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    I have not posted any progress for some time... but there is.

    The cultivation is growing and growing. I am a bit behind with the tsc airport definitions and high resolution FSET textures.

    All this is now leading to the point where I need to solve an issue:

    If you use OpenStreetMap data for cultivation, you easily build also airport buildings which is not really nice if you have airport data from addons or using the cloudport airports. So I need to remove all unwanted objects in the cultivation (toc) files by comparing them with the tsc object definitions. Since excluding is a feature, that works in a way but not always, I am writing a tool to make this magic happen.

    First I collect the possible folders, tsc-files can be located. The install folder I magically read from the Aerosoft-Uninstall information of Aerofly FS2. If you use the Steam-Version you need to put this path into the text box manually. The addon folder is generated automatically from the system variables and the extra folder comes from the main.mcf file.

    The check boxes you use to identify where the program should look for tsc files. (It is recursive, so the program looks into the sub-folders as well.

    The checkboxes to the left indicate what you want to remove, vegetation, lights and - most important - buildings.

    The Slider is to put down a maximum radius to exclude objects from the cultivation file. It can be 1 to 100 meters. So if the location of an object inside the cultivation file is in the range of any objects from the tsc files, it gets removed from the cultivation file.

    In addition you can search inside the cultivation file for duplicate entries. Each object inside the toc file get's compared and will be removed if it is closer than the size of both objects or the size of the smaller object or is closer than 1 Meter. These are the three radio button options.

    Last but not least: If you have the scenery converter SDK installed, you can check the box to compile the cultivation file.

    So you get much smaller files.

    One drawback: You can only handle latlon definition and you can only work with text files, not compiled files since there is no decompiler.

    I will test this this weekend to find bugs and publish it afterwards.

    I was in Aarhus once in one of three 3x360 degree sim and it was fantastic. They used FSX and we made a kind of airrace around the skyscrapers. It was a great experience to fly inverted, knife edge and so on. I only wished they had not simplified the flight model. And I really missed the rudder pedals. But my Co Pilot from that company got sick after I tried a rolling circle. ;)

    they closed the event location some years ago.

    All in all: The real G experience you can only get in air. You can play with the force vector and even simulate small acceleration forces on ground. But you still have always something around 1 G in a simulator.

    I have a tool on my agenda to remove objects from cultivation files because of objects defined in tsc files (plus checking for duplicates in the toc files themselves. But I have no schedule for it yet.

    "Also, we still haven't solved the issue of large scale cultivation coverage."

    well, I solved this issue in a way. IF you have much RAM you can do similar cultivation areas like photo scenery level 10. I add them to dummy airports located in the middle of the tile and set the range to 50 km. One cultivation file can be around 80 to 200 MByte. It looks like it works for my system. I generated a quiet big area now and it is still growing. Frames are good and the loading of new parts during flight are working well. Of cause, the file size would be much smaller if we can "compile" the text file.

    Some status updates:

    FS Earthtile Level 9 and 11: (I need to rework the water... but not in near future.)

    Lower Bavaria cultivation: Level 10 tiles looking good, I have 50 km range and around 100k to 150k files.

    The red tiles currently have only cultivation and no airports.

    All airports on green tiles are included (but only cultivation objects and basic tsc files.)

    Around the airports I have photo tiles: 9 tiles level 12, 9 tiles level 13 and ... 32 tiles level 14.

    I think I can start "bush flying" in lower Bavaria.

    If you convert your aircraft the preview should already be rendered for you

    I still get this error, if I have no preview.tif picture in my source dictionary. So it will not compile without. I checked the paths in config.tmc

    Add: Ok, now I copied the e330 tp the Documents/aerofly fs 2/aircraft folder. He can render it now but the log displays something like this:

    0.84-convert_aircraft: intermediate folder:

    0.85-convert_aircraft: user folder: C:/Users/micha/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/

    0.85-convert_aircraft: desktop folder: C:/Users/micha/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/

    0.85-convert_aircraft: mobile folder:

    0.85-convert_aircraft: ios folder:

    0.86-convert_aircraft: android folder:

    0.86-convert_aircraft: source folder: D:/Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator Development/aerofly_fs_2_sdk_aircraft_workshop/extra330

    0.86-convert_aircraft: folder D:/Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator Development/aerofly_fs_2_sdk_aircraft_workshop/

    0.86-convert_aircraft: aircraft extra330

    1.92-convert_aircraft: extra300lp_01_color is current

    1.92-convert_aircraft: extra300lp_03_color is current

    1.93-convert_aircraft: extra300lp_02_color is current

    1.93-convert_aircraft: extra300lp_02_color is current

    1.95-tmscene: number of stars = 1572

    2.03-tmxgl: ERROR: (geometry 'objects/pointlight/pointlight_sphere.tmb' not found)

    2.03-tmxgl: ERROR: failed to load texture 'texture/sb_oc_color'

    2.04-tmscene: shadowmap = 4096x4096 sp=4

    2.08-tmsyssound: ERROR: (wav loading (sound/crash-ground.tsb) not supported)

    2.08-tmsyssound: ERROR: (wav loading (sound/crash-water.tsb) not supported)

    2.09-tmmodelmanager: model: (name='extra330') (directory='C:/Users/micha/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/aircraft/extra330/')

    2.09-tmmodelmanager: loading configfile 'C:/Users/micha/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/aircraft/extra330//extra330.tmc'

    2.09-tmmodelmanager: contact points 3: (0.440 0.950 -1.197 r=0.150) (0.440 -0.950 -1.197 r=0.150) (-4.598 0.000 -0.382 r=0.060)

    2.44-tmxgl: ERROR: (geometry 'objects/pilot_jason/pilot_jason.tmb' not found)

    2.45-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics begin 'C:/Users/micha/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/aircraft/extra330//extra330.tmd'...

    2.45-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: object 'ThrottleInput' not found

    2.46-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'ThrottleInput.Output' not found

    He still doesn't have the reference to the install folder of Aerofly FS 2.

    Edit: At least he generates the preview now.

    If you are curious where you can find the sequence card, it is in the file extra330lx_05_callsign_color.ttx.

    Top left ist the call-sign for both cockpit, right of it for nearly the full size is the sequence card.

    (To open it inside the cockpit click on the top border of the gps/moving map. It is not working on pause.)

    Now I need a preview picture for the aircraft menu. Do you know how I can create it? Optic would be preferable the one from the other aircrafts. Basically it is a tif with an alpha channel. But I have no picture with a static propeller.

    There is a sim independent training software for ATC in real aviation. This is also with voice recognition and far better then any sim-atc implementation today. If Aerofly could interface this software it would be another game changer.

    I have a little problem. I try to create a new livery for the Extra 330 and get this error. I tried to "fix" the paths in the config.tmc file to something working but cannot make this work.

    The textrues are getting converted to ttx but the preview ttx can not be build because of the displayed error. Any idea?

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    I am rushing through this... not much precision. :rolleyes: But fun never the less. 8o