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    Original Aerofly Duchess with 100% tail wind at Birrfeld, easily up in half the runway length. Sparrow are you using zero flaps?, FS2 seems to have crept in inappropriate 'take-off' flap in light aircraft a bit recently.


    PC FS

    It has carburetted 180 horsepower engines and is low on power for a twin, it was designed to be an economical trainer and performance was not a priority, it had to have two engines that is all. It’s single engine rate of climb is a remarkable 235 fpm from sea level and the service ceiling on one engine is just 6170 feet. Add in less than 100% perfect piloting, a hot day and low pressure weather and Switzerland makes a Duchess more like a single engine plane with twice the probability of a forced landing because of engine failure.

    This makes it a more interesting FS2 plane.

    Could the DME in the Aermacchi Mb339 be looked at? It became gradually more erratic following the last few minor updates and only shows up occasionally now. With only one bearing indicator having DME makes navigation a lot easier especially in a plane that is not supposed to have autopilot (though the FS2 autopilot does simulate the other pilot flying the plane).

    Is the CDI needle supposed to only work with ILS with dial edge indicators for VOR?

    Has anyone done Sion yet?

    The flight director in the KingAir wasn’t able to follow the glidepath of the IGS. Is anyone else getting funny DMEs? I got 11 miles indicated at about the 2,500 feet altitude point on finals.

    Hi Jan, sorry where is the beta thread? Is that the Alpha announcement?

    Basically if the beacon is overflown instead of showing the height of the aeroplane distance (1 nm at height 6,000 feet) it shows a really significant over distance error. Please see my overhead Zurich airport edit on my post.

    Sorry for not using a beta thread.

    JUST seen the alpha to beta rename!

    A picture is worth 1,000 words, also this is with the Baron so it is not a FMC only thing. The ZUE DME shows 22.4 instead of 13 and the TRA DME shows 25.5 instead of 15.

    Overhead Zurich airport with the 233 and 160 radials centred.

    Sorry I didn't do the Alpha check, I was a bit ill.

    I noticed an update, I have version (20190522). My DME on nav 1 in the Learjet and 737 over-reads and gives a false distance when overflying the beacon. I got about 13D overflying SPR on Lake Geneva and a DME arc for Lusanne put me about 5 miles too close to Fribourg FRI ( numbers were high).

    It might be linked to a FMC function, the DME displayed on the ground corresponded with the length of the first long ‘non departure’ leg. Flying from Birrfeld to WIL I overflew with 17D indicating on nav 1, when I tuned the previously correct nav 2 into nav 1 ( ? Incorporating it into an ‘auto-route’) it misindicated both on nav 1 and nav 2, I overflew GRE with 12D indicating.

    Overflying Zurich airport I got exactly 26 miles from ZUE instead of 13 on nav 1 and 20 miles from TRA instead of 15 on nav 2.

    (Overhead Zurich’s position was ZUE 233 radial at 13 miles and TRA 160 radial at 15 miles (flying inbound on 053 degrees)).

    I have not loaded the alpha and have beta enabled.

    I very recently loaded some cultivation from Flight-Sim.

    I tried re-starts from fresh boots. I cannot get screen shots at this time.

    The initial FMC legs make sense and the nav 2 display looks correct if not on a direct ‘path’ from the take off. EDIT LATER. It looks correct initially but also gives an overfly error if flown towards.

    (The legs look very interesting, I tried to insert levels on the 737 CDU but couldn’t. The perspective shift with panning as in 2019 is very nice. Thanks for fixing the 737 ADF box, I couldn’t get audio idents :-) Thanks ++++ for the continuous improvement)

    The only working iOS FS2 Cessna ILS is for Monterey 10 so it does work if you like Monterey a lot :-) There is a similar limitation with the Baron, there was a recent post saying that the Baron is hard to adjust as it 'is not one of their aircraft'. Perhaps the FS2 Cessna is similar? The buggy iOS FS Baron was never fixed.

    The 2019 Cessna is truely brilliant (I posted a pic in the mobile gallery).

    The earlier red lights thing came in with iOS 11. It did not affect more powerful tablets, my pro 9.7" is OK. I think the iPad Air2 came out 5 years ago, it was first class but that was quite a long time ago.

    I like the round spinner, bulged top cowling look more but this is still much nicer than the Just Flight Aerofly FS cool new look, ugly cooling inlets, cut down windscreen top and bare metal panel Piper Archer ‘one too many’ appearance. I’ll buy it.

    Is anyone surprised that a Cessna 172 does not have airliner avionics? I had a (ruinous) share in a Cherokee and it had a heading hold autopilot and we thought it was so cool.

    There is a faint suggestion of it in the Baron but it should be SCREAMING. At typically 400 feet the throttles and props are pulled back, the mixture set with fuel flow if available and one blue lever is moved to synchronise. If the beat frequency increases move the other way and make small movements to fine tune the synchronisation. After a bit of practice it becomes straightforward. It is repeated with every rpm adjustment.

    If you have been in a twin you will never forget the actually incredible racket!

    Here is a YouTube example, most of the sound is off the intercom but the beat from the unsynchronised props with the blacks, blues and reds fully forward can be heard in the headset microphone background. A Baron or Aztec are much more powerful and much louder. Time 5:00 is good.

    He likes the route approach guidance! Good choice picking Netherlands, he didn’t notice the rivers and lakes full of crude oil.

    Aerofly does a lot of things really well, it did start off on a high with the excellent Robin and other piston singles, the F-18 and the gliders in Switzerland. The current piston twin engine sound is not great, the extreme noise and vibration from unsynchronised props on take off should be a most prominent feature and setting up the climb power and adjusting the in real life very loud propeller beat with the blue levers to synchronise the engines 100% should be the most attention grabbing feature of the first thousand feet of the climb. If FS2 doesn’t get that in the end it will be a very pale simulation of a twin. Getting things right is of course an Aerofly strong point.

    I’m sure this is being worked on.

    A complex twin flight or two out of Stuttgart would give a good impression.

    It is a very long time since I flew a twin, there is an instrument panel control to drive the HSI if necessary to allign its slaving with the compass heading. That might be it under the turn coordinator, perhaps it works and perhaps it affects the hdg flag? I don’t remember much about it.

    I must get my third ! Aerofly JF Duchess.

    They are carburetted 180 hp engines, their operation is simpler than that of fuel injected engines, if the mixture was rich and the engine windmilling, fuel air mixture would soon be aspirated and there should not need to be any priming of a hot engine.

    Of note is the unusual engine priming, there is a push to prime function on the magneto switches on the both and start positions.