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    Yes true :( unfortunately, the method remains complicated ... But maybe Nico's could add the EOX Cloudless server in a future version... But I'm not sure that so many people are interested to those low res data :/

    Maybe some find cloudless and color-consistent better than higher resolution. I would at least try it if it were available via AeroScenery. Color-edges are the main obstacles hindering me to do any ground scenery. I know it can be done, but I lack the time (and honestly patience) to do it. Schnuffelduffel in another thread just gave a time-estimate on his Italy scenery which certainly isn't overestimated.

    Kind regards, Michael

    If the community agrees, I would like to add more objects to the Lofoten project, like piers, commumication towers, pylons, ships etc. and upload them for all.

    As a small part of the community, I would agree. I really enjoy the Lofoten project (although never having been there in RL).

    Thanks and best regards, Michael

    Thanks, I found the manual which seems to include the quick reference guide (right - or is this a separate download?). My first look was the Garmin trainer which I installed for the (P3D) GTN 750 but this doesn't include the 530.

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    Edit: Just found the separate Quick Reference as well. Yes, that's exactly what I was lookoing for. :)


    is there a manual for the Piper Arrow GPS (GNS)? There is a good PA general manual included, but as far as I see it has only one summary page on the GNS.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    I just re(installed) the complete project and made a few short hops, it looks and works outstanding! Thanks Hartman and Michael (I) for the great work.

    I also modified the list entries, maybe check if they are correct and complete now.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    Thanks, Michael (I), now I can delete all Lofoten and Norway Cultivation entries in the list and replace it by this one. Highly welcome!

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    That we humans are hallucinating is well known. That is why I have tried to explain the project (and the installation) short and clear. Despite that - maybe a small seminar will clarify:

    My issue is not wo much with the photos part or the mesh. However - as slowly thinking as I am (aged 67) - it's not quite clear which cultivation versions belong to which photo parts, which ones are maybe obsolete and how to install them. Notably, as all of them contain building_textures directories being different I think I can't just copy them into one directory (at least I didn't with the initial parts which I installed).

    Kind regards, Michael

    After installing the very first part of this scenery (photo parts and cultivation) and got it working I simply copied each new addition into the existing folders, overwriting everything.

    Great post, thanks. I have the first parts installed but got a bit lost inbetween. I'll go through this and adapt the list entries, as required

    Kind regards, Michael

    Project Lofoten_6, Norway is now ready for download.


    could you give a quick summary which up-to-date files belong to the complete project and how to install them? I think the Photo part is clear from your tile image on but I got a bit lost about the cultivation counterparts belonging to them, notably which ones are recent or obsolete.

    You can see my present "point of view" on this in my list... which may or may not apply.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    GTN 650 and GTN 750 make an awesome addition to a panel.

    Avsim flight1 GTN Review…n-650-750-avionics-r2357/

    Absolutely. I'm not a real world pilot but use the F1 GTN750 in some planes in Prepar3d, and it's very useful and informative, notably under VR where I can't resort to my networked moving map. I would *love* to have it available for integration at least into a few AeroflyFS2 planes like the C172 ... but that will supposedly remain a pipe dream.

    Kind regards, Michael,