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    just thinking out loud (but read carefully, again and again, then print it for future reference):

    i hope i havn't forgotten anything


    arrow keys should move cam position left, right, forward, backwards (not implemented yet).

    page up/down move down or up your eye position (is implemented).

    Tab ATC Menu

    ° toggle free (free view with mouse, when pressing view freezes)

    pc mouse:

    base agreement: scrolling allows fluid change of sequential values (softly tuneable),

    while a click is a very hard and decisive dual value set (on or off, in or out knob, that's it).

    general rule 1: Never assign a mousewheel for something that in the cockpit is not a wheel* either or has 2 values only like ON/OFF.

    if you hear a "click" ("tiggg/taggg") it is done with a mouse-click.

    if you hear a "chrrchrrchrrrr" it is done by a mouse-wheel.

    (currently light switches interact with mouse scroll, which to my understanding is a complete nogo)

                                              *exception: Levers (see below) or Safety Cover Plates (see below).

    general rule 2:                 Left Click always means ON. (universal standard, no matter what direction that switch looks at, no exceptions)

    relieving (cut off) autopilot = mouse right click (2-way decision)

    relieving altitude button to level off = right click (2-way decision)

    or in described scenario Jan:

    pull means go off = right click,

    push means turn that thing on = left click.

                                                if it is a 2-way decision.

    pushing or pulling mixture is not a 2-way decision, it can vary in its density.

    So adding mixture simply requires scrollwheel up. That way you push/roll the stab away from yourself into the panel.

    A) Overview of scrollable wheels or knobs in the cockpit, which should be controlled with the respective scroll wheel on the computermouse:

    trim1 (middle console up-down/forward-backward), rotating knobs autopilot, atc freq. changer ,

    dynamic panel or dome lighting, nav and display modes, mixture, prop angle, manifold, etc.

    1trimwheel agreement:

    direction of mousewheel rotation is identical to trimwheel rotation,

    other than the trimwheel, many knobs rotate horizontally not vertically. See Conflict Description below.

    B) Overview of clickable switches or buttons in the cockpit:

    Lighting, alarm, engine controls, messaging, Magnitos, ALT set or off, etc.

    C) Levers

    Levers are not so decisive like switches or the ALT set button, as they have a range of values, or lets say a rather smooth tranistion.

    So if you assign speed brake, flaps or fuel cut off with the mouse scrollwheel instead of a click,

    that is perfect. In the sim this is assigned correctly as i recall.

    It gets critical when deciding which direction you turn the know for pulling up respetively laying down the speed flaps.

    The critical aspect is whether you feel with the flaps or with the lever. Probably the lever.

    Pulling the lever is done with a mousewheel down rotation - equal to the trimwheel rule, and that raises the speed flaps.

    putting back the lever in its default position requires a mousewheel up rotation as a consequence.

    D) Anything that does not fit to A, B or C:

    The funniest challenge is for example a hook lever in an F/A-18. That thing needs a hard rotation (unlock) and a pull.

    Going with above definitions that would consequently be done with a short right mouse click and a mousewheel down to extend it,

    and a simple right click (and optionally mousewheel up) to get it back into its hub. The pullback is automatic so save the mousewheel to set it back in.

    Another fine challenge is a master arm switch which is covered by a safety plate. Correct: Open/close the plate by mousewheel up/down,

    where as opening is wheel up. The switch is done by click left for ON, click right for OFF.

    Why scrollwheel for the plate? Cause you associate it with a transition, not with a decision. A transition is not so decisive like the click-clack of the metal switch.

    The plastic cover's mechanics is supported by a spring to get a solid movement when opening or closing it. It is exactly this movement that differentiates from

    an ON/OFF hard position and therefore the click-rule would fail. scroll is correct.

    A remaining dispute hangs over the autopilot knobs that might rotate the wrong way in the sim in some cases

    (most users have a conflict with this as you watch them doing it, let me describe the conflict carefully):


    autopilot values (the numbers), dynamic cockpit lighting or the display's brightness in most aircraft types are controlled

    with clockwise or counterclockwise rotating knobs. However, rotating these knobs with a vertically rotating mouse scroll wheel at home

    leads to the question, is left up and right down? or is up related to the numbers instead of the knob?

    general rule 3: Rotating counterclockwise lowers the value**, rotating clockwise increases the value.

    ** describes the exception at V/S DESC

    so let's check some examples to find out whether this fits or where misleads appear:

    - turning up the dome light would require mousewheel down, as the knob turns to the right.

    - increasing ALT requires mousewheel up, if you feel the rising value. mousewheel down, if you feel the clockwise turn. (unsolved issue)

    - turn the HDG line in the display clockwise and the value of direction in the numbers case going upwards,

    would require mousewheel up if the rising degree of heading is in mind, but down if the knob turn to the right priotizes. (unsolved issue)

    - increasing vertical speed climb+ (rotate clockwise) requires mousewheel up, while

    - **increasing value of vertical speed on descent requires a mousewheel down

    (that is against general rule 3

    but perfectly solves the overall question for an intuitive quick action set that really works when controlling

    a wide body airliner at fast pace approach manoevers and an ATC controller who chases you around headings

    and flight levels.)

    Now the final

    general rule 4: Rotating a knob counterclockwise (left) requires mousewheel upwards,

    Rotating clockwise (increasing the value, right) requires mousewheel downwards, as a reflection of the physical experience we know from

    music volume wheels on handheld analogue sound devices before the iphone age - which we rotated upwards for louder and many

    other hardware applications.

    (in the sim it is the other way i believe)

    Everybody i observed (6 people with no exception i swear), scrolled down the mousewheel for rotating the autopilot knobs leftwards.

    but in the sim is the other way round. If i had the choice i would do it very much the way people do it in their automatism, and

    i would do it for myself, since i feel left is down and right is up.

    if things dont feel right, they most probably should change or made available as personal settings option.

    i have been asking for mousewheel zoom inside the cockpit for a years, but they come with weird excuses.

    some wheels and knobs interaction on the panels and autopilot is pure nonsense either.

    who would scroll the mouse wheel up to make the alt wheel go down? give me a break. this is not trimming!

    tired of argueing.

    you are right. Perhaps I'll go on even with a video tutorial. =O

    Additionally we have to publish the .SPC file for the use

    you guys talk incomprehensively for 99 percent of the users.

    If you want to make cultivation and airport design available to the general user,

    you (all the stars of this thread) must immediately change the way you explain things.

    Antoine is obviously dragging the cart like a wild horse :9 curling up much dust

    so the devs get overrun and the general users would ask "what in the world do these guys talk about"?

    Rodeo, if you decide to do a tutorial, do it for the users, not for the nerds.

    that includes a complete overhaul of the tools and files and .spc's that you have published.

    it is not easy to do a tutorial, and it is very very hard to do an easy-to-understand tutorial.

    Currently this is chaos.

    What about Norway terrain? Most of the terrain up in Norway still missing. Still flat country.

    I'm still waiting patiently.

    i think Norway is Number 13, as part of Scandinavia ?


    Florida and the Caribbean (St Maarten-St Barthelomey)

    Latin America

    Nepal-Myanmar-Thailand-Vietnam-Malaysia-Philipines-Papua Neuguinea


    New Zealand




    South Africa-Namibia-Madagaskar





    just take the first picture as a reference (passenger with a smile in a sailplane) for all comparisons.

    Any type of additional layer, or bad weather are not subject of the actual problem. Fully aware.

    holy sh..

    Antoine, you get things going really, my compliments.

    Please give Arno our all regards and thanks.

    What it needs now is some sort of comprehensive tutorial,

    so a 3-year-old can start something.

    Current tuts here are confusing, kills my creativity, i don't even feel starting something.


    your thoughts are valid and i partly agree.

    what i marked as "real" was to differentiate from virtual,

    and as you explained, reality may relate to its viewer's constitution.

    (Despite what you see are in fact the colors of a swiss landscape at a clear day at 6000 feet).

    As most males suffer from a natural chromosome taking their ability to interprete colors in the red-green range correctly

    (you may know this from your last medical, so do i), i am having negative feelings against brownish monotone landscapes

    as we had them in older flight sims.

    My approach is finding the truth, triggering digital possiblilities to gain more of the real thing,

    whereas i consider "real" as a standard value against the results of enhanced colour engines that will dominate future


    Your thoughts are smart and heading the right way Rodeo.

    Having a close eye on the raw material may tell transformation needs.

    A Graphic Artist would probably investigate the raw data format from aspects like the file types (.tif down to .bmp),

    the bit-rate (down to 24), the scheme (RGB/CMYK), experiment with channels and turn the gamma knob up and down.

    He or she would find the total sum of colours that exist in 1 sat image. Can be 20, can be 6 million,

    and would fight for eveyone in the dev meeting.

    Hollywood would build a compiler, throw all the stuff through that filter and get a non-dynamic solution package

    that looks good at one time of the day, and mainly edit with filters.

    NASA would run the full visible and non-visible light spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared and gamma over 1 picture, fuse it and

    deliver it to the public as scientifically enhanced reality, while the server farms are melting.

    As Sat imagery from known sources priotize contours over colour dynamics, the purchased material represent a specific time of the day,

    that is cheaper for customers like game devs and allows to process pictures at high speed, which is top priority for video games.

    aerofly seems to work with such 1 standard colour model, where colours get darker, less saturated and

    overlayed by some orange thing as the day ends, while the sat images remain unchanged.

    That is fine and brings the result we know and nothing different should disturb the official priority list at all.

    The colour spectrum rotation during the daytimes has not been considered a weapon of arts in the game industry.

    Who would want a shock-and-awe visibility experience like real life provides us with? hoooo. Not me please. Nobody would ever leave the house again.

    i would want one of those VR-cubes to put on my head and stay virtual all day long.

    experimenting dynamic colour interaction (run the uv-to-gamma filter against the 6 million colours in their 24-bit images,

    while brightness increases and decreases) that may be something for someone who really has a lot of free space. inda head n inda diary man.

    For me however, this is not a whether or not, but a when and how thing.

    the hardware giants are waiting.