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  • Hi.

    I just downloaded your project "Level 7 Area 8800_A800 North-East Bavaria-Germany (including a quiet big part of Czech Republic)".

    I have placed the files in the Aerofly FS2 "addons" folder. And when I fly, I can now see trees (forests) and great night lighting - but no buildings. Is there anything I'm doing wrong (missing a library?) - or have you left out the buildings in this cultivations.

    Thank you for this freeware add-on!

    • there is a building_textures folders inside the zip, i guess you forgot to copy it.

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      When I unzip the zip file, there are 2 folders: "building_textures" and "places".

      building_textures folder contains 1 txt file and 24 ttx files.

      places/eu_fXt/L7_8800_A800 contains 16 folders (L9_....). For example, here I find the cul_8800_A800.toc file that I assume is cultivation files.

      So I think all the files are included. I therefore do not know why only the buildings are invisible. Have you used an external building library?

    • no, just the normal sdk library.

      the folders must be exactly like they are in the zip so af2 can find them.