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    Michael and Martin,

    I had the Laptop running during last night and this day to produce a new data set. ZL16, AFS levels 9, 11, 12 and 13, this time based on Google. Before trying it, I cleaned up all remnants from earlier trials, removed the link to the extra folder I had and copied the files from the 6 tiles directly into

    C:\Users\(profile)\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\images

    I just completed a flight in the A320 in the area, and contrary to former experience didn't observe any patches so far :).

    There are several explanations: (i) The difference is between bing and google, which I doubt, (ii) I had some stray files from earlier (maybe much earlier) experiments which were blended in. (iii) It's indeed the TMC entry. I had this one set to 0.01 now by changing the number format on the laptop (which I can't do on the main machine permanently because I need it for work.)

    Quite happy so far. I'll expand the area this way and see what happens when I'll be back.

    Thanks for your research, Michael (II)

    I made ZL 16 which is 2.389 m/px and selected levels 9, 11, 12 and 13 according to choose for me. And this gave patches with fast planes (A320). Actually also with the Cessna, but these ware barely noticeable but could be seen on the GPS.

    I'll be away for the next couple of days by might try adding level 10 to the mix afterwards.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    I made some tiles in levels 9, 11, 12, and 13 over Northern Germany (around Hamburg) and had scenery loading in patches when flying in fast planes.

    I already thought it's maybe the missing (by default - choose for me) level 10, but didn't try yet to include it.

    Michael (I), only level 9 might work (perhaps), but that's a pretty low quality isn't it?

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    So, whats now the value I need to have there. I am confused.

    I have 0.01 in there. (Default Switzerland the decimal separator is DOT

    Still, I downloaded all Switzerland in ZL17 and I got patches loading as described. Sometimes when flying on the F18 it would not even load. This does not happen on the AS default Switzerland ortho.

    I don't think anymore the 0.01 issue and the patches issue are related, as your example confirms. Nonetheless, users should make sure they have the 0.01 default TMC value while using AeroScenery.

    I still get the patches, Any means I tried failed so far. And as in your case I don't get them in default scenery. If memory serves me right, I didn't get them either in FSET/GeoConvert helper made scenery.

    I still hope "someone" who does not get those nasty patches with AeroScenery can help locating the origin of the issue.

    But perhaps this rather belongs to the other thread instead of this Tutorial thread.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hi Michael,

    maybe you can add in Tom's picture on adapting the number format setting for German (and supposedly some other) users:

    AeroScenery made scenery loading in patches

    (including a remark this may haven an impact on other programs).

    While I don't know what the TMC parameter does, there is certainly a difference in the generated files depending on the settings 0.01 and 001. I guess a lot of non-English AeroScenery users are caught by this trap, most of them without knowing it.

    I dropped an issue report at GitHub, but I am afraid Nick has abandoned the program so I doubt this will get modified.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    If you have some spare time, I would acknowledge Germany... after doing all South of it the tiny spot left should be easy ;)

    Seriously, perhaps we can make a joint effort. While I am not up to optimizing scripts, I could provide some computing ressources running in the background while doing office work, if this would help.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I'm sure a lot of time and effort has gone into making this beautiful scenery, to all those involved - THANK YOU.


    Yes. Sascha is one of those having been dedicated to AeroflyFS for quite some time now. We should be very happy he is, even more as he is one of the very gifted developers.

    While this isn't a region I probably would be interested in (I suffer from acrophobia:(), I will certainly get it just because of its sheer beauty.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I redid a couple of tiles in Northern Germany tonight, after modifying the Windows separator so the TMC value is shown as 0.01 as it should. While the output file structure looks definitely different to before - indicating the value has *some* effect - the produced scenery still shows an edge between sharp and blurry regions in-sim.

    I was really in hope that would resolve the issue, but it didn't. Maybe time to return to the FSET/GeconvertHelper combo which, as far as I recall, didn't have that issue. Unfortunately I have mixed memories on usability of that couple.;(

    Thanks for all your help despite, Michael

    Test excel and word please. Works still fine for me with these settings.

    Unfortunately it doesn't. I just opened a spreadsheet which I frequently use and numbers like "12.344,56" now read "12.344.56" (not quite unexpected for me).

    Nonetheless, it's at least a way I can try. Another alternative would be to run AeroScenery on a laptop which I rarely use for work (but which is weaker, so Geoconvert might need even more time and I would have to shift the generated files afterwards).

    The proper solution would certainly be to modify AeroScenery itself to regard the number format.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I did experiment a bit. I settled assigning several control devices to the axis and switching them off/on depending on the plane, which does the job perfectly and gives clear configurations. Thanks once more for the idea, Tom.

    From my side this topic might be marked "resolved" to help others with the same question detecting it.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thank you Tom, this does work. After making the switch, Aeroscenery displays "0.01" indeed. I will see if using this value gets rid of the nasty squares later. This does explain, too, why I (and maybe others) don't have the value of 0.01 which seems to be the default on installation of Aeroscenery and which I certainly didn't touch.

    On the other hand, I feel a bit uneasy permanently using this Windows setting. I guess Excel, Word, and their friends which I need for work will stop functioning properly with this setting. So, the only possibility is to run Aeroscenery overnight and switch back to the comma setting when I start work - right?

    Despite, I am very thankful for pointing me into the proper direction.

    Kind regards, Michael

    In the latter case - which I don't hope applies - perhaps one of the other gifted coders can take it up. Given the source code is at Github this should be well possible.

    Back when I was making a lot of scenery I always had areas that had this issue. No one had a solution. I see it hasn't changed.

    That's quite disappointing. On the other hand, I didn't observe this in commercial scenery...yet, so it might be a tools issue.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I just made a note at GitHub, maybe this is a bug caused by the locale (I am using German language Windows)?

    BTW, is this project dead? On Github, I saw there was some cultivation stuff added and removed later in February, and no further development since. Is Nick still around...? I understand (and know from myself), things may get in the way in life, but this has been such a powerful project...

    Kind regards, Michael

    The yellow exclamation mark only shows that you have multiple assignments but in your case that is exactly what you want, right? Have you tried it with both controllers connected and assigned at the same time?

    No, I didn't. I guessed the yellow exclamation mark would be poisonous;) and avoided it by any means. But I'll try if it works and report back. If it works, it might indeed provide a proper solution.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    Wow, thank you, Michael :), this may help. I have the "Write" options on to possibly reuse files, which shouldn't matter, but the TMX grid might be a sensitive one.

    Best regards, Michael

    How do you manage to get the "0.01" TMC entry? If I set it to "0.01", it's converted to "001" the next time I open the settings menu or restart AeroScenery.

    I am using version 1.0.1. Maybe it's a "locale" thing? Or, is there a settings file where I might change this manually?

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    To begin with, I'll try Tom's suggestion which is really simple but I never might have detected.

    Jan, I think there is a difference between, say, the A320 and the B737. In the A320 I assign ailerons to the sidestick/joystick while I assign them to the yoke in the B737, and I can only assign them once, can't I (otherwise I get the yellow exclamation mark, for a reason)? Otherwise I agree, you don't need a host of configurations but just 3 or 4 basic classes like single propeller or twin jet etc., yes.

    Anyway, thanks to you both for the suggestions giving me some ideas to play with.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I just saw someone asking for a possibility to save the current sim state. Here is a related plea: Saving different aircraft controls configurations.

    I alternatively use the C172 (most often), but also the A320, the B737, the R22, and others. The R22 has separate control settings, but how do you guys handle the other ones? The C172 requires Yoke and (Saitek) TPM, the A320 requires a sidestick - i.e. my (Thrustmaster) Joystick - plus Saitek Throttle Quadrant, the B737 requires Yoke and Throttle Quadrant. And so on.

    At present, I saved several versions of both gc-map.mcf and main.mcf copying them over as needed which procedure could be refined using batch files. However, this isn't only nasty but error-prone, even more in case you make changes to the settings or IPACS decides to modify or add to the couple of control files.

    Or is there any better way to handle this which I just didn't get yet?

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    I have been still fighting with the issue, without success. Using only Level 9 (or some other definite other level) doesn't solve it for me. I don't have this issue with commerical scenery. As far as I recall, I also didn't have it when I made scenery with the FSET/GeoconvertHelper combo. So, either it's with Aeroscenery itself or (what I suspect) with some wrong setting.

    The following shot shows the "sharp square" on the GPS.

    I guess some people are able to successfully make patch-free scenery using Aeroscenery. Maybe one of them can give me (us) a hand?

    Thanks a lot and kind regards, Michael

    Edit: I just went through the options once more. I have "Shrink TMC grid squares by" set to 1 degree. What does it do, and might it be a good idea to modify it?