seeing the same as your first two, so, as I suspected, what they consider hi-res is very different to what I consider hi-res. In my mind, that second shot (which is what I see), is VERY low-res. Honestly, if I'd know that was the quality of the "hi res" textures, I likely wouldn't have bothered. If we need to use our own textures, what's the point?

    But thanks for the clarification. I can now at least stop looking into why I don't have them lol ;(

    Strange Machloop looks gorgeous to me

    Hi Martin - I think there's a disconnect between what I'm expecting and what I'm seeting. Would you be able to take a screenshot over an easy-to-find area showing a fair amount of ground texture so I can compare with what I'm seeing?

    As mentioned in Scenery & Cultivation, Greece and Turkey are not included yet. We haven't forgotten about it, it' just not done at the moment

    Jan - how do I get the UK which should be included? I’ve downloaded all DLC.

    Yeah and IPACS missed Greece, no airports in there - Greece is a part of EU, looks like they forgot ?

    Yes, it’s certainly a shame for all the areas missed. However, one of the main reasons I went for the new version was because it was stated the UK had high res textures and I currently don’t have them, so would like to know how to get what I’ve paid for.

    I remember reading somewhere that Ipacs currently have access to hi rez photos for England and swiss only. Maybe they will release à hi rez pack for Europe later.

    To fly near Paris France I use the photos of the afs2 dlc Île de France. It kind of work in afs4. The cultivation is a bit messed up but the developpers told me they will probably update it for afs4 soon

    Okay, thanks, but London should be high, though and looks as low as Paris.

    I've got the main sim and all DLC installed according to Steam, but Paris is ultra-low res on the ground textures:

    And also London. I noticed here that they seemed to be fairly high res at the start of the flight and got progessively worse. 16Gb RX 6900 XT card.

    I will try this with jpeg VFR maps of the area I Fly in.

    Its no "GPS like" moving map but it seems it's like having a paper kneeboard in VR wich is fine by me (I like dead reckoning)

    Thanks for posting. I'm aware of some of the workarounds from FS2 days. I'm just beyond disappointed they've not bothered to implement it by default.

    I know it's a small team but in some respects that makes it worse, as they need to use those resources optimally. How do the meetings go? Something like "Well, this feature has been requested so many times, we should really take a look at it", with a reply of "Nah, let's add this feature literally nobody has requested, ever, and makes it feel more like a game than a sim - that'll should make the customer happy".

    I know it's only a small thing, but it's the small things that makes me feel like even the dev team don't want to be taken seriously, never mind their product.

    I'll still use it for quick 5 min flights when I don't have time for anything else, but it's hard to look at it as anything much more than a novetly play thing if they insist on ommitting oft-requested features whilst at the same time adding seemingly worthless "functionality".

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo! ;(

    This just makes me sad. People have been asking for stuff like this for literally years. I don't recall anyone asking for missions, career mode etc. I'm a dev by profession so I know all the problems and issues that go with that, but developing stuff people don't request whilst ignoring stuff people consistently ask for really isn't good form.

    I love this sim, but they do make it hard to keep at it sometimes.

    I'm hoping I've just not found the button yet. Please don't tell me there's still no map in VR :(

    First impressions in VR are very favourable, though - a big improvement performance wise over FS2 for me.