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  • Hi.

    I wonder if it is still possible to include "Here We Go maps" in your amazing AeroScenery tool?

    Because - IF it is still possible - I am ready to create more scenery from Norway. It significantly increases the possibility of combining several good ortho - which will make the work faster and easier. :-)

    • Hi. Yep, a new release is on its way. Just busy with work last week, but aiming to get a release out early next week.

    • Again thank you so much!!!


      I've just researched more closely - and discovered that "HERE WeGo" map is identical to "ArcGis" map.

      If I'm right - there's no need to add "HERE WeGo" map - because you have included ArcGis in a previous update.

  • Dear developer of the wonderful tool AeroScenery. Please read this post: RE: Project Lofoten_8, Norway

    Do you have a solution?


  • Hello! Friend Nickhod, thank you very much for responding, try again aeroscenery, and how about cultivation? It is very difficult?

  • Thank you very much for answering once Nickhod, I will try again when I get home !, what I see is that the process followed and continued in aeroscenery, and then went to geoconvert and finished the process and appeared the option to install, select install and I pressed the star tech, I started practically from scratch, I left the pc for 5 more hours and I had to cancel because I had 20 hours on my pc ... I forgot to ask you have a video showing how to use it?

    • If the install option is taking hours, it's something wrong with AeroScenery. It should only take minutes.

      It's a new feature that was fairly well tested, but may have issues from what you're saying.

      You can just open the folder (with the map toolbar) and look for the ttc files and copy them yourself into your My Docs\Aerofly\scenery\{yourname} folder.

      No video yet. I wanted to get this new release out them I'm going to document properly. Finally!

  • Hello! brother, how are you ?, I was testing the Aeroscenery tool, and followed the steps, but I think I'm not doing it well because it lasts too many hours waiting for the process to end and it did not end !. it lasted from 11:35 am to 1:45 am and it did not stop .. you could help me please, I am very excited about this tremendous tool ...

    • I'm afraid the IPACS tool that it runs (GeoConvert) is pretty unreliable and that's out of my control unfortunately.

      Try one size 9 square at a time. It should only take a few hours at most.

      Try it when you're away from your PC and so not running any other apps.

      You could try an ever smaller tile to confirm that it's working correctly. A size 14 should convert in a few minutes.

      I hope IPACS fix this soon and make it more reliable.

  • Hi,

    thank you very much, the new version works.

    Outstanding support, very much appreciated.


  • as this is to do with scenery developement .. w where can i get this tool

  • why is there no aeroscenery installer in the package

  • Hi Nick,

    I downloaded your Aeroscenery Tool but can`t even install it. I got a huge number of files and folders, but I can`t see a .exe oder other executable file, or maybe I´m just too dumb to find it. Could you tell me how to install your tools correctly?

    Thanks Fabian

  • Hi Nick,

    I tried the auto water mask over Caldey Island near Tenby, my home town, it doesnt work. Flying over the area I still see the white tiles from Bing satellite images.

    Please advise, thank you, regards Michael.