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    We cannot provide a ttx to raw image back conversion because it's also a form of copyright protection. Same for the tmb binary geometry files or the binary tmw files replacing the tmd tile for helicopters. We don't want anyone to be able to deconstruct them to be able to basically steal our 3D model or to extract the optimization techniques used for our rendering process or the advanced physics models in case of the helicopters.

    There is nothing stopping you from experimenting with cloud textures. You just can't see the original ones. But you can just use a uv test image, convert that to ttx and see what part of the texture is visible where on the clouds. Then color the texture for the clouds and check the results.

    To my knowledge this is not currently simulated in Aerofly FS 2. We have had windsocks in Aerofly FS 1 and they were physically simulated (not just animated). The old system of loading objects is no longer used by FS 2 though because it was a maintenance nightmare. This needs a new implementation which we have not gotten around to yet.

    Ja dafür muss man eben alle Schranken öffnen: Auf dem Computer muss die Serversoftware ausgeführt werden, auf dem eigenen computer in der firewall muss man den richtigen Port freigeben, im eigenen Router/Modem die Ports weiterleiten an die richtige lokale IP-Adresse, dann eben möglicherweise auch beim Internetanbieter anrufen, damit der seine Firewall so konfiguriert, dass andere von außen auf ihren PC zugreifen können (mit dem Standard DS Lite geht das eben nicht). Dann muss man natürlich den Kollegen auch noch die richtige IP-Adresse geben und den Port.

    Weil das für den Normalkunden nicht zumutbar ist bieten wir eben bereits mehrere Server an in die man einfach so eintreten kann. Der erste in der Session bestimmt die Landschaft und das Wetter... Was will man mehr? Closed community geht damit natürlich nicht. Aber man kann ja jeden anderen Spieler ausblenden, wenn man will.

    What do you mean with intercept a direct to?

    You cannot really intercept a direct to because a direct to has not fixed position...

    Do you mean you execute a direct-to command with the (M)CDU?

    That is not yet implemented as it should.

    Yeah, I don't know why developers don't do this and it took me like an hour to do this

    The quality is good for mobile but we want improve it more for users on desktop. It has to work for users using virtual reality for example and on desktop we can add more city buildings etc. And it 'doesn't take us months' to convert from mobile to desktop - we actually develop the content on desktop and then convert it to mobile. So of course we already have UK and the A380 on desktop on our developer builds but they we still want to improve them before we release them for desktop.

    Klappt es denn den bestehenden Servern von uns beizutreten?

    Bei welchem Internetanbieter sind sie? Ich bin bei Vodafone/Unitymedia und musste erst dort anrufen damit die mir (Dual Stack) DS Lite umstellen auf DS nativ. Ohne das keine Chance einen Server zu erreichen, die Anfragen prallen an deren Firewalls ab. Das ist ein generelles Problem, nicht nur für Aerofly sondern für alle Spiele für die man einen Server auf dem eigenen Rechner hosten will.

    When I try to launch my flight with the DH8 the game freezes and make a weird sound. Not sure if it’s the plane or a scenery thing check video.

    Device iPad Pro 10.5, IOS 14.4 aerofly fs2021 20.21.21. Had this issue on 20.21.17 too.

    This happens because of the engine off selection at airports with very high elevation. Please start with the engines running or start at an airport at lower elevation for now until this is fixed.