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    Sorry I meant to say I have the standalone version.

    When you put your headset on, do you see the same menu etc that you see when the headset isn't connected to the PC via cable? If so, that means the PC Link isn't enabled and you need to go to Quick Settings -> Oculus Link. This is all whilst wearing the headset. Plugging the headset in and starting the Oculus software on the PC isn't sufficient.

    I'm using a Quest 2 with FS2 on PC and all is good. Have you enabled the Link connection?

    When you start FS2 with the cable connected and Oculus Link enabled, you should see an option to restart FS2 - click that and FS2 will restart and you should be good to go.

    Hi all,

    Fired up AF2 just now and I’m getting a big box saying "Click here to activate Aerofly FS 2", after having been using it for ages without issue.

    If I enter my activation key, it says it’s already been used (yes, by me, for this installation).

    Any ideas? I’m grounded for now :(

    Yes, it's an interesting situation. It's like the flight sim worlds best kept secret.

    I can't help feeling if there was more awareness, we'd get some more awesome goodies for it. The freeware community is awesome and their hard work is always appreciated, but it'd also be nice if the Big Guns in the add-on world provided more for it. Of course, it's all about supply and demand, which is another good reason for us all to shout about it :)

    It occurred to me over the weekend that Aerofly FS2 is a bit like Apple - it just works :)

    I don't have as much time for simming as I'd like, so quite often it's a case of "I have 15 minutes - where should I fly?".

    Here's my finding across the various sims (I'm not bad-mouthing any of them - they're all good at some things and not so good at others - these are just my personal observations):

    X-Plane: A few minutes deciding which plug-ins I might want to use, about 10 minutes to load (photo scenery, so it takes forever, even on SSD) - so maybe 5 minutes flying out of 15 minutes.

    MSFS 2020: 5 minutes or so to load the sim. Switch to VR, it crashes to the desktop. Go and make a cup of coffee. So zero minutes flying out of 15.

    FS2: Fire up the sim, put the VR headset on, fly. About 14 minutes 30 seconds flying out of 15, all with a big grin on my face.

    Thank you IPACS, for giving me the max flying fun per minute :)

    It is all well and good to say don't install sceneries to a particular program directory. And yet Most scenery addons do not ask for an install directory. Northeast US/New York, fresh download simply installs to the FS2 folder as always,

    Maybe someone should check to see if the addons/payware are compliant.


    Yep, good point. My reinstalls didn't give me an option to specify the destination.

    My main install is on my C Drive. The beta update deleted the scenery that it did delete (which wasn't all of it), from my D drive, which is where I installed it to. On reinstalling, it installed it back on my D drive, so the update would appear to have deleted stuff from places other than the original installation directory.

    The main issue here is that some users have installed all the user created content into the main Aerofly FS 2 folder, this is not recommended and can cause all kind of issues. Doing so will cause a lot of confusion, because we have no control anymore on what files belong to our installer, what files have been overwritten and what files are no longer necessary. Please keep this in mind when complaining about us or the latest update.

    So to stop any confusion in the future, please do not copy anything into the Aerofly FS 2 program folder.

    The majority if not all of my scenery was installed on a different drive to the main application. Some of it got deleted, and some didn't. It didn't even seem consistent for a given source, e.g. some stuff from Aerosoft got deleted (Switzerland, for example), some didn't (e.g. Helgoland). So it wasn't even obvious what I needed to reinstall other than looking at the map.

    I reinstalled the scenery prior to the scenery updates but after applying the sim update. Seems to work okay - is there any benefit downloading the latest versions? There’s a lot of data to download. I don’t mind doing so if there are benefits, but thought I’d check first.

    Do we know which versions are the updated ones for e.g. Switzerland and Northeastern US? The Aerosoft site shows the version number, but not sure which ones relate to this latest update.

    And yes, I do agree it would've been nice to have known it would delete all this beforehand.

    @psionmark: We need to check the installer again, why it removed Switzerland and Florida. But those packages need an update also which is currently being sent to Aerosoft. Please give them a few days until the updates are online. In the mean time, you can reinstall Switzerland and Florida and it should work fine again, even though it will run better with the updated versions.

    Thanks for the info. So probably worth holding back and waiting for the updated scenery? Should I also reinstall the update to the main app when that’s available or do I just need to reinstall the scenery?

    Firstly, many thanks for this lovely update - the 135 in VR is quite possibly my new favourite flying thing :)

    One thing, though - some of my scenery is now no longer showing on the map, namely Switzerland and Florida. It looks like the photo scenery is there, but not the airports.

    Other scenery , such as the wonderful freeware Hawaii, LOWI, TrueEarth Netherlands all looks okay, though.

    Any ideas on how to get back the missing stuff?

    Hi gang,

    ORBX are holding a 40% off Election Special sale for US products - this includes their 4 US airports for Aerofly FS2.

    No affiliation with them, but I have all 4 of these and they're excellent - terrific fun to explore with the R22.

    If you can only get 1, I'd recommend Meigs - both for the historical Flight Sim element, but also for the fun of whizzing around all those lovely skyscrapers in VR :)