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    Hi guys,

    For quite some time I was interested in converting my C172 repaints I made for the A2A Cessna and I finally got around remaking the first one! 8)

    It took some time getting adjusted to a new workflow for Aerofly FS. Some small omissions in the official paintkit also slowed me down a bit but here it is...

    Well known by all of you who have flown the default FSX Cessna in the past ;)

    1998 Factory Paint Scheme

    Need to take her for an extended testflight to check for any omission and then I'll see what I have to do to pack it up and distribute it to you all.



    Hi guys,

    Some visual inaccuracies of the 3D model really stand out (since FS1) and it would be nice to see them fixed in the future, especially considering how much work Jet-pack has now put into improving the functionality of the avionics.

    The 2 main area of concern are the following:

    - Canopy bow too large

    - Main gear: Tires should be wider and slightly larger.

    Track width too narrow

    Please check images below for comparison.

    Edit: images attached to the forum post lose their animation. Check links below for animated comparison.

    Best Regards,


    Dear IPACS team,

    2 years down the road and this issue is unfortunately still present in latest build...

    All rotary switches always turn clockwise when using 2 finger scroll movement on touchpad (regardless of moving fingers upwards or downwards).

    A fix for us touchpad users would be very much appreciated!



    Hi Jan,

    Could you also look at the main gear when improving the Hornet?

    When comparing with RL pictures:

    - main gear track seems too narrow

    - main gear tires visually seem to be on the small size.




    I noticed when using the touchpad on my laptop that I am unable to move or rotate switches in both directions as it keeps going in a single direction regardless of scroll action on touchpad.

    (radio freq, transponder code, VOR radial, etc)

    Scrolling up or down with two fingers on the touchpad does not change the direction of rotation requiring to move through the whole range when overshooting a desired setting or value.




    Issue still exists today.

    Easy to reproduce with the C172 radio stack.

    A fix would be very much appreciated.



    Hi guys,

    I found the volume of the sounds in AFS1 to be more realistic than the very low volume sounds I am getting in AFS2. For the internal view I could think it is simulating an active noise reduction headset but the volume is also very low in external view.

    I have to turn my speakers to max volume to get some immersion...

    Do you experience the same or is it something on my end?

    Why this difference compared to the volume in FS1 or RC7?

    Is there a setting I missed somewhere??



    Fair enough!

    Thanks for the detailed explanation :)
    If I were you I would consider mentioning some of these details on the Steam store page as like you said - we don't necessarily see the amount of work that goes into such a conversion.

    By the way- Can we hope to see the Discus and the Robin carried over to FS2 in the future??
    The Robin was my favourite touring aircraft in FS1!


    Hello Ipacs,

    Nice to see you released the excellent Switzerland DLC for FS2!

    I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to see that owners of FS1, although being early supporters of your platform, also have to repay for this scenery that is almost identical to the original release?

    Or is there something I'm missing/overseeing??



    Do you mean rolling noises when taxiing or one of those horrible tire screech noises at touchdown?

    The latter is not really realistic in my opinion...


    Hi, same for me Solon. Could someone please tell me the actual size of the aerofly 2 app, as in what does it say in settings > general > usage? This is just because the App Store never gives the right size of an app; it says aerofly 1 is 1.4gb when on settings it is 2.1gb.
    Thanks! Tristan

    Actual size of Aerofly 2 in 'Usage' submenu under settings reported as 1,6Gb on iPad Air 1.


    Edit: just see this was answered already :o

    Hello guys,

    While cleaning up my hard drive I stumbled across the aerofly RC setup files.
    I have:
    - a Download manager: aeroflyRC7-pro-DownloadManager.exe
    - the setup files folder: aeroflyRC7pro_Installer (containing 4 files for approx 5,79Gb)

    Do I need to backup the setup files folder for future install or is it sufficient to backup the download manager only??

    Thanks in advance!