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    "Scandinavia West" freeware mesh (19m) made by Taburet - is again available for download.

    This is gold - so hope the vault is secured. :)

    Thank you so much, just re-added it to the freeware list out of order :). And yes, your Lofoten Scenery is a real masterpiece.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks Phil, that's really a great service to the AeroflyFS2 community. It will need some time, but should open the possibility to see much more realistic airports, still with a manageable amount of work.

    Kind regards, Michael

    After that, I'll wait until Nick releases his new beta of his great tool AeroScenery - which includes "HereWeGo maps" - before I possibly continue to create new scenery from Norway (with the hope that "HereWeGo maps" will work).

    Sorry, a couple of words what "HereWeGo maps" are?

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    Little projects...^^

    My votes: Austria, as it would fit well to what we have now. Plus my special favourite Japan, which has been notoriously neglected in any flightsim so far.

    I wouldn't touch France at this point of time as there's an (albeit faint) chance France VFR might transfer their excellent sceneries, if Ile de France will sell well.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks IPACS, that's a clear statement. No further questions asked.

    I think Schnuffelduffel will find some other playground. Austria comes to my mind.:)

    Kind regards, Michael

    Donation sent. You might get more exposition if you placed a donation link or remark on the Italy download page(s).

    You may try to contact IPACS in advance of starting work on Germany. I've seen a few (as usually rather cryptic) hints they "might" be working on Germany at a point as well.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Why don't making another change?. Just buy another sim, you can have three choices: the upcoming new one, P3Dv5 (coming up later this year, but no news about when exactly) or X-Plane (who I think is preparing the new version 12).

    I own all currents civilian sims (P3D4, XP11, AeroflyFS2 [not to mentions FlyinsideFS]). Based on my experience, this suggestion may have some merits, but also some drawbacks.

    (i) You must be really rich to stuff all of them with up-to-date addons (that's what John Venema suggested time ago ... for obvious reasons). Or you select only one of them for adding addons only, then the other ones will look poor and you soon get tired of them,

    (ii) You have to maintain all of them with updates, not only for the sim but also for the addons. With at least three sims, this time stacks up considerably. So, even if there is a host of freeware available for AeroflyFS2, it takes quite some time to properly install it, even more, as it usually comes without any installers.

    (iii) All of the simes need special configurations, keystroks you have to recall, sometimes little tricks to get them running properly, notably under VR etc. I use a configuration with my controls connected to a networked laptop for P3D using SPAD.neXt, while I have to reconnect them to the main machine for XP11 and AeroflyFS2. Then, there is often "something" not working properly after changing configuration.

    And so on. Personally, I got tired of spending money and time for just buying addons for and maintaining three sims instead of flying. So XP11 fell out of the loop. I'll certainyl have to re-evaluate the situation after the new MSFS will become available.

    Kind regards, Michael

    With the Reverb (or possibly any VR HMD ), I heartily recommend the ORBX Monterrey scenery. It just seems to be one of the most real and best performing airports. Stay close to it in any aircraft and fly low over it in the biplane or whatever and you will be amazed at how good it looks in the Reverb. Low passes down RWY10 let you test for smoothness of reprojection and is just plain fun! There are other good airports (like LOWI ), but they did this one very nicely.

    I've done this several times in the Turbo Arrow, previously using my ACER AH101 and now the Reverb. Taking off from KSFO and flying along the coast line finally approaching KMRY is a great visual experience indeed. The whole airport up to the jet parking plus the whole Cannery Row city is outstanding.

    We really need more of this class of aiports. But that's been done by Jarrad Marshall who's just a class of his own (but unfortunately gave up on AeroflyFS2).

    Kind regards, Michael

    I appreciate the Reverb, notably its clearness, as well. One of the downsides is the ugly WMR software, though. Can anyone post his WMR settings for using the Reverb in AeroflyFS2? I recall there was a thread already, which, however, was a bit confusing notably on the optimum resolution setting (79% vs. 100%).

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    Thanks Kenneth, this makes the icing on the cake. In my mind, living elements like AI planes, cars, trains (yes), moving water and such are the most important single feature which AeroflyFS2 needs for success.

    New planes are nice, new regions are nice, but in my mind, only moving elements will bring AeroflyFS2 to a general acceptance and a steep rise in sales. If I were IPACS, I would halt all developments and only concentrate on moving elements.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks a lot, Schnuffelduffel, take all your time to complete it. (Gut Ding will Weile haben.) The pictures look outstanding. Italy is such a great country for flying anyway.

    Kind regards, Michael

    The large variations in cultivation coverage throughout my "Great Britain Project" is simply down to the amount of OSM Data, no data, no buildings.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    Thanks, Michael - I was afraid it's that. ;(At least no need to look for installation flaws.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)