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    The Aerofly FS J.F. Duchess lacks manual prop controlls!

    Think of a 15 min hop in a real piston twin or single and look at what FS2 still leaves out, it is too much and has been like this for too long.

    Weight and Centre of Gravity.

    Realistic magneto operation.

    Realistic engine leaning.

    Carb’ heat.

    Icing and operating anti-ice.

    Throttle friction.

    Electric fuel pump operation.

    DME with ground speed and ETA.

    Nav aid confirmation audio idents, drummed into real world student procedure from the earliest and instant fails if missed in a test.

    Realistic cowl flaps function.

    Engine gauges responding to pilot engine management.

    Realistic engine performance and adjustment with altitude, density and temperature factors.

    Variable environment(!)

    Nav aid degradation at low altitude and among mountains.

    Fuel injection engine start procedure.

    Convincing side slip to dump height with limited speed increase.

    Side slip drag flying a twin on one engine if not slightly banked into the live engine.

    Feathering propellors with very high windmilling drag.

    Minimum single engine control speed rudder force and loss of control wing over departure.

    Operating fuel selctors.

    Operating electrical systems and gauges.

    Operating twin cabin fuel burning heater. Ice inside the windscreen at altitude if not working!

    Deicing windscreen panel.

    Warning horns.

    Emergency system controls.

    Brake fade.

    Consider the reception of an add-on aeroplane for the FSXs or XPlane that lacked most or many of these features, it would be subject to pitiless derision.

    I noticed this problem started in ? early February and I have had odd graphics effects since that time in Ogl or VULKAN. The CTD thing caught my eye as even in Ogl I often get a Windows desktop image when exiting the FS2 main menu and FS2 needs to have the FS2 desktop icon clicked to revive, usually where it left off as if the 'ctd' thing had not happened. My F12 screen capture has not worked since, even after a steam update.

    Has anyone else got this and is there a fix?

    416.34 from October is my current nvidea graphics driver and I'm on steam beta.

    XPlane 10 mobile has some bad examples, using a tablet I could never tune in the radios in-cockpit as you are meant to use one finger swipes for the small/decimal place numbers and somehow do a precise two finger swipe for the big/whole numbers. The separate radio/map page worked.

    Putting the Aerofly mobile autopilot controls over the sky as in the AF2 original layout might help with instrument panel clarity.

    It pays to keep back pressure on the stick when the tail is on the ground. Perhaps when seated comfortably using the PC sim the lack of physical posture, vibration, bumps and rumble acts against our nosing over apprehension especially when opening the throttle. Of course a reference cloud texture or side pictures need strict monitoring to keep on top of yaw.

    I missed my point, FS2 taildraggers hold their direction on take-off better if back pressure is held on until the airflow past the rudder becomes effective.

    Have you tried zooming fully in and flying Aerofly on just the central few super clear instruments? It gives a taste of what a Frasca simulator with working physical instruments is like. Big clear instruments are a pleasure and make bad weather flying much easier.

    Perhaps in the future we will have FS3 and a 16K display (4096 vertical).

    Hi Jeff (and Jan again)

    Jan asked me for a screen pic and I was explaining why I was using a pre major update FS2 F4U cockpit screen capture. The F12 screen capture button occasionally stops working for a short period, a Steam update seems to coincide with it working again. A different screen capture key assignment or a trying a joystick switch selection does not make a difference. It is only a minor issue.

    Jan replied initially and seems to understand the point, I’m not moaning about how the compass functions in the various Aeroflies. I know it is really good and it was instrumental in making me deeply enthusiastic about the first class Aerofly aeroplane-realism back in the original FS days.

    Jan refered to changing instrument assignment in the software as a possible option. The problem is that the gyro instrument in the real Corsair behaves in the sim as a ‘magnetic_compass’ and the compass instrument in the real Corsair behaves in the sim as a ‘heading _indicator’.

    Jan was responding to my (incorrect) suggestion that the .tmd file could be edited to stop the false weighted compass ball pivoting freely on a vertical post in a glass fronted capsule of alcohol action of the actual real world spinning yawing plane gyro in a cage freely rotating in the vertical axis Sperry Directional Gyro, the first instrument at the top of the post.

    1940s instruments look different from modern ones, when the Aerofly Corsair was being programmed they got mixed up. The Aerofly Corsair instrument panel has a fundamental error, it does not look right, I know IPACS want their planes to make a first class impression on new reviewers and with new and existing customers.






    <[tmvector2d][Range][ 0.0 6.283185 ]>





    Is this the false adjustment that incorrectly rotates the real world compass needle through a full circle and in single degree increments?

    This is an old random pic, my F12 is not working today, Steam I presume.

    The real life direction gyro should have a steady indication and the real life compass should be bouncy and be lively turning through north and sluggish turning through south.

    Thanks for replying Jan.

    This error has been reported before with no reply on whether a fix is being considered or not. The directional gyro bounces about like a compass and the compass is steady as a rock, like a gyro instrument. Unfortunately the instrument adjustors do not function properly either. The (real) compass instrument does not rotate the twin bar heading bug but swings what should be the compass needle and the (real) directional gyro adjuster is non functional.

    Can the false bounce and north/south lively/sluggish action on the (real) directional gyro be turned off via editing the .tmd file? Is " <[float64][MaximumTilt][0.001]> " the bounce control line and is it safe to adjust it to zero or a different value.

    If the bounce was turned off the annoying distraction would be partially cured but the rock steady (real) compass would remain. Is there a user alteration that would make the (real) compass bouncy?

    // navigation instruments start

    // compass



    <[tmvector3d][R0][ -0.0378 0.1124 0.7525 ]>







    // heading









    <[tmvector2d][Range][ 0.0 6.283185 ]>










    // navigation instruments end

    I’d be interested in putting limited retirement money into something that improved the Aerofly sim experience in new directions, VR seems a bottomless pit of expensive non mature development that might or not be availabe at a very different price point 5 or 10 years down the line.

    I hope ‘motion platform’ means an integrated seat, control devices and the display, feeling simulated aircraft motion but seeing the display screen independently fixed to mother earth would not convince.

    There is a PC based unified pod, panel, seat and screen motion simulator review video on YouTube from about a year ago which showed how the unit operated and how it attempted to semi-affordably emulate the concept of expensive six axis simulation of aeroplane motion sensation. This machine pitched and tilted a screened pod unit so that from the seat the exterior side view was largely blocked.

    I was not convinced that it tilted fore and aft to simulate acceleration or braking and when it depicted an apparently ballanced turn the YouTube reviewer (not a real pilot) said he could feel his weight hard on one side as if the pod tilted over sideways. Queries about this in the YouTube comments were not answered.

    All would be fine if it pitched gently to simulate normal climbs and descents, it would be proper if it tilted sideways to a degree that matched the displaced ball or slip indicator from un-coordinated flight and it would be really good if it swung the nose sideways to match rudder or torque pedal vigour or the sudden failure of a wing mounted engine. An uncorrected wing-engine failure hard wing over and out of control dive into the ground terror would be a bit much to expect.

    In a balanced turn the ear’s semicircular canals do not react (in a 3 degrees per second rate one turn) and the otoliths hardly respond, a rate two turn only feels 15% heavier and the direction remains straight down through the seat of the pants. I’m afraid that is what should also be simulated during the effects of prolonged radio and navaid adjustment! Wind noise would be a clue that the instrument scan or look-out had been lacking.

    It would be clever if the very subtle rotation at the start and ends of a manoeuvre could be simulated followed by slow sub-perception centring back to the initial position but that would leave an unrealistic side load during centring, six axis motion would be needed to reduce that.

    Tilting the YouTube ‘plane’ throughout a ballanced turn as a deliberate design policy would be just pathetic, it is the sort of shallow gimmick designed to impress the type of ignorant pre-teen school child that broadcasts authoratatively how realistic his social media entertainment subscription-charged multi-player interface with a superficial veneer of flight simulation is compared to boring Aerofly!

    I agree that good sound really is effective.

    Do the current motion platform offerings that ‘work’ with Aerofly FS2 get the required motions correct? I might be interested!

    Is it more D.I.Y. or commercial?

    My 2 GB GTX950 would eventually crash Vulkan with a misty JFK 31R approach in the Dash 8 with every navaid and the HUD working. The Jungmeister and R-22 very quickly crash in Vulkan in clear weather and at any location even with only a modest medium-high graphics mix.

    With OGL and ultra (zero trees) FS2 graphics (both Vulkan and OGL were run with a 60 fps graphics card set-up software target) my FS2 is 100% bullet proof, nothing can crash it.

    Is there any way set set up the Cessna RMI card to indicate 360/000 on top? It would then resemble a basic ADF dial instead of a broken RMI stuck at E or 090.

    ADF cards are typically left on 360, I only had to rotate the thing to the aircraft heading during commercial training single time.

    Have you tried to do the install with your PC turned off? There might be windows processes hogging your bandwidth or otherwise interfering with your modem, have you tried it during local internet off peak times and with a freshly re-started router and with the iPhone or iPad physically closer to the router?

    Is there any noisey electrical equipment nearby such as running microwave ovens or electric welders?, is an analog radio noisey on AM or FM? Can you view streaming high bandwidth media such as 1080p YouTube video without buffering pauses? Is your router old and showing signs of intermittent faults, have you tried to do the install at a different site using a different router? Can you borrow a different, newer lightning connector and battery charger?

    Is your device showing any signs of degradation?, can you download full movies without corruption. Have you checked your settings for any background activity that you can suspend during the install such as app and podcast updates and downloads, siri activity, news and other app pre-loading. Can you suspend your phone activity, I don’t use iPhones but can you suspend network activity? Is your bluetooth turned off?

    Try to see what background activity is running, look at your battery usage. Do any installed apps affect your internet connection?

    I did the FS2 install about 18 months ago and Switzerland went in OK. I now use iOS 12. Do you have any incompatible pre iOS 11 software still onboard?

    Hi Simbanl, I'd enquired a while back and was told that it wasn't possible with OpenGL. I use red/cyan glasses and enjoy 3D driving in EurotruckSim2, it is great fun especially with the internet radio blasting out. It is very interesting to read that OpenGL 3D is possible, perhaps there is some hope of Aerofly becoming compatible?

    I don't really expect to get long wave AM radio off future NAV (ADF) audio:P