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  • Hello,

    I own a Geforce GTX 1050 ti gaming card. Can I play with an Oculus Rift with this Aerofly FS 2? The Steam performance test says "sufficient". Does anyone have experience with this combination?



    • Hallo Wolfgang, did you post here by mistake?, I have no knowledge of this. My Asus GTX950 strix (overclocked hot version) is OK with 2D but would be hopeless in VR. Good Luck.

    • Yes. Was my first entry. When I noticed it, I could not delete it. Sorry.


  • OV -- I've had three posts in a row deleted this morning. Do you have any idea why, or what is going on? The 1st post was of this video:

    Aerobatics in the Grand Canyon

    This was a new thread intended to provide a place for members to post aerobatic routines set in the Grand Canyon of FS 2. It was deleted within half an hour. Then I posted a 2nd thread asking why it had been deleted. That was deleted too. Then I posted a third, again asking for an explanation, and poof! It didn't last 20 minutes.

    And no doubt whoever is responsible for doing this might reach in here -- although this is a private conversation -- and delete it as well. It is 9:25 am PT. I'll time it to see. Hopefully you can respond before the deleter deletes it!

    • Hi AD' Since Jeff the US admin started policing the forum the deletions have become ... trigger happy.

    • Well, at least I have figured out why (at least I think). The Grand Canyon video thread was deleted because all screenshots and videos are to go to the thread already devoted to that. Apparently, no specialized threads can be created -- say for example, one devoted to just aerobatic routines by members. It's a shame more specialized threads can't be created, but I guess the main thread section is just for members' questions, not contributions.

      As for my comments, they were deleted because they don't belong in the screenshot thread -- only photos and videos. I commented on people's post saying I like them, etc., and they get deleted.

      So if I just avoid those "mistakes" I should be Ok.

  • Hello Overloaded, Thank you for your info, but I have not found anything regarding this airport Sion? Or I missed a chapter ..?

    Regards Tomfa

    • Sorry, not a member of Facebook, but if you can share this airport via Flight-Sim.org,:-) it would be with great pleasure ;-)

      Regards and best wishes 2019 !!!

    • Sorry Tomfa, I had pasted into the wrong place. A proper reply has been posted, I hope you find it useful.

  • Facebook Fan Group. I was very interested in reading your post and I would be keen to look that page up. Is that all that you need to search for?