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    Hi Kmassie92,

    Are you still interested in a 11" pro with 2 TB of storage and 16 GB of RAM?

    There is no sign of mobile Aero using more than 2 or 3 GB of RAM, will you ever get a reward on your investment?

    I'm thinking of a 128 GB storage 8 GB RAM 12.9" for the bigger screen with the significantly better resolution 2732 X 2048 display, it also has OLED-like 'micro LED' better contrast for HDR. I have movies, music and tons of stuff on my old iPad and have got nowhere near 128 GB of stored data.

    I hope a more user friendly (less Apple-like) usb connection will allow rapid data transfer between the iPad and a PC.

    A more demanding mobile Aerofly sub-variant would allow more agressive abandoning of less powerful OR lower spec' devices, I'd buy it.

    I enjoy a serious simulation of flying an aeroplane properly, the way it is taught and examined in the real world. In the real world deviation from that attitude sadly always catches up with those who think more fun is the way to go. If we are not satisfied with simulation of Just the real thing perhaps a skateboard or monster truck sim would be a good alternative.

    Is a game what the multiplay enthusiasts want? an ability to race King Airs around the taxiways while hooping at each other over the com radio? Perhaps some want the more striking multiplay flight simulation seen on YouTube with both runway directions in use at once with mass intersecting landings?

    What is flight simulation multiplay about, is it a desire to do formation landings in 747s or is it a social media excitement angle? Is it related to every few days re-demanding sim updates?

    I don't understand it (I'm old).

    Could the increased capability of the newest top iPads be fully exploited in Aerofly please Admin. Perhaps a PC like performance page could be considered allowing the users more flexibility?

    As an example I might like to be able to really improve cockpit readability and weather complexity and in return turn down scenery textures and buildings to maintain program performance.

    I’ll be getting a new M1 12.9 iPad pro very soon …… I cannot get a PC graphics card because of the crazy inflated prices.

    Thanks again for this amazing mobile experience 8).

    (Is providing audio identification of the navaids really difficult? I remember MSFS having it 25 years ago).

    There is some block on installing Win 11 on home assembled PCs which lack some manufacturer’s hardware report signal that Microsoft presumably will use for their software security. The best PCs usually are home made!

    Data could be downloaded to the mobile device and transferred to the storage of a PC or to an external storage card or drive using the (recent for iOS/iPadOS) USB connection.

    Extra large sceneries could be quickly moved into device main storage as desired without needing repeated downloads.

    This might allow the brilliant New York area scenery to be very well presented in mobile.

    At Bournemouth and at London Stansted the ILS DME indicates the distance to the other airport’s runway.

    It is intermittent and more likely at Stansted but I noticed it first at Bournemouth, I followed the strange 105 mile DME indication and arrived at Stansted.

    The ILS frequency is 110.50 MHz for both airports and the same frequency is used by each airport for the opposite directions to the main runway. The sim normally automatically picks the direction based on the aircraft position.

    Here the sim is in the Stansted area with the local Barkway and Brookmans Park VORs displayed. The Stansted ILS is correctly identified and the sim ILS works but the DME distance shown is from far away Bournemouth.

    Version 20.21.31 iPad pro 10.5

    Yah mean John Wayne ?

    With 20.21.31 mine was OK 11 miles past the Buckeye VOR at FL280 on that direct route.

    iPad pro 10.5. Day, heavy cumulus, no upper cloud, max visibility. The same plane and airline.

    It was also OK at higher levels up to 390 at M 0.83.

    Ranges were 10 arc and 40 nav.

    Your continuing hard work to improve our sim enjoyment is much appreciated Jan. Will there be a relatively major upgrade offered before the release of the next version in mobile?

    My pet desire which it seems no one else has shown any interest in is audio identification of the navigation radios. It is an absolutely vital, a real actual vital requirement in real world instrument flying. It is always done, is always taught and always looked for in flight tests.

    The sim 737 screams for it!

    The next Aerofly mobile version will be keenly anticipated for the improvements and for a chance to pass revenue on to IPACS, will there be any more IPACS sourced pay add-ons offered? especially in mobile, the 5 GB iOS limit offers room for growth. I’d gleefully pay for New York scenery.

    Vielen Dank

    Ah yeah, okay, but how? I know they sell it on Steam but how did you get it to mobile?

    In the iOS Aerofly FS aircraft page there were options to buy a range of extra aeroplanes including those two from Just Flight. (Things might have changed in the following years, I don’t know if all the add ons are still available).

    Many FS pay add on planes are default in the current FS2021, a reminder of what good value FS2021 is.

    The iOS FS Just Flight aircraft are not interactive and have no systems or navigation features other than the overhead info bar and the cockpit graphics are not to current standards, they are from an earlier era of Aerofly.

    In old PC Aerofly FS1 the Just Flight Duchess twin plane has a working engine control console including propeller speed.