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  • I made a search. You will find a good summary here:

    While my federal state (Turingia = Thüringen) has free orthophotos available (as i can confirm) the East Friesian Islands belong to Niedersachsen = Lower Saxonia and don't have any orthophotos available.

    That's the sad result :-(

    Kind regards, Michael

  • Hi Ray, best way to contact me would be via michael.basler (at) I'll see if I can find anything.

  • Michael, I tried to open a conversation with you about the German scenery for the East Frisian Islands. Maybe you could search and see what hd free scenery is available and send me a download link. RayM

  • That's very kind Phil, Im ight make a ferw airports in my vicinity and add them to the map later. Could you point me to the graphical beta tool? Thanks, Michael

  • Michael. I spotted your recent airport file post and included you in a conversation you may be interested in.