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    Let me explain a bit my current structure:

    The grid on the previous picture is a Level 9 Grid I put every data from one cell into one area-directory. So in one Level 9 folder I find around 6 to 10 airports.

    (this looks ok for me, since I will not build all the airfields and airports highly detailed. If I choose one for detailed work, it will separate it.)

    A level 10 grid provides the separation of my cultivation so I get four cultivation files in the area-directory.

    The cultivation files have 60 to 130 MByte size which should be manageable. The size of one cell is around 27 km so I use a display range of 50 km in the airport referencing the cultivation file. If one level 10 cell does not include an airfield I use a dummy airfield.

    SInce I am still waiting for my new Alienware I do some convertation and stuff. Can not check if it is working, but I think so.

    Got my country in level 9 and 11 foto textures and the six tiles missing picture below, I already have all the airfields configured, including glider and ultra lights, cultivation and level 12 (wider area), 13 and 14 photo textures around the airfields. Everything is generated with FSET, GeoConvert Helper, worldgridcoords and scenproc. Of cause, no detailed specific models, only OSM data. Thank you guys, for the helpful tools.

    By the way... if you look into google maps you can find me. Below was the German aerobatic nationals in Gera and this is the judging position. I am sitting in front of the red tent, if you look very closely you can see me. ^^

    I hope so, Aerofly is still the new kid in town and need to grow.

    I mean, the big old sims are great in complexity and system simulations. But in my opinion no other simulator comes closer to the reality in flight dynamic. Here you can really do spins, snap rolls, tail slides... positive and negative. You don't need to make it look like.

    But sure I have Pedals. ;)

    Good moment to introduce me a bit.

    I had a break for two years from flight simulation but my first simulator was the C64 Flight Simulator 2. I really got started with the FS 2000, then FS 2002, FS9, FSX, XP 10, P3D. I designed the Dornier Greenland Whale, the 10t whale, the Dornier Libelle and an Extra 300L for the simulator, wrote article for the flight simulator magazines flightXpress and FS Magazine, organized approximately for 10 years the virtual aerobatic world championships, was once a speaker at an Aerosoft conference, presented at such an event a VR Solution at the time, the Oculus Rift was still in development.

    In real live I am working in the IT as a software architect for business solutions and my hobby is judging at real aerobatic competitions. 2015 I was judge at the world aerobatic championship in France.

    I tried this setup and it is breath taking. For my kind of flying - aerobatics - Aerofly FS 2 together with the rift is just the best combination I can get for today.

    And I have no problem with the landing at all. I think it is around two times simpler than flying with a screen. Take of in a Pitts, Extra or Bücker is a bit difficult, something you have to train. You have to work with the rudder a lot, but in the right way corresponding to speed and throttle.

    And as real as it gets: If I f*** up a figure I get sick. <X  :P

    It's the end of my RAM. The Sim crash if I have an additional program open. ;)

    But I have not much, the laptop is 6 or 7 years old.

    I am waiting what IPACS will do with the cultivation. It makes no sense to make more until custom cultivations will have a better memory management.

    Danke für die Tutorials, Videos und am meisten natürlich für den Aerofly FS 2. <3

    Thank you for all the tutorials, videos "Howto" and first of all for the Aerofly FS 2. <3

    Some statistics:

    Bäume/Trees: 11,031,864

    Lichter/Lights: 851,515

    Gebäude/Buildings: 994,371

    In sum: 12,877,750 cultivation items!

    Just a question in between... the altitude I can read in the external_dll ist MSL messured, right? Any chance to get the AGL value?

    And currently I am a bit fighting to call a c# DLL from the c++ extrernal_dll. Would be nice to get a common example for a managed code interface. ^^ I am not familiar with c++. Currently I try to make my c# dll com visible. But I haven't managed yet to call it from the c++ external dll. There are other possibilities to make such thing work, but they are even more "strange" for me.

    currently I am still thinking about the distribution of the cultivation files. Basically I have 12 at the moment, corresponding to the squares in the picture. So I like to add each file to an airport in that area, having a size parameter allowing the sim to load the target area early enough. Sadly I managed it only to display cultivation everywhere in the area, if I add all the files in one tsc airport file, having the pictures of the buildings in a subfolder of this one scenery. If I split the toc files the splittet cultivation is not displayed, even if the size in each tsc file is bigger than the whole scenery. Only the part left in the first area gets displayed. It doesn't matter if i copy the buildings or not. Strange.

    I like to archive to have the buildings located in a central area of the addon folders and the differently placed tsc files having different civilisations with a relatively short size parameter, so not the whole area needs to be loaded. Well, at the moment I don't get this working.

    The buildings are the one from the download with the scenery example.

    I have another question. In Aerofly FS2 the culture files are compiled. The TOC-File created by scenProc are not but clean text. Ist there a possibility to compile them? This would reduce space a lot.





    AddAttributeIfInside|FTYPE="POINT" And landuse="forest"|FROMFILE="ExcludeAll.kml"|String;skip|yes








    CreateAF2Plant|landuse="forest" And FRAND >= 0.5|8;25|broadleaf

    CreateAF2Plant|landuse="forest" And FRAND < 0.5|10;20|conifer





    CreateAF2Building|building="*" And FAREARAT>0.7 And FLENGTH < 14|1|gable|residential

    CreateAF2Building|building="*" And FAREARAT>0.7 And FLENGTH >= 14 And FLENGTH < 28|2|gable|residential

    CreateAF2Building|building="*" And FAREARAT>0.7 And FLENGTH >= 28|3|flat|industrial


    This is a kind of working script. You need to modify the red parts.