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    For noobs like me... What exactly does this do?

    I use a cockpit similar to the one shown by Jetjocke10 above. The Radio etc. Panels are working mostly fine under Aerofly as do the Controls. However, I own 9 of the Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) seen at the top (e.g. airspeed indicator, altimeter, and such). They're little boxes which can be assigned gauges flexibly.

    I was able to bring these to live in all simulators I use (FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane, and even the new MSFS) in one or another way, but not AeroflyFS2. I (and others) plead for support here in the forum (you may want to look up my old contributions on this, Jan) but fell on deaf ears again and again.

    I contacted external sources, including Logitech and the maker of an X-Plane support program, but no one was willing to get active. Even SPAD.neXt tried an initial (alpha) stab years ago but removed it soon.

    I only hope it to materialize this time and am deeply grateful to the author of SPAD.neXt for working on FIP support. Many cockpit builders rely on FIP support.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I knew of this but wanted to wait with an announcement until it's implemented... you never know. In any case I would really like to see my FIPs coming live under AeroflyFS2. I tried several potential sources I happen to know for getting the FIPs implemented over the years but none did bite.

    Will test it as soon as available.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I had the ACER headset before the Reverb, actually it was my entry into VR as well, and it obviously worked well enough to convince me to stay with VR and buy the Reverb later.

    I never made friends with the controllers, though, neither ACER nor HP. I use Yoke, Pedals, TrimWheel and TMP in hardware. After getting used to it I find throttle & Co,. blindly. All other controls (knobs, levers, dials) are done via mouse in the virtual cockpit.

    I wouldn't say I am very pleased with this, but it's probably the least worse solution those days. Given I have a neat hardware panel I fly 50:50 Screen/VR now. However, I use VR nearly exclusively for AeroflyFS2 because of its superior performance and VR usability.

    Kind regards, Michael

    have any Saitek and the Alpha yoke isn’t designed for XTOP. I’m waiting on the B quadrant release as well. Decisions......

    If you ask me, that was a bad design flaw that they didn't make the Alpha yoke compatible to the XTOP and several similar panels available. I would have exchanged my Saitek yoke immediately.

    While I *love* the XTOP it has its downsides as well. One of the biggest ones is its inflexibility. It just doesn't accommodate an airliner or even a stick operated plane like the Robin naturally.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Do you still use the XTOP or do you primarily fly VR now?

    Alternating, but I still like the XTOP.

    I use the Reverb mainly for AeroflyFS2 where it really shines. Prepar3d (and XP, if that matters) just don't provide the performance to have fun with the Reverb. It works sort of, but the whole handling until I get VR running properly is cumbersome, I have to change some settings to prevent the picture zapping away now and then, I have to switch to the virtual cockpit (by default I have full screen scenery for the XTOP) etc.

    In Aerofly I just connect the Reverb which opens the cliffhouse, start AeroflyFS2 (I made a special VR icon) and voila it just works. I can fly even over Paris with the Reverb without trouble.

    On the other hand, I still use like the XTOP for Prepar3d and sometimes even for AeroflyFS2. It's real switches and stuff... :)

    Kind regards, Michael

    Nice report, Phil!

    I was given stick/yoke and rudder twice at two sightseeing flights after telling the instuctor I've a bit of experience with simulators, but except for takeoff and landing which he did himself (I wouldn't have dared to ask for the landing anyway). It was a great experience, and yes he gave me some remarks and corrections, too, but basically I could handle the plane quite well (a C172RG and a R400, resp.).

    The most noticeable experience for me were the forces acting on the controls in comparison to my home controls. That's where Force Feedback would come in if it were available in consumer devices.

    Another experience was I paid much less attention to the "scenery" compared to home simming. This was even more noticeable when I made a "flight" in a full-motion 737 simulator with my son and we've got our hands full with all the knobs and levers and stuff.

    Unfortunately, I am too old and poor to think about a real PPL.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I had one of these apps running for EFB once, but clunky is still mildly said. I finally got rid of the whole caboodle as it removes the ease of use which AeroflyFS2 can be proud of otherwise.

    There may be more important items like moving water, weather, and such those days, but we need a properly integrated solution afterwards.

    Kind regards, Michael


    only today did I find time to install Bella Italia, it's just the sheer amount of data to download, copy/shift etc., but the result is amazing, even more as I can fly through it with my Reverb fluently, no jitter, no stuttering, and boy, does it look great.

    It's really worth a donation (I already sent one).

    Also Fema4 did a great work with cultivation. Plus Rodeo's Venice is a perfect fit.

    One question: I took off from Trieste LIPQ, and the surrounding area misses high-resolution imagery there. Flying towards the Mediterranian Sea, it starts soon, and then it's all covered around Trieste city and along the coastline to Venice. Cultivation is there around LIPQ, too, it's just the high-res images being missing.

    On the other hand,I would guess LIPQ is within the high-res ground region from your coverage map. Any idea if there's a glitch in my installation? Or perhaps did I download an older package and there is a more recent one available?

    Thanks for any hint,

    kind regards, Michael