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  • Je veux utiliser ObjectGen pour créer des pylones TV / communications mais je recherche désespérément le dernier osm2AFSobject ... où le trouver tous les liens sont devenus invalides ...!

    J'ai trouvé un fichier osm2AFFS2.exe du 23/06/2019 mais le nom est différent, est-ce le bon et dernier fichier ?

    Merci de votre précision.

  • Thank you. I see 5 out of the 9 were updated today anyway so problems should be fixed. I liked you enhancements.

  • Hello @TomSimMuc, I was impressed with your enhanced Canary Islands airports scenery, but after the update to Canary Islands V2 most of it has disappeared. For example, GCFV which had 1 runway, 52 buildings and 5 static aircraft now has 1 runway, 1 building and 4 static aircraft. Just about all of the 9 airports have been adversely affected by the scenery update. I was wondering if there are any plans to update them to accommodate the changes that V2 has made please?

    Kind Regards

    AOB aka Gary from Adelaide, South Australia

  • Hello @TomSimMuc ,

    I am really impressed by your project and congratulations! If you would like me to give you some advice about this refinery, I live there 10 minutes away. Your design is very successful! Papelines are parallel as in real life! However if I can make a small note not very important, but the secondary fireplaces are a little too high in comparison to the main chimney. And you will also notice on the google map, via the link, a second red and white chimney that is positioned west side towards Neuchâtel, next to the motorway, but lower than the first and also with red and white stripes.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate.



  • Hello @TomSimMuc, do you plan to release (payware or freeware - no prob) your special addons (raffineries and others sceneries addon) for Switzerland DLC ? It would be fantastic for us to enjoy your work 😀.

    Regards from Switzerland

    • Hello Herve, @HerveF

      yes I will publish the refinery (of cause for free).

      I will PM you a version for beta testing, if you like?

      Greetings from Munich


    • hi Thomas! With great pleasure. My mail just in case is:

      If you have any other add ons you want to test, of course I would be happy to contribute ;-)

      On my side I tried to do some cableways, but it is too much complex for my modest knowledge. I was only able to cultivate successfully pylons for all Switzerland, but I need to investigate : since I’ve done that, some proximity trees of some Switzeland Dlc airport disappear ...really strange... I hope it is not a sign of some virtual memory saturation.... but I suspect it is in relationship with size of .toc files....

      Greetings from Sion (Switzerland), Herve

    • Hi Herve, I keep the cultivation files at level10, that is 23x23 km.

      Some say, that this may be even too big...

  • Where can I find the file xref_global to download?

  • Hello TomSimMuc -- could you do me a favor, and check to see if you see a "thumbs-up" (like) icon on this post:

    My last post

    or on any of my previous posts in the Aerofly FS 2 Screenshot Thread. And then let me know what you found out in a reply to this?



  • Hello TomSimMuc,

    Would you be kind enough to share your beautiful scene Berlin.

    Thank you!



  • Hi Tom - please could you send the cultivation file for Liverpool to Thanks

  • Tom - please send the cultivation file for Liverpool to whitav8 at hotmail

  • Tom, please send your Liverpool cultivation toc file. Thanks. raymar 99 @ g mail (no spaces)

  • My scenery has brighter lights and taxiways in o_hare. The ORBX lights do look more natural.
    You might disable the ORBX Lights (if you alredy updated via FTX today) by moving away this file (and copy it back later...):
    Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns\scenery\orbx_kcgx\places\chicago_city\chicago_city_light2s.toc

  • Thomas, I received the Chicago zip file just fine this time. Is there any difference between the Orbx version and your version?


  • Yes, 8 MB is no problem. Sometimes they just get lost in space. Thanks.

  • Tom, did you send me the chicago zip? I only received the two tmb files, no chicago zip. Maybe you can resend it.
    Once the two files are added to the chicago unzipped file and all are in the same folder, where do I place that folder? Sorry for all the questions, but, this will be my first experience with adding lightss.


    • Ray, I will resend it. Hopefully you can receive it, as it is 8 MB big.
      As any scenery it should be saved to \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places or your user folder, if you defined one.

      But in the meantime ORBX installed their own lights, so my lights got obsolete by this :-(

    • Thomas,

      Any chance I can get the Chicago scenery? I've flown into Meigs Field and would love to fly the Corsair into it it if is included in the scenery (the airport was shut down in 2013). But either way, having the Chicago scenery would be great...



    • Sorry Adak, after ORBX released this product:

      I erased my version and used theirs instead.

      Give it a try too (sometimes they have a 50% action)



    • Thanks for the info, Thomas. Now I just have to hope it will work with the Mac version of FS 2...

      Drats! I see now that you need FTX Central v3 for the download, and it is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

    • Maybe sometime later, after they ported FTX to Mac/linux:…ndComment&comment=1432694

  • Hello Thomas,

    Yes, I received two emails and two tmb files. Your second email states that I should put the two tmb files in the folder, but you did not tell me which folder to place them in. I have been busy downloading Colorado and the Meigs Field update today. I'm sorry I did not notify you that I did indeed receive your emails and files.


    • Sorry, I should have been more precise:
      Extract the und put the two files into the new folder Chicago_Lights.

  • TomSimMuc,
    Please send me a download link for your cultivation and lights. raymar99 at gmail dot com.