Get Started With Aerofly

Aerofly FS is designed from the ground up with the user in mind. It is self explanatory and very easy to use. Get a feel for the interactions in Aerofly FS by reading one of the following introduction tutorials.


Mouse Interaction

Learn how to use your mouse to navigate through the menus and how to interact with the virtual cockpit of your aircraft.

How to Use the Mouse?

VR Hand Controller

How to use your virtual reality hand controllers to interact with the menu and aircraft cockpit.

How to Use VR Hand Controls?


Aerofly FS offers assistance throughout the flight in form of a simulated copilot. He can take over the controls any time you like and even fly the takeoff, landing or entire route for you.

What Can The Copilot Do?


More information about settings, explanations of the graphic options, other advanced setup guides and full flight tutorials can be obtained in our Wiki.

Aerofly Wiki