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    The Arrow .......

    it's impossible to trim it for a perfect altitude (which btw might be realistic)

    The real PA 28s are much more height stable when on the (typical for more simple fixed gear Cherokees) heading hold autopilot, the normal flight minor roll deviations cause variation in the vertical lift component and slight side-slip drag, the PA 28 wings have strong dihedral. I think the all flying tail is more prone to not holding a stable trim.

    Morse code is no longer used as identifiers, although the charts still have the Morse identifiers in the ID box.

    I haven’t flown for many years so I realise that things will have moved on but I would be amazed to hear that morse code idents are not used nowadays. How do you safely navigate in an aeroplane with traditional navigation radios that do not have visual displays of the tuned in radio aid? As I understand it the visual indications are derived from electronic decoding of the transmitted identification signal which is I presume always still available on an audio panel.

    The Aerofly FS2 Cessna, Baron, F-15, Aermacchi and 737 all lack the super cool digital ident displays and in real life such aircraft absolutely 100 percent need to use the audio identification facility of the navaids. The FS2 737 lacks any ident for the twist knob ADF and before the introduction of the partially working CDU box, tuning in the analog receiver was quite entertaining but was also just screaming out for a confirmatory audio ident. Some FS2 planes do not give visual idents of the NDB in use so a working audio ident is essential there too. The DME frequency in use can be open to confusion with direct and switchable slave tuning so again the safe way is the only proper way to do it. I do sim flights with FS2 and make nav selection mistakes which I would certainly pick up on if idents were available. Make such a undiscovered error in real life and it could be fatal.

    I think Jan is the only active pilot over in Tübingen and he is unlikely to do much radio navigation in his glider. Our dear friends essentially do not have the aviation culture of needing to do it all by the book because lives depend on it. I was trained to repeat the ident for the examiner every single time a nav radio was switched, get a fix from a different VOR or DME and ident it before even thinking of using the information. Switch back to the previous frequency and ident it again. One miss would be likely to mean a repeat test fee and another two hours hire of a twin!

    The biggest need for audio idents is that is a real part of simulating a proper flight, ignoring the absolute necessity of the discipline it is also part of the entertainment with hearing and evaluating the different tones and repetition frequencies as ILS, VOR, NDB and DME systems are properly used. I always did my idents in real life, anyone using an aeroplane with traditional avionics will use them in real life and I’ll bet that instrument/cpl/atpl examiners expect a successful candidate to use them without mistakes or omissions.

    Idents matter.

    And rock the camera violently when a Mach 2.0 plane is 63.4 (wrong) degrees past, it is supersonic!

    Edit, the sound hits the shock cone at right angles so it is a simple 2:1 right angle giving 30 degrees from the flight path and simply 60 degrees as the plane passes.

    My very modest and increasingly geriatric PC (2 core cpu clocked to 4.1 GHz, overclocked gtx950) locked by the graphic card app to 60 fps with Vulkan & antialiasing selected with maxed out graphics, did a HUD Dash 8 foggy parkway approach into JFK 13L and was as smooth as silk. My graphics card and task manager performance graphs were amazing, I never saw it so throttled down before, the gpu and cpu were both nowhere near flat out.

    Was this really a just a minor Vulkan tweak?

    A bit of clone tool in a photo editor would fix that😎.

    How do you find a wide monitor? I got a 16:9 because I was too impatient to order a 16:10 online. I’m toying with a new monitor after colour/color calibrating a tn monitor and realising how viewing angle shifts the colour significantly. I had thought that a deep monitor would make the Aerofly cockpit view more compatible with simulated scanning. Do you notice stretching of the edges of the view for instance with the Cessnas?

    The originally bland F-15 is now a capable navigable FS2 plane. Using keys and switches the nav1 course, the heading bug and using the nav page, the VOR in use can be selected. A VOR in a simple route holds that beacon and DME as nav 1.

    Here is the KLO VOR setup for the 16 VOR approach to Zurich. The nav 2 was automatically switching to the nearest beacon, TRA is displayed here.

    Its good fun at 400 knots.

    The course should have been 157.

    Disregard .....I have no update prompt, is a 9.7" pro not getting 13?

    13 is phone only. iPad OS is coming out at the end of the month, it is an iOS/MAC half way house.

    I was learning holiday German until recent medication increased my schooldays level of language uselessness. I admire populations who bite the bullet and learn. I pretend I can half understand about 15%.

    In my very humble opinion the European Union is wonderful as is RyanAir!

    His super wide screen shows how cylinder/mercator projection is essential for extreme field of views. The edges are stretched just like what is seen in rectilinear/straight edges lens photographs. Fisheye lenses keep the edge magnification natural. The window/door post seen there looks wider than the panel's 'basic T'.

    Cylindrical projection would be great in Aerofly.

    At this moment scenery is 95% of the reason to fly FS2. You certainly wouldn't select it for systems or world coverage, would you?

    FS2 frame rates after years of MSFS minimum/recommended requirements nonsense floats my boat, imagine the work put into the Florida scenery being put into a better cockpit? I certainly don’t need another Florida experience, sorry it left me very flat(!).

    The scenery is already impressive, the cockpit interaction is from an earlier age. I’d feel better paying IPACS decent money for planes, ideally just instrument panels.