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    We haven't responded because we were all working hard to release a major update for the PC version. We will update the Mac version but have to navigate through a more difficult Apple update path.

    .... Which begs the question on why the Apple App Store was chosen as a medium to distribute?. I'm no expert on marketing etc... but if it was on Steam in sync with the Windows version (for the same price and available as a multiplatform purchase) then surely you'd attract the Mac OS market share, just as Laminar Research did with X-Plane (and it's something like 30% of their userbase). I think the mistake is that you're treating Mac users differently, and LR don't.

    I am not sure it was really a choice from LR to open source their scenery tools. AFAIR, they use libraries such as CGAL that are released under GPL, a contaminating licence, in their toolkit.

    You can use GPL libraries in closed source software. If you modify the actual library then you have to give back the changes, but there is no restriction on using the actual libraries in payware software, so this wasn't the main reason AFAIK

    As for Geoconvert, I agree with the original poster. What would be more preferrable I think is to have specifications for the various files and compressed image formats. Developers could compile their own program, by passing the SDK, then it would make the entire process much less painful.

    Yes, I saw that site. I believe the data is already in X-Plane scenery format rather than raw images.

    Technically it would be possible to extract it back to raw images, but in practice it's not really worth it.

    Most of the tiles are quite old (2012) and only go to level 16, which is pretty quick to download with AeroScenery anyway.

    Actually, it is possible. Some time ago I wrote a simple script that converted the DDS files back to PNG, it then geotagged them and created all the files ready to run with Geoconvert. I did this because I had a large collection of cleaned-up orthos already for X-Plane that I wanted in Aerofly. The filenames of each tile indicate the grid position similar to the filenames of the AF2 tiles (which are hexadecimal).

    However, in particular, the orthos on this site are very old and not worth the hassle (Apart from the Norway ones). This new tool is perfect and I think will make the entire process easy :)

    Many thanks for this, I've been waiting a while for the Mac version :)

    Just one question before I go ahead and purchase, will you be releasing this on Steam also? I have the Windows version from Steam and would prefer to have this on Steam as well. Especially since it's easier to grab addons this way.



    I'm guessing iPacs probably already have their own plans for a way to make autogen, but when they make an API public, I can't imagine it will be hard to do and I already have a large toolset built up, so all I would need to do is change the output format. The hardest part is making better regional artwork (Such as I did for Norway, and New Zealand), as I think the old generic W2XP lego-brick buildings aren't too pleasing to the eye :)

    Buzzard2008, please post over on the X-Plane 11 scenery section for help with Ortho4XP/X-Plane as this is the AFS forum and I don't want to get shouted at for going off-topic :D. (For ready-made orthos, check this site out


    Regarding a release for NZ for XP11. I'm not so sure. I've been waiting for some more complete data from LINZ for building footprints as I've been using address points to fill in the gaps in a lot of areas. Also, I'm finding it somewhat hard to stay motivated on making X-Plane 11 scenery lately for various reasons. I have a long vacation in NZ next month, so I'm sure I'll come back with a renewed enthusiasm to complete this finally.

    Hi all,

    Yes, I've been pining to get OSM and other GIS data into this sim since AFS v1 :-).

    I doubt it would be much good for New Zealand, it's frustrating that everything seems to be happening either in Europe or the States!!!! What about the rest of the globe?????? 😎

    Actually, NZ is probably one of the first areas I would want to see. I have been working on a scenery for X-Plane based on LINZ data and it's one of my favourite regions in the sim.

    Some screenshots here:…isit-to-new-zealand-xp11/…xp11-couple-more-from-nz/