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    Mach 0.89 to 0.90 with a supercritical aerofoil would give you upper surface shocks spreading from inboard with the centre of pressure rearwards, in real life. Is it expecting a bit much from FS2 to try so fast and so high?

    Perhaps the coffin corner is being simulated, the unprotected extreme high altitude supercritical aerofoil stall should be nasty.

    Yes the q400 has a free turbine as well. The propeller is connected to the low pressure turbine with a gear box but the low pressure turbine has no connection to the high pressure turbine, ergo it is called free spinning turbine

    Just read that there are 3 spools in that PW150A engine, a single stage hp turbine spool driving a single stage hp centrifugal compressor, a single stage lp turbine spool driving the lp axial flow compressor and the two stage power turbine spool so that the gas flow drives the gearbox independent of the core or gas generator spools. The centre spool/connecting driveshaft runs freely inside the entire length of the engine to connect the power turbine with the gearbox at the front.

    The accessory drive is taken off the hp spool.

    Anyway there shouldn’t be much energy and therefore noise in the final exhaust. It is all prop noise and the cabin is quite loud.

    Hi Jan, I only have mobile right now, 747 has no ADF.

    ADF is OK with 737, 320, Dash 8, Learjet and KingAir. 380 overall is only partially working and has no manual navaids. The Baron and Cessna are OK.

    The Airbus 380 ADF works with sim’ auto-tuning on the RMI in old mobile FS2 version 2.4.21 (2019.04.08). There is no ADF with the 2020 380.

    Perhaps there is a knack to displaying the 777 ADF, I can't get it working. As I said earlier, thanks to Jan for helping us out during the holiday period. i'm sure this is being done during (civilised duration) European public holiday time.

    Seeing that no one has responded to you here is my impression for what it is worth. I never had an Air, they were the high spec ipads before the Pros and they had better graphics in the first mobile Aerofly such as AF2 as I think it was called.

    The pros have a significantly more powerful gpu than the airs which is most important in Aerofly. ‘Admin’ in the 2020 crashing at SFO and Denver thread said that they will adjust the ipad Aerofly settings vs device specs in January but he was responding to a problem with a base model ipad so it might not affect an air or it might have a setting between a pro and a base device, I’ve no idea.

    There are three adjustable graphics settings in the android menus. The equivalent allocations are automatic for ipads, I suppose the pros would certainly get the highest graphics quality settings. With android, lower settings dump fine details at airports and in aeroplane exterior views, cockpit views are the same. The low graphics setting reflects how lacking in performance the cheaper android devices are, the cheapest ipad would be superior.

    In 2020 android the differences I noticed at SFO between high and medium graphics were more parked planes in high graphics and in medium graphics absent load pallets and ground vehicles. Dusk/dawn lighting looked the same.

    My 9.7 pro shows detail like that in the high of android. Perhaps you could have a look at SFO on an Air? The resolution of the ipads you mention is the same.

    The Aerofly 339 can receive TACAN in VOR mode, TACAN mode does not work.

    Here is a TACAN only approach into March airbase.

    This table or calculator shows the civilian use VHF frequency selection to receive DME from a TACAN station. The Aerofly 339 treats this as a VOR-DME. Channel 77 works on 113.00 MHz on DME equipment.

    The Aerofly 339 on finals to March with the converted channel 77 TACAN giving track guidance from 113.00 on the VOR receiver. The DME unfortunately gives the distance to Palmdale!

    61 nm from March to Palmdale.

    The Aerofly 339 with 113.00 selected overflying Palmdale VORTAC with zero DME indicated.

    It seems that the Aerofly TACAN feature relies on treating the DME capability of the TACANs as if they are VOR-DMEs and the TACAN receiver is a cosmetic VOR-DME receiver. The Aerofly F-18 can receive VOR-DME only beacons using the conversion table, for example Fellows on 117.50 as channel 122.

    The Wiki iPad page doesn’t mention a 7th generation GPU for your iPad, it might be some sort of oversight. If it is perhaps an older chip it might still work fine if you avoid extreme combinations such a trying the Dash 8 and complex weather and dawn/dusk and a super detailed airport and tuning in all the nav aids and having the HUD on and running a route all at the same time, 2020 seems to be very demanding.

    It might help to look at Windows Task Manager and running the performance graphs during the FS2 operation, immediately after exiting FS2 look at the graphs and see the graphs of CPU and Graphics and determine if there is a massive imbalance. My 2 GB graphics GTX 950 card is frequently working much harder than my CPU so it helps to run it in a very basic mode. In Windows I found that settings for maximising performance made things worse and balanced, normal or better appearance settings gave good results. My graphics card had a gaming optimisation program which turned off a lot of Windows background services and freed up memory. It allowed me to select 60 frames per second as the optimum output which matches my monitor. With these setting I can run FS2 graphics settings at a high/ultra mix and normally the frame rate does not fall below 60.

    If your graphics card is a GT 740 you might consider trying the Nvidia graphics menu and selecting Adaptive (half refresh rate) Vsync which will give you a maximum frame rate of 30 which will still look good if it is truly consistent which you might get if the more demanding graphics settings are kept below medium. I turn trees off and turn down shadows and buildings.

    You might consider running FS2 at a lower resolution, this site

    suggests 1,366 X 768.

    I am technically ignorant so there might be a lot of nonsense here but I do have and run a modest 2 GB graphics card.

    (I just looked up your PC and as an integrated device some PC type menus and settings might not be available to you).

    Must try the TACAN into the background Key West NAS in the F-18, I presume it also looks great in VR, as long as you like green screens. VR would be natural for enhanced night vision simulation.

    Thanks ‘Admin’, I tried that and it didn’t help. But... I used my (Asus) graphics card gaming booster program which turns off ‘Windows services and processes’ and it got both FS2 and FS1 working again. It also does system memory clearing and defragmentation which might not be relevant.

    Perhaps it was a Windows or virus software change.....

    The Steam error report with FS1 was ‘51’ which I looked up and saw it means Suspended. The ‘3: etc’ for FS2 is supposed to mean No Connection.

    Perhaps some sort of interaction might have been expected?

    Thanks Very Much for replying over the holiday

    It turns out that DeepGuard virus software was doing this. I excluded AEROFLY_FS_2.EXE and all became well.

    Is there any offline option?, I’ve had three Steam ‘updates’ today and FS2 will not start. I got Steam Error, application load error 3:0000065432. Two reboots and steam/FS2 update lookups have not helped.

    What On Earth (!) are the endless Steam Updates about?, is it simply some sort of piracy prevention procedure?

    (Beta, unable to look up the version number)

    Anybody get the ADF working? I tried VHF VOR and MW NDB frequencies with M selection, volume up and BCN on and off, no luck.

    Yeah I was trying to hold 132-133 knots but small pitch changes hit the speed big thanks to the short wings, reaching for F12 to take a pic or two is a distraction.

    Thanks for the ADF tip Jan and Merry Xmas to all in Tübingen.

    Is the ILS channel selected supposed to go out?, it can be hard to know what the upfront controller is up to. Here is Homestead Florida and the TACAN and ILS have the same ident.

    Does the ADF work?, I tried VHF VOR transmitters but got nothing on the HSI.