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    I hope we will learn from this for a while and see fewer manically hopeful demands winding up the Tübingen team and the largely content mass of users.

    I have done my share of annoying moaning and Aerofly is not my perfect sim. That perfect sim isn’t available anywhere unfortunately🥲 so I’ll take the imperfections and keep on enjoying Aero in its wonderful multi-format current presentation. I can’t really get used to how good it is.

    I wish we could give the 1990ish Microsoft Flight Sim 3 a go and see what a miracle we now enjoy.

    Those excessive post deletions from a few years back did leave a lingering resentment. There is a place for destructive and divisive messages but hopefully it is obvious that we all want the sim to improve and develop and see IPACS thrive.

    I found that outside scenery and cultivation gave a huge performance hit. What is it like in areas with only default scenery and the Cessna?

    Hi. No one else has offered their wisdom so hard luck, here is my tuppence worth

    I have an overclocked strix gtx950 so I’ve got slightly less graphics performance unless you have 4 GB in which case you are way ahead of me.

    My PC FS2 is steam version so it might not be identical. I have a fixed 60 fps using my graphics card software and similar in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

    My FS2 graphics settings are currently

    Texture quality ultra

    Terrain mesh quality medium

    .. image .. high

    shadow quality high

    Building density medium

    Tree density low.

    I mix these about a little bit and I think I could set them higher about a year ago. I might see a momentary mid 50s fps if I’m really maxing out plane and scenery and nav aids and loaded navigation and weather and dusk/dawn all at the same time.

    Do you get similar? I have overclocked the card and have adjusted the NVIDIA Control Panel settings but our IPACS friends do not recommend that.

    I use an overclocked 2 core cpu running at 4.3 GHz. I have a 4 GHz 8 thread Xeon waiting to be fitted but I’m really waiting for the graphics card famine to end.

    I hope you get better help than this!

    If you introduce the UK scenery to PC it would help to display the NDB frequency in decimals of kHz as tenths of a kilohertz are widely used for the remaining UK NDBs.

    There is a thread from Niko Nixon in the mobile section where the Aerofly FS2021 UK scenery Nav page not displaying the full frequency numbers is reported as a problem.

    There do not seem to be NDB decimals in use with the FS2 PC U.S. and Swiss sceneries.

    It is interesting that the PC King Air ADF receiver displays decimals but does not adjust to that precision. It might suffice to advise PC users to just tune to the whole kHz numbers either side of the desired frequency, as is required with whole kHz receivers.

    (Another reason why audio idents are required in real world aeroplanes like the Cessna and Baron)

    later ... the Aerofly King Air FMC/CDU type input will take 0402.50 for the NDB entry.

    And … the Cessna and Baron do NOT work with 402 or 403 selected for 402.5 (at Leeds UK) in FS2021.

    Hi Jan, I cannot think of many PAPIs that are positioned with near absolute precision so perhaps the Aerofly PAPI database could be renewed? A fraction of a degree does not make much difference if it places the touch down point in the wrong place.

    This was reported previously and you were kind enough to give it consideration.

    Here are some pics which I hope are helpful.

    The distances are not insignificant.

    Thanks for your continuing hard work to help us and to improve this Wonderful Flight Simulation at all hours and especially during the terrible pandemic.

    The problem is with the Aerofly Nav page. It doesn’t show the correct decimal places, LBA should be 402.5 not 402. The actual sim is great, the Whitegate NDB near Manchester on 368.5 works perfectly in 2001 and it is not even on the Nav page!

    The UK scenery looks fine in GOOD weather.

    Some ILS glide slopes are not three degrees. Oakland 12 is 2.75°, SFO 28L is 2.85°, Eagle 25 LDA is 3.80° and Lugano IGS is 6.65°.

    Aerofly seems to works well if the autopilot engages with the (ILS) App mode. For Sion or Lugano steep IGSs picking an appropriate Descent Rate for the autopilot works best.

    I think all the Aerofly PAPIs are fixed at 3 degrees and they are often significantly misplaced. The copilot feature might have a fixed glide path?

    When the visibility is turned way down😃 what goes on in the cockpit is what matters, a bit of polishing would make a big difference. Having control of the F-15 navigation would be welcome and of course audio identification of the nav aids in use.

    Which NDBs give you bother Niko? perhaps the frequencies in Aero are old (or new) ones? I noticed that there are new IGS frequencies at Sion and Lugano (110.70 and 108.90).

    I don’t like being kept in the dark about what graphics enhancements or degradations are being applied to the sim in use. I’ll accept iPadOS automatic allocation but trying to second guess what is going on is an unnecessary distraction.

    Tom you ever try to scroll-wheel turn-off the 737 autobrakes and instead you have instantly zoomed to ultra-wide ....... so now you are focusing on recovering your intended autobrake action instead of steering down the centreline ....... but now you are looking at a tiny autobrake knob covering perhaps ten percent of the screen area that it had before ...... so naturally you miss it with the mouse pointer and zoom wildly again !!!!!

    Now you are counter-zooming on purpose and the tiny ultra wide runway is passing off to one side and .....

    You are no longer simulating being a pilot in control flying the aeroplane, FS2 is fighting you.

    Rage is a slight exaggeration.

    Is there a file setting to inhibit the zoom action of the mouse scroll wheel? I’d say 99% of my screen zooming is unintentional from me trying to adjust cockpit controls. It can get annoying.

    FS2 Scroll zooming probably works OK with a graceful glider gently soaring above somewhere like Wächtersberg or Albstadt-Degerfeld but it really does not work properly in a fast aircraft with many more controls.

    Scroll together another action like right click for zooming would be fine.

    A device released four years ago might be allocated less demanding graphics settings in updated Aerofly, there are no user graphics settings choices with the apple versions of this software.

    I have recently been noticing similar effects with my iPad pro 9.7 and in addition when really maxed out in the available settings, the throttle and rudder seem less able to respond at the same time. I can't complain with a 5 year old design in fact I'm surprised by how good it still is.

    The UK scenery seems more demanding than Florida even though it looks washed out and soft (a realistic weather simulation?).