Looking for a 4.0m Duo Discus for aerofly RC 7

  • Hello to all. I'm a new user of aerofly RC 7.

    I'm married, I have kids, so money is scarse; I bought the base version ;) for 39,99 EUR, on Steam. I love scale gliders so, aerofly was my best option. This simulator is something special; the graphics and the models are superb!

    Well, I'm a Schempp Hirth's fan; discus, ventus, nimbus, duo, arcus, quintus, I like all of them. Anyway, I think that the Ultimate Edition has a Duo X. Well, that one is a little pricey so, no duo discus for me.

    I wanted to know if there's a Duo Discus model made by an user of RC 7? I haven't found any Shempp's model on the fórum.

    Well, If anyone has a link to any user made model (from SH), please, let me know. I would be very grateful!

    Kind regards,