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    Reflective water would be nice in powerful mobiles, it worked well enough for me in original PC FS so mobile must have at least similar power by now, I don't care about wave action and form, the surface light return being directional and different from the more matt ground is the basic realism I'd like.

    Please do not leave audio identification of tuned in navigation aids (including DME) from the list of missing features Jan. It is a vital element in real world piloting and is 100% essential in the Aerofly planes that lack electronic display panels.

    (Every other sim’ features it, they must have a good reason for thinking that it is important).

    Is the FS2 VOR simply out of date, a current VOR might be represented in an earlier similar location with a different frequency. Can you look up an old chart or other navigation document?

    It would be very helpful to be able to edit our own copies of the navigation database. IPACS have not corrected reported errors and we might choose to do our own corrections. As an example I would fix the 20 degrees off localiser at Telluride Colorado.

    Has anyone found out how to stop the 737 auto-throttle from being on when the sim starts? It came in quite a few updates ago. I ploughed through the .tmd without success but I did discover the radio altimeter height selection push to set mouse click on the instrument test light.

    (Would anyone be interested in my 737 probe heat off, trim speed increase and RMI switch unjumble changes?)

    You can search the forums for similar questions previously asked, use the search symbol top right.

    There seems to be identical questions about this tiresome topic about twice a week.

    The remaining legs total distance would be useful. Real FMCs would give you that but they only partially work in Aerofly.

    You can use one of the nav radios to display a DME distance if there is a VOR or ILS with a DME on or close to the airport, for example at San Francisco putting 115.80 on one of the nav radios will show the Distance Measuring Equipment distance to the VOR radio beacon in the centre of the runways. If you take a mile off that distance you will get the distance to the start of the 2 mile long runways.

    Putting an ILS frequency such as 111.55 on a nav radio will give you the distance to the start of runway 25 at Denver. Some ILSs give you the distance the the far end of the runway so it can be misleading.

    In Aerofly most DMEs work for over 100 miles.

    The site gives great navigation radio information from clicking the map on an airport. On the map VOR symbols inside a box are ones with DME. A triangle symbol with black blocks on the tips is a VORTAC which also gives VOR and DME.

    Try it out and see if you like it. It is not difficult.

    Note: I followed the standby button advise without luck. However surprisingly, as I cam inbound waypoint ARGUS, the navigation display recognised Argus with eta and distance. Lnav grabbed it and all was fine. I have no no idea!

    Gee do you think there might have been a connection?

    As well as turning the flight director off and on again you do need to re-select your desired autopilot mode. NAV with FMS displayed should lock onto your route, if not try STBY again and repeat.

    That's strange and luckily it doesn't work that way on the PC version. STBY only turns off the FD and all FD modes.

    You need to select any mode to get it to appear again, IRL and on the desktop version.

    The mode buttons do need to be pressed again, the point is that the aerofly route is captured rather than being flown through.

    (I meant STBY again as a repeat FMS reset attempt not as a F.D. appear function).

    One of the PC version menus allows the display of mobile-like ‘game’ stuff. The copilot controls should appear. A search for Overlays and Views should give the exact menu or sub menu.

    I see that the ILS/localiser frequencies can be found on the nav page but only with the creation of an Aerofly route which I usually am not interested in, I used to just read the nav page frequencies for manual flying.

    It is unfortunate that the ILS frequencies ending in NNN.N5 and NDBs ending in NNN.5 are displayed incorrectly.

    Could the next major update/next mobile Aerofly show legs and frequencies? I do hope the current format is not a sacred cow.