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    Hi vogel69

    I'm really and sincerely impressed by the graphic results you obtain flysimming over Martinique ! That's exactly the results each simmer would be pleased to play with, particularly in France (je ne parle pas de "cultivation" (!) pour l'instant...)

    And I'm glad too to know that you can use without any legal restriction IGN open data : that's a very big ang good surprise for me (meanwhile, on some French forums, people loudly claim that's this is completely illegal to do so in France).

    That's why, concerning French hexagonal & Corsica sceneries, I would be sure that we speak the same language : as far as I understand, you load raw IGN open data from IGN BD ORTHO 50 cm , including all French departments (see attachment) ? That's correct ? Without having to pay taxes or royalties as we "love" so much to do in our "cher" country ?

    By the way, what does mean "Shom for DTM 1m/pixel" ?

    Best regards,


    I made this Jersey scenery video in 4k running only on a gtx970.I dont have the scenery anymore because i was going to redo it but google does not work anymore in fset.Only virtual earth which is lower res for the channel Islands

    Anyway, sincere and warmful congratulations for this remarkable scenery !

    This is probably the upmost to make an excellent advertisement for future fs2 users, particularly for those coming from other flightsims.

    It actually does still work, you just need to update the FSET .ini file because the numbers for their server change every so often.

    "need to update the FSET .ini file"... That's mainly one of the the points not so easy to grasp : how to modifiy this .ini file and chiefly what is currently required to change in this file ? Once more, sorry for such newbie questions

    Yes, we have a dedicated team of scenery developers and modelers working solely on sceneries. Currently due to copyright issues and actual file size of hosting these sceneries we can't allow this at this time.

    Thanks for reply, drhotwing1 : will wait... and maybe make ;-o)))

    Thanks a lot for all these precisions... and convictions . :)

    At the same time, I wonder why some apparently experienced users seem to have difficulty using Geoconverter in association with FSET coordinates (this is not at all a criticism since I myself have not used Geoconverter yet)...

    By the way, is there a Ipacs team dedicated to the creation of sceneries such as those in excellent Switzerland, Colorado, ...? If not, is there / will there be a place in the forum or elsewhere where talented (or as talented as possible) creators can share their sceneries with fs2 fans and newcomers (Rodeo, qwerty42, Gooseno1, vogel69 and many others welcome ) ?

    As a newcomer in fs2 world, I spent of course much time to play with, but also viewing a lot of videos and tutorials, specially about Geoconverter SDK Tool.

    One of these videos really amazed me : done in july 2017 with Aerofly fs 2 Geoconverter, the Jersey Island at... 25 cm per pixel !!!

    If this video is not a fake, I consider this as the top of the art for landscape rendering (compared with what already exists in P3D or XP11) ! :thumbup:

    See link : Very nice Jersey Island by Geoconverter

    Could some Ipacs staff member confirm that such a work can (could ?) really be done with the Geoconverter SDK Tool as said by the author?

    Subsidiary question ; where is it possible to find (buy) such a DR 400 aircraft (not only livery) ?

    NB : of course, there are a lot of very beautiful vdeos (Switzerland, Colorado,...) but for me this one is just excellent.

    Hi Trespassers and Vogel69 !

    Happy to notice that I'm not the only French simmer to show large interest for Aerofly FS 2 after having spent hours, days and years (and hundreds of euros as well) on some other flightsims and in another VFR forum. I particularly remember the very good job done by Vogel69 around fsx and p3d in F-BMPL forum...

    As far as I can imagine, Aerofly fs 2 has excellent perspectives of development without becoming a "usine à gaz à la fsx".. That's why from now it becomes my principal flightsim reference, hopefully for a long time.

    And many thanks for optimizing the Geoconverter tools. By the way, I would be much interested, if available, to get Corsica "geoconverted" by Vogel69.

    Pierre Antier

    Hi all,

    As a very beginner, I'm discovering the promising possibilities of what is intended to be my prefered fly simu (after a long time with FSX/P3D)

    And as a noob, I have a lot of questions that dokuwiki can mostly answer.

    Except that one : what the hell is this panel appearing when clicking on C/P (see attached file) ? Is this a kind of autopilot ? What does that mean ?

    Thanks for answers (and sorry if the question has already been asked) ! :)