Will there be a "stand alone" ( NON steam) Version????

  • Hi there!!!

    Discovered the FANTASTIC announcement of FS2 :D :D :D

    I want to join the early access ...

    Only 1 question:

    Will there be a (final ?) version from DVD or download WITHOUT steam ???????

    Thx a lot, I am looking forward for the new sim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great job all involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  • Actually, I've wondered why they are not in the Oculus store, yet. With maybe partner keys for Steam.

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  • We don't know yet, if we will ever publish a DVD version. It has its advantages but also a lot of disadvantages. Using Steam we can be sure that basically all users always have our latest version and also delivering huge amounts of data is much easier. Delivering the almost 100 GB of data on DVD is just no option which would mean we would have to set up our own download server.

    But again, we might publish Aerofly on DVD, but it currently has very low priority.

    We also considered publishing Aerofly FS 2 on the Oculus store, but that would mean lots of work on our side and besides that the Oculus store just doesn't offer this great update experience as Steam does.