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    Very nice. Trying nvidia settings DSR 4 with smoothing off could give a good indication of how well your PC could perform at 4k, I bet it would be pretty good.

    Nice Xeon setup PC, you make it yourself? I ruined a Xeon 🤡 trying an upgrade but got a nice i7 which barely even ticks over in 4K FS4.

    Have you followed the displayed bearing to its source and is that location 100% correct? (You mean FS2022 I presume). Can you change to a nearby beacon and see sensible bearing changes?

    I get it accepting and displaying nothing or displaying some strange NDB of its own choosing in PC FS4 and (android) FS2022. My (iPadOS) FS2021 works perfectly, I just checked the F-18 at Denver, iPadOS FS2021 worked and Android FS2022 didn’t.

    Android FS2020 worked.

    My Android FS2022 version number is

    Is there a new way to enter the frequency? I tried ADF 1/off/2 and the UFC ON/OFF buttons and nothing helped.

    I got FS2022 to work once in a blue moon! If (at Denver) the top row showed ON 321.0 :BCN it would accept [enter] (or was it ON?) This was 99.9% unreliable.

    Getting really low under the (low) wings with the soapy sponge having most of the water run up your arms and ignoring the state of your poor back. Consider the surface area of a car vs a plane🤔

    Not the very nicest memories.

    Hi Jan, have you seen my F-18 adf post at the end of that thread? Perhaps being marked as 'solved' in the thread title meant you missed it?

    The FS2022 mobile F-18 also will not accept NDB frequencies. I tried Brize Norton (UK) on 386 but it also picked up the unwanted Lyneham NDB.

    Lyneham NDB LA was on 282. Its position on the pics was CPT VOR 275 degrees at 29 miles.

    Inbound to the unwanted 282 ndb.

    Outbound from the 282 ndb.

    I haven't tried FS2023's F-18. FS2024 is presumably due out soon?

    A 1660 super might be OK at 4K with settings turned down to medium and high, the quality would still be very good. Assuming one actually makes the effort to tune the video card settings properly.

    I didn't invest in the 2nd aircraft package in FS2023 because the F-18 ADF wasn't fixed in FS2022 or in FS4. It will display a nonsense ADF bearing sometimes but it usually refuses to accept a NDB frequency.

    It works perfectly in FS2021 and in FS2.

    Here is a FS4 (Version attempt to tune in the Bournemouth NDB BIA on 339. There is a nonsense NDB indication way to the north.

    Following the NDB leads to the disused Lyneham airbase. The F-18 ADF points to the airfield.

    Trying to tune in the California NDB Petis SB on 397 doesn't work, it shows an unselected NDB bearing to the (non Aerofly) airfield General WM Fox KWJF near Palmdale.

    F-18 ADF pointing at KWJF.

    KWJF has an NDB on 282, Lyneham also had an NDB on 282. Could this be related?

    Good luck with the instructor rating 8)

    These are what was suggested to me by the other member. That didnt work at all.

    The settings changes in the YouTube video (above) are many, many times more sophisticated and involved. I think they really improved my running of the Aeroflys. Have a look at the video.

    I know the real U.S. service F-18 ADF doesn’t use NDBs (it gives VOR radials) but it is still just as useful in the sim’ as it is in real life to be able to tune in two independent nav-aids. The Aerofly F-18 was more representative when it had working VOR and NDB reception.

    Can it be fixed in PC and in mobile please?

    I have used this gentleman’s guides and have been very happy with them. Our friends in IPACS say ‘use default settings’ but even that means nothing as graphics card choices always have to be made and they simply offer no guidance.

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    I’m currently using his 2022 setup with a 2080.

    You need to be inside about 20 miles for the localiser and be reasonably close to the extended centreline. Some approaches are (left-right) localiser only but for an average 3 degree ILS (up-down) glideslope you will pick it up at 3,000 feet above the runway 10 miles out (or 2,000 ft 7 miles out etc.)

    Select APP for autopilot tracking in a complex plane, they need the localiser course as discussed. Practice manually on the Cessna first.

    YouTube videos explain it all.

    Any power supply that will fit your case should work with a standard motherboard. If you spend some time on-line you can find anything you want. The only thing to check is if your PC uses non standard parts with odd fittings. Odd fittings is another reason to escape from ‘manufactured’ P.C.s.

    Why do you think a ‘manufacturer’ wants you to have a P.C. that needs their (made specially for them by real manufacturers) unique parts?

    Look up sizes and fittings like the screw holes between the power supply and the case. Some ‘manufacturers’ even have odd motherboard connectors😡. If your case is non standard escaping from it would be a blessing too! Getting to a standard P.C. with your choice of standardised and compatible components is miles better (and rewarding and cheaper) than surrendering to a ‘manufacturer’ again.

    MartinM’s recommendation suggests that the psu case fittings are normal and the motherboard connectors are standard? His power supply choice looks very good and should last you for very many years, far outliving other components!