Problem with Flight Condition "normal" with helicopters

  • Hi,
    I only tried with three helis (Henseleit TDR, Logo 600 and another, don't recall which now). Let me explain the problem:

    A) I changed the throttle curve and the pitch curve for flight condition "normal" (in the specification of the helicopter model)

    a) Flight condition normal:
    - Throttle starts at zero, increases more or less evenly, reaches 50 % at 50 % of its range, flattens and reaches about 80 % at the end of it's range.
    - Pitch starts at moderate minus, gets to neutral at 50% (mid-travel) and reaches about 80 % at the end of the range.

    b) Flight condition idle up 1 (more or less unchanged)
    - Throttle is either a flat line at the top - or alternatively a very flat "v" high up.
    - Pitch is a straight line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.


    I consider this as a classic setup, allows you to take off and land with low rpm, switch to idle up while hovering, going for your 3D stuff afterwards.

    All this was working flawlessly in AF RC 5.X. Result with AF RC 7: I'm getting a wildly spinning tail when in flight condition "normal" - it feels like I would have lost the gyro.


    Anyone experiencing this too? I would have thought that this is something you'll come across immediately when setting up a heli like it is normally flown in the real world - therefore I wonder why I cannot see other people reporting this strange behavior.:confused:


    I just saw that someone posted the issue that changing anything with a helicopter model doesn't work properly. The developer states that it is a known issue. Sorry. But at least we have it now in English too… :cool:

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