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    dont worry , i owned the g1 reverb and i am pretty shure the g2 is a true next gen vr headset , i have all flight sims but most time i use dcs

    i also impressed by the microsoft hate, i dont understand why some people here in the forum thinks the microsoft programmers for the flightsim were idiots and the graphic engine is cheesy and only the ipacs programmers were capaple of doing wonders with their graphic engine, and for the vr support for the microsoft simulator i am pretty shure that i see first the vr support before i see the secret big suprising updates for aerofly here

    From what I’ve seen, the Microsoft Flight Simulator devs have done a remarkable job. I’m not detracting anything they’ve done and I seriously want to try it out. However, by definition, any VR added to it will be an afterthought. From all the examples I’ve seen of all types of software, VR only works really well when it’s baked in to the product from the start. When added as an afterthought, compromises will always have to be made. It’s simply unavoidable unless you throw it all away and start again.

    For me, helo’s and VR are an absolute minimum requirement for me to want to spend any time with it.

    Regarding the G2, yes, that does look like a good upgrade over current VR kit. I was just curious you mentioned it in the same sentence as the sim, given the sim doesn’t have VR.

    deluxe premium edition+hp reverb g2 preorderd, im very optimistic that we see vr support for the mircosoft flight sim this year, its under the top ten priorities

    Interesting choice. I hope you didn’t buy the G2 for use with the MS sim (unreleased hardware that won’t work with currently unreleased software), given it’s only currently on a wish list. And that means any VR support, if it comes, won’t be optimised as it’ll be an afterthought. If it goes from “we’d like to have it one day” to fully working and complete within 5 months, I’ll be mightily impressed. And, given it’s taken them 5 years to get this far...

    I just wanted to say thanks to the entire team for this outstanding piece of work.

    I own every payware add-on I know of for AF2 and this is right up there with the best of them, so even more astounding given you’re kindly gifting it to us.

    I’ve only had a short amount of time to play so far, but I’m loving it. Ship landings, all the lovely little animations like the golf carts, people, custom buildings...:)

    All I am asking for is clarity. Clear communication. As a customer I expect that a company is communicating witth me like we all do in relationships. If they are not able to develope the landing lights or taxilights, ok, I can live with that and also with the missing water when I know the reason why it is not done. But silence I hate as I hate in partnership. All IPACS risks is assumptions and speculations we see again and again in this forum.

    That's fair comment. And I agree, some clarity on the direction things are taking would be useful. Without it, it's human instinct to think the worst, e.g. it's not what we might want to hear.

    Well done but sorry to say this: still no water, still these clouds, no weather, no ATC, no landing and taxi lights lightning the ground. Things that have been promised since I started with Aerofly FS2 three years ago. VR is still great but I have definitely lost confidence in IPACS, there is too little development. A hidden agenda I guess.

    Maybe a case of being careful what we wish for? I'm sure they could add all that stuff, but will AF2 then revert to the stuttering mess that many other sims can become in VR? Probably part of (if not the main reason for) these fantastic frame rates and feeling of fluidity that I've seen on no other flight sim is because we DON'T have all of those things?

    If you want all that stuff, maybe use another sim? I currently switch backwards and forwards between XP11 with all of it's feeling of life (real weather, real traffic, global scenery etc) and AF2 (awesome VR) depending on what mood I'm in.

    I think if a perfect sim existed, we'd all be using it. Even MS2020 isn't going to have what I'm looking for by the sound of it (VR and Heli's).

    MSFS is not out, It won't have VR support or helicopters when it comes out. And it probably needs more then a budget game computer to run in VR at all when it supports VR somewhere in the future.....

    Don't fly flatscreen anymore, I have four simulators on my PC and everyone has it's merits, will have a look at MSFS when VR is supported....

    "It won't have VR support or helicopters" - that'll be enough for me to give it nothing more than a cursory glance for now. VR and Helo's are my main reason for simming :)

    Yep, it definitely needs more variety. I know "new stuff is in development", but in the meantime, I keep drifting back to other sims for the same reasons, e.g. the variety. Also, being able to go anywhere in the world with at least half-decent scenery. I still love AF2, but there's lots of temptations elsewhere at the moment :)

    Thanks for the corrections and omissions :)

    That's part of the reason I created this - it's easy to miss stuff, as I've already proven 8o

    Welcome! Yep, the new Oculus driver messed things up for XP for Rift S users, like myself! I'm not bothering with all the suggested remedies - I don't want to screw up my VR for any other software and it seems up to Laminar to sort it.

    Made me revisit AF2 and reminded me how awesome it is :)

    I love the extra goodies you get with other sims, but the smoothness in VR of AF2 just has to be experienced and (almost) makes up for the lacking in other areas. Hopefully at least some of that will get addressed at some point.

    In the meantime, enjoy!

    I never tire of taking off from the top of a skyscraper in VR in the R22 and plunging off the side. Stomach goes, head starts thinking WTF and all the time a huge grin on my face :D