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    Can mouse wheels be user assigned? Mice are now pound/dollar store items and a few on a hub could be useful for trim axes via their cheap Gray code wheels.

    plus cowl flaps, supercharger levers, heading bugs .....

    On a related theme does the ADF work on the 747?, there is nothing to be found in a forum search.

    I know about the selector switches and the different nav pages. The 747 used to do ADF only guess autoswitching with a permanent false 417.00 frequency displayed.

    Sorry for the delay. That is on a 9.7" iPad pro which is something like a 3 year old release. I hope the update fix for the affected devices comes through soon and even more hope that it does not muck me up 8).

    Jan/Torsten any chance of a profi mode in the mobile R 22? The need is just as real in mobile.

    They might want to maintain a comercial advantage by not keeping competitors informed. They do come up with pleasing surprises which only fail to satisfy us because we always want more, all at the same time. Please remember our first priority must be the survival of the Aerofly flight simulators. I doubt if our opinions carry much or any weight, they will do their own thing.

    Let's keep this useful thread positive.

    I don't think that this will have the most vocal of of support but simulating instrument flying, 100% needs audio identification of the nav-aids. Glass cockpits can display them but for the 737 and 'below' this feature is a screaming omission. From the first lesson in real world instrument flying, confirming the identification of the aid in use is drummed in as a life or death essential.

    Including idents will give the Aeroflys an extra level of gravitas and help defuse some of the negative reference/study level snobbery. it will even help us from dialing in the wrong navaid in our sim flights, just what the whole point of them is.

    Can this be considered ahead of the next opening door or Easter Egg? It can't be that hard to do, I'm sure MS FS 5.0 had them.

    I know nothing about this but are you working off the real life leg hinge mechanism? The front pivot is considerably higher than the rear. Sorry if that is OBVIOUS.

    The flap operation is almost instantaneous. Sorry .. ..

    Is your problem having a single axis swing of the leg produce fore and aft alignment gear down And flush with the undersurface alignment gear up? The raised front pivot takes care of that. Sorry .. ..

    Wonder what the iconic European Twin Airliner is? Hopefully something older than the 737-500. I’d like an Airspeed Ambassador from the 1950s.

    It would be a perfect plane to navigate past the stormy Alps in the wind and the rain to break out at the end into a golden Aerofly sky. Just Flight seem very British so it must be a possibility but it might turn out to be an ATR 42/72 with more geekware in the cockpit. A vintage Caravelle would be quite OK.

    Looks like we’ll never fly alone.

    Global traffic sounds nice, a couple of planes in the circuit would enhance our experience but AEROFLY audio is somewhat lacking at this stage, we would need radio calls.

    I’m thinking new phone and it won’t be from Apple.

    Android smartphones allow 1,660 and 1,440 pixel vertical resolution and I carry suitable reading glasses!

    I have Aerofly in PC, iOS and Android. I only got a new iPad because Aerofly Android is now so decrepit;( (no scenery add-ons, no updates and broken flight planner).

    Can you say Yes or No?

    The Sion instrument approaches as an example use many local fixes that are hard to program in by eye and their Aerofly generated names cannot be edited to match published names. If they could be saved then typing in the position would be a one-off task which would be more popular than one might think.

    Not even using the Aerofly FAF at this time as a 2,000 ft/10 miles-through-the-mountains solution, would be easier if the published fix altitudes could be entered and associated with the fix on the flight plan page, even if they are visual only and not followed by a 3D auto-flight sim’ approach. Vertical speed mode control is used in following the non glideslope procedures anyway.

    Perhaps assumed user adherence to the 3D auto-flight sim’ approach feature stifles flexibility?

    Do you mean PC/Steam?, there are not many mobile betas as far as I know. I think the last mobile beta died off after a couple of months.