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    I got a game controller many years ago but never really used it. Can I suggest something else?

    I like something that more resembles the action of the real equipment. My ancient Saitek AV8R joystick is nice for helicopters, it has dual throttles on the rear face moving in a largely vertical arc and they are quite good at mimicking a collective with a twist throttle. The left throttle lever operates as the collective and twisting the throttle pair adjusts the position of the right throttle lever for engine throttle.

    The levers have reversed calibration in the Aerofly helicopter settings so that forwards and down lowers the control input, the opposite of the movement for aeroplanes.

    I also change hands for the helicopters, it is better for muscle memory and flying from the right seat, the cyclic should be in the right hand. I think it helps when switching from aeroplanes to helicopters especially when the throttle levers operate in opposite senses.

    Not if you have had some real experience. You might as well use the normal practice in case you ever do some real flying. That way things will look more at home. With side by side seating you get taught to use the sight picture and it is different in each seat. For example in a left turn viewed from the left seat, the centre of the dash is high near the horizon, in a right turn it is low, far below the horizon. You fly by eye before you really use the instruments

    Grav’ if you are on about this, I’m on about which seat in the sim is ‘normally’ used, it drifted a bit from the change of the on screen symbols. Have a nice sim flight.

    I wonder if the ILS alignment problem is fixed? It affects quite a lot of runways in the 2022 version.

    I tried good old Telluride localiser, easy to remember 109.30 MHz on 093 degrees. It is still on about 073 degrees! We need control over the nav database, our friends in Tübingen will not fix it.

    It was made obvious that after the initial loading of FS2023 ADDITIONAL downloads would be necessary to use the game. Automatic loading would have been nice. Back in FS paying for a plane gave instantaneous access, the downloads were just unfrozen or released.

    I did not presume a free level of FS 2023.

    It is hard to joyously jump over the moon over 2023 when loading the sim is looking more like the bill for an American hospital visit. Is our goodwill being stretched? This looks like being an expensive year for those of us enjoying multi platform Aeroflys.

    The remarkable money being charged will 100% make those of us who choose to stick with this particular flight simulator program expect more, will make us expect better in return. Perhaps that money will deliver fault correction ‘updates’, we got practically none for FS 2022 in iPadOS/iOS and Android was not noticeably better. I don’t feel particularly keen to pay more for the FS 2023 F-18 to find that the ADF still might not be fixed. We are being charged real money so will we get real faults corrected?

    The ‘new FS 2023’ Boeing 737, the Beech Baron, the Cessna, the King Air and the Lear Jet still cannot dial in XXX.50 KHz NDB frequencies! This ‘new FS 2023’ Lear Jet still has FS 2021 AND FS2022’s runaway flap trim with manual mode flying so that after a couple of flap cycles the plane wants to dive into the ground. The nav page still does not display the all the real nav frequencies, XXX.X5 MHz ILS and LOC still are not right. The undeniably real Aerofly improvements will look less impressive if the sim’s core remains permanently unsound.

    Support goes both ways.

    What do you mean ‘appreciate the heat waves of the engine’? It does sound whimsical or aesthetic! If you were being serious and sombre I didn’t understand you.

    Do you mean will the optical refraction of the high temperature exhaust gasses be really obviously visible? It almost read as if we should be able to feel the heat.

    I regret that my contribution offended you, I think there has been a language difference misunderstanding.

    Does anyone know what airport is in the second picture? The one with the Nordica CRJ-900, flydubai 737, and Continental 737?

    The (defunct) Thomas Cook/(extant) Condor airlines had A320, A321 and A330s. It looks 320/1 size?

    They don’t look like Condor 757 or 767s unless it is supposed to be a short 757-100? It might be a short 767-300ER like D-ABUH?

    The top info panel needs work. The flap position is clearly inappropriate, perhaps some sort of Mach trim fuel transfer or skin temperature information could be shown? What about the flight engineers position? it is a 3 pilot cockpit.

    Stratus clouds would be nice and could boost performance. Even a simplified solid 8/8ths overcast with just a selectable altitude undemanding top and bottom texture would allow a good cloud break on landing. There are no cute fluffy cumulus clouds between warm and cold fronts so realistically they are frequently literally out of place and they gobble up too much processing in mobile, they shouldn’t be the only clouds in FS4 either.

    In nvidia control panel have you set the max frame rate in 3D settings or similar in windows display settings? Have you done similar in the graphics card software? Is vsync or adaptive vsync set somewhere like the nvidea 3D settings? Have you a dedicated FS4 page in 3D settings?

    Sorry if this is obvious.

    What a very pleasant surprise to pop up on YouTube, perhaps we might get a primitive Mk 1 autopilot 737-200 some day?

    Will there be any new light aircraft innovations Jan, I had been hoping that the ‘stand alone’ GPS in the Arrow could have been debugged a bit more?

    It was an exciting revolution in the 1990s having small, affordable, world wide, programable and precise navigation assistance with the big performance jump in integrated circuits. I saw one of the £1,000 (then!) light aircraft Decca navigators in a light plane, just one. It had 8 or 10 programable waypoints which was amazing back then. GPS came out just after so Decca died off. My new to me Garmin 55AVD handheld GPS had ten waypoints <3. There was no real Loran presence in Europe.

    Anyway I’d love to have a new GPS unit to play with. Perhaps GPS in Aerofly is tied closely with Just Flight and their Arrow but it would be great fun in new or improved light planes, even in a version of that Arrow in FS4 and mobile!

    All of our robotic simulated left seat occupants would even have GPS on their mobile phones :).

    There is more to see at low level and at 100 knots.