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    My mistake sorry, it was 0.1 on aileron and -0.3 on elevator. Oops!

    Use the trim fix and set +5.5 on the trim wheel. I would try 'less than' -0.3 on elevator if other aircraft were OK with the blanket mod. With the trim fix a half second trim blip has some effect, the default setting is snail pace.

    Just tried 0.05 and -0.2, it is even nicer!


    I tried your gc map mod with 0.1 on aileron and 0.3 on elevator and together with my trim rate increase I think I have a much nicer 737 now, a 737 that does what I want rather than one running away from me.

    I'll try to get a similar result in just the 737.tmd as Jan suggests.

    A mobile-like 3 independent axis sensitivity menu would be nice. ....oh include trim rate too!

    Thank You Both.

    It would be nice to find a way to fine tune the roll rate so it doesn't fly like an F-16

    Is there any guide to adjusting the .tmd file? say in the advanced user generated aircraft or scenery programs. I don’t have any of the required expensive graphics software so I didn’t try them.

    I tired looking at the .tmd program lines for any obvious numerical values but I don’t see many obvious on or off options like (zero) and (one) for example. I got the default pitot heat turned off for realistic ground movement but I cannot get the recent unwanted autothrottle-on on the autopilot panel sorted.

    I don’t know C++, getting into BASIC was easier forty years ago.

    I thought the roll was just me! Could it be that the Aero 737’s basic inertia is way out? I cannot do a smooth and controlled flare either.

    The 737 seems like the unloved child in the family. Everything goes into Airbus culture which turns me off completely (shame about the MAX).

    I never saw a darker sky than in Australia, the only place where I saw water pouring down the inside of a door. For some turbulence though northern Europe in stormy winter is as good as anywhere.

    You need to have your head violently swung say hard left and instantly need to put in a bootful of rudder hard right, kick the pedal on the side of the up-going wing! This would really be for the inner ears more than the visuals.

    Perhaps a servo actuated helmet and neck brace with age related safety limits? No need to fling the entire pilot, seat, pedals, panel and display assembly about, leave something for the imagination.

    Hi Rairic, I gave that a go, does it make the joystick more sensitive?

    I got the 737 trim more the way I want it by changing the line in // pitch trim





    The trim wheel spins faster and the Aero 737 gets to the desired trim BEFORE the whole balance has changed again.

    If anyone wants to try it // pitch Trim is after // yaw damper and // nosewheel steering and before // aileron trim and // rudder trim in b737.tmd.

    It is near the top of the file, here is where it lies in notepad.

    Maybe try it for a day or two?, (remember it is the control column that sets the attitude, the trim then unloads the control column).

    Is there an easy way to increase the trim change rate?, I feel that the 737 trim with flap is just too slow to enable a comfortable trimmed state with speed, power and flap changes in the approach. I’d like to increase mine by about 4 X with flap. Is there a line of code that can be adjusted?

    I understand the 737 trim rate with flaps up is reduced but I think the current simulation trim rate on the approach doesn’t work.

    The 737 trim wheels look too slow.

    Computer entertainment flight simulation providers approach flying from the outside, perhaps with IPACS some important aspects have yet to be fully appreciated. An important point is that they started off doing high quality remote control model plane simulations, they didn’t have experience of simulating cockpits before they released Aerofly FS, full size. For me the cockpit is nearly all the sim, I am a bit obsessed with instruments and gauges.

    They initially used a 737-200 model cockpit from somewhere, there is a brief account in the forum some while back. It got swapped EPR and N1 gauges, putting the N1 on top. They should have deleted the -200’s EPR as normally high bypass turbofan engines cannot provide a reliable direct EPR for all phases of flight, the -500’s CFM-56 doesn’t do it.

    IPACS have not quite reached perfection yet with the instruments, a count of the central engine dials present in the analog dial -500s must have been missed or not appreciated.

    Elsewhere the HSI of the original FS Baron rotates the wrong way in the turn and they also mixed up the identity (and function) of the 1940s compasses and directional gyros of the Corsair and the P-38 and still do not do audio idents on the nav radios.

    The sim is excellent and has given me enormous satisfaction. IPACS interact and respond with their customers and faults in the sim have been recognised and promptly corrected which is brilliant, cockpit fixes must be extra demanding. It is also great to see the growing complexity and sophistication of Aerofly, it is a bit like a pet growing up.

    (Jan flies gliders which have reduced instrumentation, Jeff in America seems to have some experience of a Beechcraft Sierra complex single. I haven't seen any aviation pointers from the from others).

    FS2 was in iOS for much longer than in Android. 2020 integrated the app closely with PC, the short lived 2019 was presumably not able to be updated enough?, it was the exception.

    It mentioned optimisations for iPads and iPhones with limited memory.

    Perhaps it will the fix the Denver scenery thing in mobile (and PC)? My iPad pro was always OK and my (2GB graphics) PC in Vulkan doesn't have the crash any more.

    My 3GB android tablet with the published Aero (the beta freezes it) will not load Denver even with the Cessna, my 6GB Sony Xperia 1 phone with Android beta will run the Dash 8 at Denver.

    It looks like the ‘tower’ altitude is about twice the ‘tower’ height above the ground (not the airport elevation X 2).

    Here is Locarno (elevation 650 feet. The about 1,400 feet altitude tower view is 750 feet height above the ground by the radar altimeter).

    Berne tower view looks as if it is from about 2,700 feet. It is actually more interesting that way. iPad 9.7 pro.

    Unable to try it in ANDROID !

    Set altitude 3,400 feet for a tower buzz at Berne.

    The half rate bit is what I was thinking of, have you a fixed 30 fps option? It might really stabilise the sim with little or no real obvious difference. 30 fps was sheer luxury in the MS flight sim!