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  • Hi Phil

    As you know I am building EGGP (Liverpool) so I intend to release an airports vehicle pack once I have finished the textures, thats if the gods allow it, they will be in max format as thats my weapon of choice. Not sure if they can be converted to AC3D as I have never used that program, Model converter X may work just not sure about the textures, there is only one 4096x4096 texture map so that should help. They are as low poly count as I can make them whilst still looking ok. My EGGP is already 600,000 polys.

    Vehicles etc will be

    Luggage belt loader
    Aircraft tug plus attachment arm
    Airport bus
    small and medium truck
    peugeot van (Transit sized)
    luggage carts, open and closed, attached or single
    fuel bowser, with fuel pipe
    mobile aircraft stairs, open and closed
    aircraft Power supply
    small tractor unit for luggage carts
    Articulated lorry (TNT livery)
    small traffic cones

    Thinks thats all, texturing takes an age so I'll let people know when they are available

    All the best


    As all your airports are north west I guess your from this area, I'm warrington

    • Theres a chap by the name of Brunno Bellic over on facebook that is making a bunch of airports in the north.Newcastle, which I have, Liverpool, Leads Bradford and he is now working on the Isle of Man. It might be worth you trying to get in touch with him so you can share your efforts. I offered to pay him something for his work but he just seems happy to share.

    • HI

      I have already modelled Liverpool and Leeds Bradford, they were available for some time until I removed them after being insulted by one of the moderators and that's when my scenery development stopped. I am building a Starfighter which is very time consuming as there is very little information about how IPACS does things

  • I'd happily help with EGGP. It's one of the airports I want to model. List is: Manchester, Barton, Liverpool, Blackpool as they're all a short flight from Walney Airfield. However I'm slowly learning AC3D and waiting for more tutorials. So far I've been geoconverting and more recently investing time learning scenProc and cultivating with OS Data.

    UK Cultivation - Ordnance Survey instead of Open Streetmap

    In fact I just contacted OS to see if I could get a development exploration licence to try out their more detailed stuff. Do you have anything you could share of EGGP at the moment?