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    Hey all...

    Ive just read drhotwing1's dev blog update and its still concerning that I see no mention of multiplayer support. I see ATC being mentioned but nothing about even a simple multiplayer setup. With this sims focus of being more about the fun of flying then complex systems management (currently at least) it really confuses me how they can decide its no longer early access before it even has the most basic multiplayer support. This makes no sense to me at all. This is a sim thats basically perfectly designed for cruising around with your friends having fun and yet it lacks the ability to do so... I've found myself flying FS2 less and less.. I fire it up to see what the new sceneries are like and what any of the new updates change but flying around in a completely lifeless world has finally got the better of me. :(

    The Corsair as it is currently is very much a cartoon version of what a ww2 warbird flies like. Torque effects should be significant with the corsair, as should the tip stall and wing drop which also seems to be absent. I suggest playing with some of the DCS warbirds to get a feel for what a warbird is actually like, the free TF51 is a good example.

    Once its slightly more realistic I shall endeavor to get my dad in the sim at some point to give some feedback on it. He has flown the Corsair quite a lot on the display circuit over the years.


    Helicopters take on a whole new level in VR. For me they provide the most satisfying sim flying experience of anything available in VR. There is something about how helis are a very 3-dimensional experience which translates so well to VR, but it has to be done right (DCS/XP11) or don't bother (FSX)

    You're right there! One of the best VR experiences i've had is flying the Mi8 is VR in DCS. Feels so massive and lumbering... and the Vortex Ring is a killer lol.


    The Extra doesn't require a huge amount of rudder IRL as it has a hugely powerful rudder and a lot of prop wash over it to help keep it straight.

    The turn and slip indicator in both the Cessna and Extra are nowhere near sensitive enough, I can perposely yaw the aircraft with the rudder and it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference to the ball. That may be one reason why you are not seeing the torque effects as its like trying to measure mms with a yardstick currently ;) but I do agree that the aircraft do feel like they are lacking in torque generally.

    Almdudler, did you read his post at all? Jan stated that he's working on the implementation of a system framework that can be used on ALL aircraft (including future ones), how about you leave the decisions on what work needs to be done to somebody who actually knows what's going on and has the full picture.

    Jan, it does concern me that in your roadmap and the one you linked to that multiplayer isn't even hinted at. With the state the sim is in currently (mainly good for VFR GA aircraft) multiplayer would be a huge draw and could result in a lot more sales. I know many people who would buy FS2 if they could fly with friends. To me it would be one of the absolute priorities to try and bring more people to the sim in general. It multiplies all the good aspects that the sim currently has and makes it a much more attractive proposition for people to drop £30 on. Also I'd quite like to fly with you guys sometime! Lol

    J van E

    Just be patient. While I agree I would like to see a bit more feedback from IPACS about what's coming (like a confirmation it's being considered in my multiplayer thread would be nice) I completely understand IPACS way of doing things here. It's always better to keep quiet and then surprise everybody with a nice update than promise something and then miss a deadline.

    Regarding on "I'm betting on AFFS2" well if you want to do that then great but what I would say is that you are missing out on a lot of other great sim experiances out there which AFFS2 currently doesn't offer and may not offer for some time. I suggest rather than being frustrated about the lack of FS2s progress you install some other sims as well and go have fun elsewhere. I fly FSX, DCS, X-plane occasionally, there is lots of fun to be had with these sims. Specially with friends in multiplayer. I'm not saying stop flying Aerofly I'm just sating that if you move you attention elsewhere for a while the perceived lack of progress might be less frustrating for you.